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    well Gharanth its interesting everyone is asking about your age, he he
    well you do look after everyone

    to everyone else I am 33 and am enjoying khvidsnet very much
    a good friend introduced me only this year, i am not so much of a telly nut now thanksxx
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    Starr stood up and opened her wings fiercely, a brilliant blue light eminated from her wings and also helped to shield the attacks.
    "May I ?"
    She focused and lifted Zeke up in the air with her mind and aimed to throw him in the sea too cool him down
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    "Its ok for now Zarax, thank you very much I am feeling a bit drained though after all that I think, I had better had a rest for a bit."

    "Zarax I can't teleport , I have telekeneis powers ;moving objects and people, I also have a staff which can turn into a scythe when I think it to."
    "My other power is that I can make my body insubstantial which means if weapons are thrown at me they pass straight through."
    "Shall we go for a coffee break and see if Kyla and Zane want one."
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    Starr couldn't believe what she saw in front of her , Zarax was different, Starr felt elated with the experience.
    Starr focused her energy as her teacher Zarax had asked,she felt it expand outwards and also inwards towards her very depth of her being.

    She felt it... felt it go down her arms and the moulded shapes Zarax had created,
    She felt them harden and saw them with this blue glowing light surrounding them.
    Starr then saw symbols appear, but could not understand the writing on them,... she wasn't too bothered about that though.
    she was pleased at what she had achieved in this short space of time.Starr thought that it should have been impossible for her to do anything like this, she was amazed at her power and smiled at the GOD like form of Zarax.

    Starr was starting to feel a little drained now but still elated , she focused on her energy levels and felt it go inwards, withdrawing from her 'arms'

    The blue glow becoming intermitent and her wings gradually returning back to normal

    ooc back in a bit( shop)
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    Starr stood back up and took another couple of deep breaths

    Starr closed her eyes this time to maintain her focus better, a gentler blue wave came this time,a more smoother and continuous flow.
    Starr stayed calm and she felt her wings began to soften, she had reached a point in her mind where all she could feel were her wings and her new power.

    Starr opened her eyes, she could not see this but her eyes had changed colour too, to deep blue

    It was like she had reached a different level she felt strong
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    "So this is just done by focusing the mind right? and imagine it happening?"
    "ok let me have a go then"

    Starr focused , ...nothing happend, 'Ok,Ok come on Starr breath, relax and concentrate.' you can do this!'

    Star took a couple of deep breaths and calmed herself, she imagined her wings changing , at the same time a blue light enveloped her whole body, she felt her her energy changing becoming stronger 'well thats new!
    ' I don't normally get the time to practice like this.. the calmer I am the more I can focus my energy so it seems!
    Starr's wings began to change illuminous type alloy started forming , the blue glow had shifted to this area and formed into sharp sword like shapes.

    "Zarax look! how am i doing?"

    'oops nearly lost my focus then'

    Starr concentrated even harder, too hard and the swords with their illuminous glow exploded into fireworks and disapeared. Starr fell onto her knees out of shock and surprise.
    She looked at herself her wings were back to normal again

    "Sorry Zarax I will do better next time!"
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    Starr opened her wings, gave them a bit of a stretch and flew up to the roof to join Zarax.

    Starr hadn't bothered to check Zarax wings and strength before , she paid a bit more attention this time.

    'What power in those wings, she thought, I can feel the energy from them bursting out, definately (sp) a lot more stronger than mine even though my wings are huge too.
    I wonder what this training lesson will hold! I can't wait.'

    "OK Zarax, I am ready!
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    Starr had forgotten about Zarax 's offer to help with her wings, She felt a little guilty as she had said she would like to stay with Kyla and Zane, she was also enjoying the show.
    But she did need to work on her wings...'what should I do? umm.

    "OK Zarax, If that is alright with Kyla?

    "I do also need to work on my other ablities ,But I could work on those a later"

    Starr knew so far that her wings were her protection barrier for herself and others in close contact, but she was very intreaged (sp) to see what else she could learn.
    She closed her eyes for a second then remembered that Zarax had once said to her that her wings could be used as a weapon,...That would help if in the end Necros' Mark needed the attention of Sarvoth the warlock.
    Also she had head them mention another evil called solaris and she wanted to be as strong as possible to help if the need arises.

    Starr hadn't told them she had been held up at Sarvoths earlier,she couldn't explain why/how she was there either.
    'I will need to be strong if I have to go back there again'

    "Shall we go?"
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    i am watching naruto second time around and have noticed some of the ones i had saved on my bookmarks have now been taken off for use violations, a couple were only taken off 2 days ago. it does look like that they are slowly being taken off but have got them off other sites as well now instead.
    you tube are not the only ones with naruto animae/manga thank god,
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    "Thanks i would like to train with you"
    "Go on then Zane"
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    "That must take a lot of energy and concentration"
    "your doing ok!" (smiled at Zane) .
    "I can't do anything like that"
    ' Starr thought about her own gifts , she should practice more with hers too, I can move objects and people but not for long periods of time, and i might need my transparency power if i get caught up again with Sarvoth. I need to get stronger!'
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    After finishing talking to everyone Starr went and had a look out the window.

    She saw the fire practice"wow!" Starr went outside onto the beach to get a better view.

    "Hello again all.."
    " you getting some good training in Zane ?"
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    i had it last night also about 15 times i gave up trying to post in the end
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    "Well Zane,.. are you here to try and make sure that does not happen then?"

    "It does sound really bad, that I am back too, I can help!"
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    "oh no I am sorry about Gharanth I liked him, how did he die?

    "Hello Zane I am Starr, so.. your from the future , whats it like? or do you have to keep it secret so not to interfere with the time-lines?"
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