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Jan 9, 2014
Mar 31, 2007
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December 29
Manga Artist

Soras heartless

Moogle Assistant, from Earth

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Jan 9, 2014
    1. nasirrich
      Rosey-*Enters the restaurant seeing if she can spot you. Wants to then ask the person up front, but is to scared to because she doesn't wanna impose on you.* But even if I do ask what am I going to say? I mean I pretty much showed up and don't even know what his name is under. Awww man this sucks so much.
    2. nasirrich
      Rosey- Right ^,^*Rushes through the portal and is at the entrance of the restaurant. And takes a deep breath.* Ok here we go...
    3. KeybladeMasterJoe
      yeah, so how life been treating you?
    4. KeybladeMasterJoe
      you can say that again
    5. nasirrich
      Rosey- I-I mean I can't go out looking like this though...*Changes in an instant in front of their eyes and looks like this...*

      I figured it maybe cold over there so you never know. Ok I'm off now.

      Kim-*Brings Ashley to a vacant room that will be to her liking for the fact it's very dark in there.*
      Ashley- Thanks so much ~,^
    6. KeybladeMasterJoe
      it was actually pretty good it was a stress free day :D
    7. nasirrich
      Rosey-*Blushes because she thinks of it like the date you both had.* U-Uhhh should I where something nice or no?
      Kim- Huh I thought you were just going to visit him and that's it.
      Ashley- U-Uhhh can I just go to sleep now. I'm really tired and...
      Kim- I'll take you to a free room.
      Ashley- Thanks ^,^
      Rosey- W-Well do you think I should? Pu and Sensui..
    8. KeybladeMasterJoe
      i agree with the way you think
    9. nasirrich
      Rosey- Errr w-where is he though? None of you know even though you're both closely connected to him.
      Kim-*Sighs and walks to a room since she's been over Rosey house plenty of times.*
      Ashley- Uhhh...*Just follows Kim.*
    10. nasirrich
      Rosey- I-I'm sorry about that you can stay here for as long as you want if you like.
      Kim- Uhhh.... I d-don't really want to impose.
      Ashley- I'm more of a stay at one place and move on type of girl.
    11. nasirrich
      Rosey- SH... Where are you?*She thinks to herself as she leads Kim and Ashley to some spare rooms.*
      Kim-*Follows behind Rosey.*
      Ashley-*Does the very same looking at her beautiful.* Nice home Rosey.
      Rosey- Thank you very much Ashley.
    12. nasirrich
      Rosey- Errr w-what just happened?
      Kim- O_o
      Ashley- R-Right anyways where do we sleep?
      Rosey- Oh ok if everyone is here follow me ok.
    13. nasirrich
      Kim- Yes this is very true we need as much energy as we can get tomorrow. Well for me cheering and for you both fighting.
      Rosey- I'm with the cheering section ^,^
      Ashley- Yea alright cool sounds like a very good plan.
      Rosey- And yea Pu sure you all can stay the night, but come to my house though.*Does a pulse wave and all are at Rosey's home.*
    14. nasirrich
      Kim-*Sighs* Well I just wanted to wish you both good luck is all.
      Ashley- Thanks Kim!!!! ^-^*Still fixing her hair.*
      Rosey- Yes the best wishes to you both too ~,^
    15. KeybladeMasterJoe
      thanks! :D
      and i can agree with you there
    16. KeybladeMasterJoe
      and i've been okay tomorrow actually my birthday really hoping it will be good cause the past week hasnt been the best..
      how've you been though?
    17. KeybladeMasterJoe
      why'd nas's laptop get taken away and HELLOO!!, long time no see :D
    18. nasirrich
      Ashley- Yea those are some good questions.
      Rosey- Huh I don't know why Kim isn't talking.
      Kim-*Gets angry with her.*
    19. nasirrich
      Ashley- No that's tomorrow
      Kim-*Not saying a word still.*
      Rosey- Yea so good luck ok.
    20. nasirrich
      Rosey- Told ya....*Shaking her head.* Told ya twice.
      Kim-*Sighs, but happy to see that your doing well now.*
      Ashley- Ok so we need to rest up then ^,~ COOLS
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    December 29
    Manga Artist
    I am poetic nonsense. The invisible like that nobody can ever find. I am the one that's can be the ghost in the room. My ideals do not match the ones my family has. I choose to be free spirited. Live to the extent that I have laid down myself. I hate when people try to guide me to their ideal. I will argue. Note that past is in the past. And the future still can be changed.

    times to think alone, and learning to use the Seikūken


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