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    bump bc this is basically my favorite thing

    I love picking up older games I missed out on before, and I think most older generations tend to have at least a few gems. Gen 3 (NES/Master System/etc) is a natural threshold, although I have a soft spot for a few of the arcade titles from before then also. It's true however that it can get pretty pricey! I'd still argue that a basic setup is usually less of an investment than buying new consoles/games, but I don't have any motivation to collect for some platforms because it's so expensive (SNES...).

    I'm actually very invested in trying to "futureproof" my older analog systems and keep them looking and running okay, although lately this has required opening a few of them up. They do look best on a CRT -- awesome even -- but imho CRTs are finicky and, while I don't encounter them dying outright very often, these days they tend to come with picture problems (bad geometry, color impurities) and they're a nightmare to fix. Unfortunately getting this stuff to play nice with modern displays is a complicated and often expensive process, and it's only getting worse.

    If anyone is interested, many older systems can output a pure RGB (+sync) video signal which is really clean without any modifications. It's leagues better than composite video. The issue from there becomes upscaling or "line doubling," and converting it into something an HD display will take. I'd love to do a little writeup on this stuff sometime.
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    Hi! I know it can be difficult but when looking for something specific like this, as many details as possible would really help. Aside from qualities of the video itself, do you remember where you saw it (On YouTube, this site, Google video even, etc.)? Do you have any idea of around what time period this would have been? Is the "Test Test" part you're referring to part of the lyrics or is it text in the video?
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