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    Happy birthday! :]]

    Happy birthday! :]]
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    All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab. It's starting out dull and will hopefully become more action-y, but the depictions of the scenery and how it affects the people in Northern California are wonderful. :)
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    Good. And yourself?

    Good. And yourself?
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    Oh, thank you! :D

    Oh, thank you! :D
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    Good, what about you? :)
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    And the poor puppet cried,
    while the wind whistled through her empty strings;
    her master never letting her stop.
    The puppet wanted freedom,
    but no one would cut her strings.

    So she did it herself.

    And it hurt,
    but she was released.

    At least until the strings reattached themselves,
    and she got tangled up.

    Nowhere to reach,
    every move controlled.
    She couldn't move,
    Couldn't speak.

    So she let her master have his way.

    And finally,
    the puppet gave up.
    Post by: sorasgrl18, Sep 21, 2009 in forum: Archives
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