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    I want this to be the new arc of Durarara.
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    What guilt is there in indulging the purest love of all?

    As for me, I'm generally not one to feel guilt in enjoying something, but the closest I come to feeling that is my genuine love of the magical girl genre. I watch some Precure, and then slowly come to the realisation, that out of everything else I could have watched, I chose to watch anime targetted towards little girls.
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    Absolute Drift
    Civ V

    Why go for any other number?
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    Have you considered opening up your old PS2s and having a look inside to see where the problem is? Most issues with consoles often are just simple dust problems. If its something else entirely you could buy a PS2 for parts and try to fix it yourself with online guides. If you've gone through so many before, it must be worth a shot right?
    EDIT: Of course, this is under the assumption you still have your old consoles laying around somewhere
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    This might not go anywhere if you're thinking about quitting, but sign me up too /in
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    That's pretty unfortunate, and it makes me even sadder thinking that most people won't realise how influential the artists can make on the final product of the game, and most people won't realise how much of a loss Dashima's death will bring.
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    My smartphone recently broke, and I had to get a new phone, but since I was on a tight budget I decided to get a cheap Nokia 215. I was a little skeptical at first, since I've gotten so used to using smartphones, but I have to say, I'm liking my mobile phone (of whatever you want to call them) a lot better than my smartphone.

    For starters, it actually has a battery life. I haven't had to charge the Nokia even once in the week and a bit I've had it. That simply doesn't happen with smartphones; there's even charging stations you can pay for to give your phone more life in it, which seems all kinds of wrong to me. Its really nice to not have to worry about your battery all the time. The phone also has actually good build quality. I could throw this thing against a concrete floor multiple times and it would still work, which I can't say for a smartphone. I don't know why the "dropping a nokia" joke even exists, "look, this phone doesn't break easily!" doesn't seem like much of a joke to me.This next point is purely personal, but I also much prefer getting kinect feedback from pushing actual buttons instead of a touchscreen. I hadn't noticed it before, but within a few minutes of using actual buttons on my phone I realised how much more pleasing it is to text with.

    So what do you guys think? Smartphones are pretty handy with all of their apps, granted, but for me at least they lose to older mobile phones on usability.
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    I'm not sure how many of you know about this game already, but its a bluffing game in much the same vein as mafia. The rules are here (from the offical kickstarter page)
    or if you'd prefer (keep in mind the rules are designed for a tabletop setting)
    The players are divided into two main groups:
    1. The Liberals
    2. The Facists (of which one is designated as "Hitler")

    The makeup is as follows:
    Between 5-6 players:
    1 Facist and 1 Hitler
    the rest Liberal

    Between 7-8 players:
    2 Facists and 1 Hitler
    the rest Liberal

    Between 9-10 players:
    3 Facist and 1 Hitler
    the rest Liberal

    Think of the Liberals as town and the Facists as Mafia, with the Facists having full knowledge of the identites of all players, but are outnumbered by the Liberals.

    It should also be noted, that in games with 7 or more players, Hitler is unaware as to the idenities of their Facists, but the Facists know who Hitler is. Hitler has just as much info as town. It then becomes the Facists' interest to prove to Hitler who they are.

    At the start of each turn, going clockwise, each player is given turns being the "President". The President is then able to select who their Chancellor will be. After this all players partake in a blind vote of either "ja" or "nein" (yes and no effectively) on the current pair of President and Chancellor. 50% or more neins will cause the vote to fail, and Presidency will move onto the next player. If this vote is failed 3 consecutive times, the top card in the policy deck is enacted (exlpained below).

    If 51% or more vote "ja" the President then draws 2 cards from the "policy deck". Which has the composition of:
    11 Facist Cards
    6 Liberal Cards

    The President then dicards one without revealing, and passes the cards onto the Chancellor, who again, discards one without revealing, and then enacts the remaing card they have. The President then says what cards they had (being free to lie), followed by the Chancellor (who is also free to lie).

    These cards help both teams in the following ways:
    1. If 5 Liberal cards are played, the Liberals win
    2. If 6 Facist cards are played, the Facists win
    3. If 3 facist cards are played, and then Hitler gets elected Chancellor, the Facists win
    4. The Facist cards also grant certain "Presidential Powers", which are certain special actions given to the President they must enact., determined by how many players there are:

    Between 5-6 players:
    At 1-2 Facist Cards: The President gets no power
    At 3 Facist Cards: The President gets to look at the top 3 cards in the policy deck
    At 4-5 Facist Cards: The President has to kill another player, who is then unable to participate in the game, and who also has their identity revealed. If Hitler is killed, then this also leads to a Liberal win.

    Between 7-8 Players:
    At 1 Facist Card: The President gets no power
    At 2 Facist Cards: The President finds out the party of another chosen player (doesn't tell if a Facist is Hitler or not)
    At 3 Facist Cards: The President picks who the next President shall be
    At 4-5 Facist Cards: The President has to kill another player, who is then unable to participate in the game, and who also has their identity revealed. If Hitler is killed, then this also leads to a Liberal win.

    Between 9-10 players:
    At 1-2 Facist Cards: The President finds out the party of another chosen player (doesn't tell if a Facist is Hitler or not)
    At 3 Facist Cards: The President picks who the next President shall be
    At 4-5 Facist Cards: The President has to kill another player, who is then unable to participate in the game, and who also has their identity revealed. If Hitler is killed, then this also leads to a Liberal win.

    When there is less than 3 policy cards left in the deck, the discarded cards are reshuffled into the deck.

    All players are free to talk to eachother at any point in the game except when the President and Chancellor are enacting policy cards. With this players can examine others actions, their voting patterns, the policies they enact, who they're teaming up with etc.

    I was wondering if these rules could somehow be implemented into a mafia game? With many of us being in different time zones, it would be difficult, considering that each player needs to vote at the same time. But I'm pretty sure that with some tweaking, this ruleset could fit into a mafia game, or could be adapted to be played in a forum scenario. Any ideas, I'm not knowledgeable enough in forum games to give any real advice, but the most I can really think of would be to change the voting system to some degree, or possibly just adding a Hitler-like role to standard mafia, like some kind of Godfather variant perhaps? With a new voting system, or Presidential system, the rest of the game would easily fit into the forum scenario, since it is basically mafia.

    In many ways, I prefer this game to actual Mafia, as I feel like there is a more constant flow of information, I like the unique spin the Hitler roles gives, and there's always something going on; whether it be a new facist policy played (as they're more often played than not) giving the president some new power, or some odd voting pattern you notice, and because of that I'd love to see it work in the forum environment.
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    What did the owl say to the mouse?


    He ate it and flew off.
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    I'm just wondering a bit here about how relevant Midnight Star's previous alignments are. The only way that her chances of becoming mafia increase is if you look at a number of games; looking at one game specifically the chance is the same for everyone. It seems to me to be one of those posts that look like they're contributing, but they're really not, and they look to me to be in same vein as Jiku's statistics.

    Speaking of Jiku, I think at this point we should all sort of give up on waiting for a response. If she hasn't contributed by now she's unlikely to at this point. Mish may be right, and she may come back later, but I think until that happens, or doesn't happen, we should put focus on other areas, such as Nova's new read on Cal and the rising suspicions on Tribbles. On that note, considering the day end time, I think its best if we do just focus on these aspects until the day is over.

    As for Nova's read on Cal, I'm not sure. Wouldn't players focus on different aspects of play normally, and Cal happens to rely on grammar reads? The only thing that I can really think in counter to that is whether or not its a mafia slip or if it is a genuine mistake. As a whole though, I think that the read is interesting, and I'd love to see how its elaborated on.

    @Mish Cal gave, what I thought anyway, a pretty solid read on Al's way of referring to town as "other", or even just slightly distancing himself from them, as a possible scum tell. I don't think it holds enough weight on its own, put its something else to throw in the melting pot. Personally, I can't really find anything else, but I haven't examined his posts in detial. I'll post again if I find anything interesting. Related to that, I find it interesting @Ars Nova that you're reading both Al and Cal as mafia. Do you think this is an example of Judge's proposed case of "mafia bandwagoning", or in this case, "bandwagon atempt"?
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    These are the only scenarios @Marushi that I could read Korosu as being defensive, but I personally wouldn't actually call those posts as being defensive. She seems to me to more be explaining her abscene and reasons for being unable to post. I can see though, why someone might read that as being defensive, but it seems to me to be a bit suspect. The biggest point of contention with me is with her "it was random" response, saying it again even after people were suspecting her for it. It doesn't exactly make me think that she's mafia, as I don't see why a mafioso would draw attention to themsevles, but I could certainly read it as being mafia, even if its not my intial thoughts.
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    Its hard to say. I'd like to see more before I form a good opinion on her, but right now its leaning towards positive.

    It was mostly this post by Karuta that made me think "that's pretty honest"
    He seemed quite taken aback by the whole thing, and it didn't seem like a mafioso getting surprised by being caught out, but by a townie who didn't realise his opinion held that much weight.

    Basically, I want gut reads with a little something behind them. Even if its the tiniest thing, like something they said in one post. Its when you post just lists that I get a little sus. I'm aware Karuta did this too, but focusing on the lists is because I was already unsure on Saxima and Tribbles, in which case, I might just be grabbing at something to call it a "reason", when its really just a feeling, I don't really know. If someone I had a town read on posted only a list, I wouldn't think much of it, besides it being not that helpful, but its when someone I'm not sure about or read as mafia that I get concerned.

    As a sidenote, I don't think I'l be getting too many opportunities to post tomorrow, so this might be the last you hear form me in a while.
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    Right now my reads would have to be (some are more ideas than reads):

    @Midnight Star: Somewhat confused about. She seemed to be really eager to get people's reads out there, which makes me think town, but she herself hasn't really given a list of her reads, which makes it seem to me to be one of those posts that look more helpful than they really are, but at the same time I wonder how far we would have got if she hadn't have given us that push. As for now I'm interested in what her reads ares, and I mentioned her in a post a short while ago, so I'm really waiting for that before I can get a solid opinion.

    Saxima: Not much has changed since my first reads post. Saying that there's a lot to wring through and form an opinon on seems fair, but even posting something, not matter if its not entirely accurate, is good. She has made a list, but I didn't find too many reasons in there for her picks. Chalk it up to nervousness, but I find it a little sus. I feel a bit bad saying it as she's said she's had problems with keeping up on the game, but I want more form her.

    Tribbles: Is still my biggest mafia read. Most of her posts have mostly been about how she can't really comment, and although she has been posting a bit more recently, her posts seem off to me. She almost seems a big aggressive towards giving opinions, saying that she never has reads day 1, and her attack on Jiku for providing the stats. Its fine to question the usefullness of stats, but her posts seems a bit too aggressive to me to be purely that. And even if she doesn't generally have reads day 1, it surely still better to post something, no matter how incomplete. Even a post with 1 read in it could go a long way, and outright stating that she didn't have any seems quite sus to me.

    Calxiyn: Based on her posts, farily strong town read, but shes trailed off a bit. This could be due to something irl, and whilst it doesn't make me fully retract my town read on her, since her content is sound, it does make me wonder what caused the sudden drop in posts.

    Karuta: Whilst not seeming too town or mafia, he at least seems to be playing honestly. Saying that he didn't think his read on Jiku would really amount to much seems really genuine to me, and I can see why he might do that after Saxima's mafia read on Nova, for no "real" reason.

    Al215: Seems a little weird to me. He seems to be responding to a lot of posts with "good point". or something along those lines. It makes me think that he's not really forming opinions on his own, and he's more agreeing with what other people are saying. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. it may even be a good indicator. as he's letting us know what he feels about others people's opinions, but it does make me raise an eyebrow. Its more a gut feeling that anything to do with his content. although that does play into it, its more a feeling I have being spurred on by his actions. So take that how you will.[DOUBLEPOST=1469831092][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry that took so long, I found it hard to word what I was trying to say in the way that I wanted to come across as. I'm having a shower now, so I won't be able to respond to you for a while.
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