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    I wasn't really serious, I knew you were kinda ironic, but I still wanted to make the comparison with Glee just for fun xD

    But anyway, can't wait for the next episode already [ And Red Vs Blue as well ~ ] !
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    You really take that serie seriously, when you talk about the Dance ? xD
    If you say that about Rwby, don't ever watch Glee xD Whenever someone starts singing for no reason, everyone follows in rythm ! That's like they never need to train because they all share the same mind xD No really I just loved it because it's like a trade mark from Monty Oum. He always made videos with girls dancing, from Dead Fantasy characters for example and other. So that dance was like a comeback of his old work. That made me smile and wanna try to dance that too xD

    For Cinder's mask I didn't see any moment when there was a glitch o_o She always had it until she took it off while escaping from Ruby.
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    Menphis Fire - Grenade :


    We came as Romans - Glad you came :

    I'm sorry but these versions are so amazing xD
    I love '' Punk Goes '' , and most of the songs are just really good to listen to.
    Maybe not '' better '' than the originals songs behind but very good.
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    I think all those rules are against being Human [ Wich is apparently what God turned us into ]. Why would he do that and forbid us to be gay or do this or that ?
    Rah la la anyway xD

    Meeh if you don't feel well about being gay/bi/lesbians, you can talk to uncle Sokhu 8D
    You don't have to feel bad u__u But I know that people who interact with you might not be helpfull sometimes. Well just tell yourself that freaking loads of people are in the same case, but we're all brothers and sisters !
    [ I say that if the torturing was about your sexuality, if it was about religion, well my bad xD ]
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    Well for me it doesn't make sense. Why as Spirit, would we be sent on Earth to get a Physical Body if the purpose of that is to get detached from that body and come back as a Spirit to God, who himself sent us on Earth to get that body but wants us back as spirit ? [ Yeah I kinda lost myself by writing this xD ]
    And how people now that this is the real explanation ? Someone who was a spirit and then human and accomplished life to go back to God came back after as Human to explain that ?

    Sorry it's not about Sexuality [ I won't do it again >__< ]
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    Oh my, after 147 pages, there're still too many 9... I can say goodbye to Riku, Sokka & Tonraq, Rikku, Fye, and Shikamaru xD

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    Heeh That's amazing !

    They're going to do the fight mode '' Deep dive '', on the Disney castle xD
    If only I could join but heh... You're too far~
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    Haa I love reading those kind of messages. Love is love whoever you choose. Thank you that makes me smile =)

    I am one of those who hate putting tags on people like '' Gay '' ect... But it is a word to help people to know what you actually are. Or who you love.
    I am kinda Bisexual. Used to have loads of girlfriends before but since High-school, apart from two girls I have many many boyfriends. I might say that men are 90% in my '' I want '' list. But I can be attracted to some girls at few remaining percent [ There was, there is, and will probably be ]. Sometimes I can look at a pretty cute girl in the street just because she looks really beautiful and cute O_o but 100% of my time I look at men xD It's just impulsive.

    I don't understand religions when they say Homosexuality is a sin, I mean... sometimes I want them to realise that if all of the Bible actually happened, then who do they think we have been born from... Noah, his wife and children were the only survivors of the flood... So is incest not a sin ? That's allowed ? [ I am half cynic but I would love a real answer xD ].

    Anyway because of who I love, I am open to any kind of person, if they're attracted to women, men, trans', old young, It doesn't matter, we're all fabulous and we have a lot in common, or not and so have to share stories with each other.
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    Well, that depends on the person who read your details.

    I agree that it plays a big part, when you talk to someone maybe you're more attracted to a certain age and tend to speak more to those persons rather than other. Same goes for the gender. But I don't think it's a bad thing, I mean it's nice to know a bit who is the person we're talking to, where does she/he lives, how old is she/he. That is just information about our Human side, that helps us to think that you're not just an electronic message on a forum. It gives you a life.

    I agree, however, that is it not mandatory so obviously people choose to display their age/sex or not.

    People do what they want as long as they don't bother anyone. I am quoting a teacher I had during Highschool, '' Your freedom stops where starts others' one. ''
    I will always give some information about my age, sex, and sexuality, i don't mind. If haters there is [ and there will always be ], well I done nothing wrong and they don't interest me so I ignore.

    You can't be paranoid everytime, you need to let people to get to know you if you want relationships, friendships.
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    That is a really good topic =o

    I actually place ALL the importance in the world on how my avatar looks. Because he will be the centre of the story, and I will be him, to do that adventure. I always put myself in the character and now video games give us the pleasure to change physical things, hair, body, ect... well, I can't just do something ordinary.

    When I choose one it's always a male [ Sorry girls xD ]. I must be really crazy about men but it is always masculine [ obviously it's just because I wanna represent myself in the game, i got nothing against the girls ]. And I tend to give him a cool look, warrior-like. I am not strategic of '' smart looking '' in games. I always choose crazy sexy-like with shaggy dark hair.

    I might be crazy but when I have time to think, I create a whole world in my head, with me and some other friends warriors saving it from bad monsters, and I do imagine myself looking cool with awesome clothes, nice swords/spike hybrid, and cool hair.

    So yeah, when it comes to personalise my avatar, you can be sure I will have more hours spend on that, than on the game itself xDDD It is just too important to be skipped...
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    Big Hero 6

    I wanna watch it so badly.
    I laughed so hard when I watched the trailer with the Armour. Omg I cried laughing when the helmet and the rest just exploded xD I hope the film is as funny as the trailer !
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    Ze Forever alone dating topic * hides *

    I honestly wouldn't xD Even if i'm more attracted to men, I wouldn't be attracted towards myself, just because... well because it's that way. We always seek for unknown and something different [ wich makes us interested ].

    My answer would be totally different is I looked like a sexy rugbyman...
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    Haha I didn't really like this episode but at least we do know now why Yang has another family name than Ruby. Monty asked that question on Facebook a while ago, letting us in the mystery. But that was kinda obvious.

    Yeah if you check properly the videos, there are a lot of references to Rooster Teeth projects and things. Like during the Food Fight in the very first episode of the 2nd season, you can see Cans machines with '' I love grapes ''. On the Rubbish Bin during the escape of Penny in the street, There is Burnie's face drawn on it reference to '' Rooster teeth Animated Adventures '' and so on and so on ! It's fun to see all of this.

    Anyway my favorite character is Ruby... I just love her fighting style xD
    I can't wait to see another fight by the way u___u

    And is it me or... Torchwick is a real coward ! It's been 3 times he fights the girls and when he's about to get beaten, someone helps him to escape. I really don't think HE is the main vilain. There must be someone even more powerfull above him. Or that flaming girl xD
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    I like it =) Especially the effect on her clothes. The colours and Hairstyle is great and the lines are really nice. More more ! =D
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    Ahhh... The hair animation is amazing ! Bravo [ French compatriote haha ]
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