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    i highly doubt she is there just for the game to go on
    in my opinion, Namine was just there
    Kairi shown much more than a damsel in distress
    But Sora;s strenght to keep going
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    Wow he said some of the characters
    were sexually attractive...thats something i have never heard of for FF9
    but seriously, what can they do for a sequel?
    I can think of one that isn't all that originial
    The last Boss, Necron, said in the end before he disappeared that
    "As long as theres' life and death, i will exist."
    He is enternal..but c'mon! how boring would it be if he was a boss to overcome? They never talked about Garnet's real father, or how he died..
    or there are several tales told among the statues
    in Alexandria about a women warrior from a war
    they could dig into the past..but i'd rather see zidane and Garnet
    maybe a remake would be better
    rather than a sequel
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    I AGREE! i would LOVE IF sora kairi and riku fought together..and if kairi needed help sora would actually save her..cause..SORA PISSED ME OFF..CRYING OVER just kinda showed that he didnt care much about kairi...and maybe kairi can save sora's but too if he needs help

    dude you rock xD lol but seriously..HER CLOTHS WERE CUTE and not **** wanna call her cloths ****ty..go look at FFx-2 yuna's cloths..HAHA..her cloths didnt reveal any cleavage or her ass..just showed some which ALOT OF GIRLS DO ..but in reality they do it worse
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    I agree with you 100% what kind of female protagonist lead does nothing? namine wasent and will never be the main NO ONE SHOULD SAY THAT..i wished that sora did take kairi instead of leaving her to wait..i hope and wish she will have a better part in kh3 ^ ^
    also about the whore..people dont know what they are saying..whores are girls who sleep with several men and who are easy..THIS IS KINGDOM HEARTS quit calling her that..she wasent even close to show those type of feelings. so jump off it reply to what you said though..they call her a whore due to her looks and that is it

    i think you misunderstood me..since disney was affiliated with Sqaure enix..they had to make kairi into that weak all of the other princessess...she had to fit the character thats why!!!
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    so far..ONLY ONE POST WAS GOOD ENOUGH..towards the HATED kairi..the whole damsel in distress have to understand...DISNEY HELPED MAKE THE kairi had to be that way
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    We WERENT calling her a disney character..we're saying..she is in a game..filled with them..thus lil kids will play maybe she had to be this way..if u havent noticed..all the princesses from disney all had to be saved my..prince i think they just took that basic and gave it to freaking kairi
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    haha wow..many kudos for that comment
    also for including was also a kids game!!! lolz your 100% right
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    exactly and the most epic scene of the game would've had happened..and the thing is..most kids..if they were getting taken or kidnapped..they would get kidnapped!so you know..but i guess since it a game it doesnt count for a real life thing huh? hahahahaha
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    dont comment ^ ^
    no one told you that you had to like it
    also nice how you listen to other people's opinions and u start to hate her
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