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    I have a current youtube up right now just look for me on there with the same profile as one i am using here. if you look underneath my message you will see "My YouTube" "My Wesite" i have a blog where i host all my KH Mods i do. i cant link it or eles i will get into trouble for it. If you having an issue with it you can private message me on here and i can send you the links there.
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    The oringal Japanese Final MIx iso non english patch. then do the part and move on from there.
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    Kingdom Hearts 1 final mix or any version of Kh1 is very hard to mod. So i doute its possible to do a dual audio patch right now.
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    I mod Kingdom Hearts. Its Just Kingdom Hearts 1 i dont mod anymore sadly,But when i feel up to it i can look into it.
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    I could look into it but i dont mod KH1 that much anymore sadly.
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    it doesnt matter if it runs on the same engine or not. there 2 different platforms. You could always try cheat engine and thats the only thing i can think that would work unless someone edited Ehmuaste to with the 3ds emulator.
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    No problem. I hoped that i help you. I Could ask my friend and try have most of the codes remade but i dont promise that he would redo all of them it will take some time if he does and we would need another thread for it.
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    Were not helping you to get a rom to give to you. we will get into trouble by doing that. You need to look on YOUR OWN. Sorry and its most likey your using an Crazycatz00 English Patch. Most of them do not work with his patch. They would not work because he hard coded the patch and changed everything. so most of the codes would need to be remade and people just dont have the time for that.
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    also. you can port over the Japanese voices and switch O as attack from the PS4 menu settings. if you have a cfw ps4 you can do that.
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    you dont need to do that. You can change the button layout in the settings of the PS4 to have japanese layout for that. I have mine to set up like that.
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    plus Japanese voices are not going to happen unless someone makes a unudub for the PS4 version then if that happens you need cfw for that to work
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    Why do you want to do this? This is going to waist your time. if you want the Japanese version buy it from the Japanese PSN store on the PS4
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    ah nice. to bad that i wish that i didnt update my console -.-
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    How did you make these codes?
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    From Rev8 i swap back the buttons becuase alot of people were having issues with the X button begin pressed to hard on the PS2 Console and i didnt had a Console to test on. i played on PCSX2 mainly.i fixed some text that were off the screen and that was about it. if you see any issues let me know and i will fix it. and for RevFinal. i added Anit Form to the drive list even when you got done with the data battles terra and the 13 mushrooms stuff. Crazy's version wouldnt let you get it if you got them done in a pre save and i also added a load option to load saves from the world map.
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  15. sora6645!1axWBbxb!G-uEQ2wgUhze1ABv_hII4HFZNennitsSUnUxHwztPUY here is a link to the Noesis that can veiew MDLS(KH1) MDLX(KH2 and FM) and bbs(.pmo) it should work but let me know if it doesnt work. i been using this for years and it works perfectly!
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