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    Oh that sucks lol I could care less about dark shield though, because Riku is pretty much immortal and doesn't need it =P I personally think the best playable characters are Riku, Mickey, Sora & DW Roxas. I had a fight with Sephiroth while using Riku and had Leon & Cloud as party members. That fight was pretty epic and funny because nobody could get hurt except Leon & Sephiroth.
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    Thank you very much Hayato, it is indeed a long code so if anybody converts it, please be sure it compatible with the Master Code I posted on page 19 so I don't go through the whole "This code is for a different game" thing. As for the Dark Aura code, I would like it to replace square just like the fight with Final Xemnas. If anybody has the code, please feel free to post it ^_^ it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ummmm..... I don't think those codes are compatible to my Action Replay Max. I have no idea how to decode that lol Sorry, i'm new to using it
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    Well, I don't have KH2 Final Mix because I don't own a Japanese PS2. The only reason I wish I had it is because you get to fight all the Organization XIII members rather than only half of them. But I am making the most of it by using my AR Max to have some epic battles, however I just wanted to experience playing as Riku the same way you do in the final battle with Xemnas. But because he keeps doing that "Guard!" bullsh*t, it makes it difficult to actually get combos on him so you have to use Dark Aura until you can save Sora :/
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    They wanted to give Riku his own version of Dark Impulse like Terra had =P
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    Can you give post the code and let me know if it is capatible with my master code please?
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    KH2 play as Riku help!?

    Ok, so I recently recieved an Action Replay MAX for my PS2. I have ALWAYS wanted to play as Riku and now my dream has come true, no homo lmao. But there are two issues that are upsetting me; one is that whenever I do a ground combo I will go into a T-Stance, and two is that I REALLY want to use Dark Aura as an ability but I have no idea where to find the code. I heard there is a Riku code to switch out his Keyblade with Oblivion so he can do successful ground combos, however it said "This code is for a different game" whenever I tried to use it. So if anybody can provide me with a code compatible for the codes I use, I would greatly appreciate it. But the thing I want the most is Dark Aura, that is my favorite ability during the final Boss battle with Xemnas and I would love it if anybody could help me out.

    The following are the codes I use, so I will need any helpful codes I recieve to be compatible for the same Master Code please ^_^

    Master Code:

    Play as Riku:
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    I just created my own Kingdom Hearts RPG site and I need a site banner please. I call my site Kingdom Hearts Duality and it takes place right before the Keyblade War, so if anybody could make me a site banner I would greatly appreciate it ^_^
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    I agree with your opinions, however I just believe that Ventus was the best character to play as out of the three. Terra is somewhat the slowest of the Chasers, Aqua was an evenly balanced character with the best selection of spells(as well as a handy barrier instead of an average block), and Ven was the fastest character with the best fighting style. I may just think that because i'm a Force Unleashed fan but I still think the 2 chasers vs. the Master would've been awesome!
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    They should've kept the mickey training scene with Yen Sid. Plus they should've added a new scene actually showing Vanitas vs. Mickey 1 on 1 in Neverland, that would've been epic
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    Anybody else think that they should've made Ven a party member during this battle? I personally used Ven for my first character and I was disappointed when Terra threw me in the portal, I wanted to help kill the Master for betraying me and trying to kill me
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    this guy did it!
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