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    Its great that you're doing this again, its been too long since we've seen any fandubs from you guys.
    Also, if you need any help with any future projects, just ask me. You already know that I do a very good Braig/Xigbar impersonation from a previous project. Looking forward to your future works!
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    This looked really convincing and was really considering purchasing it... until I saw Sora's face.
    Oh... OHH! What's wrong with your face?!?
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    Name: Seamus
    Username: Look to the left of this post... if you haven't done that yet, my username is StrawhatSoul.
    Availability and time zone: Friday - Sunday, GMT 0 (U.K)
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    I just noticed this today. I've had podcasting experience before, but it looks like I was a bit too late about this notice. Oh well, you can't win them all.
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    I am planning on making a new review show which is being made for a specialism project at college. I am currently in the research stage, so I need results on what the people want to see from a new review show.
    So, I have compiled a questionnaire to get some results in order to understand what it is people want from this new review show I am planning on making.
    Here is the link to the survey:
    I would appreciate you answer this survey as soon as possible, so I can get some results to construct my idea further. The survey will only take a few minutes, so it isn't anything too taxing.
    Thank you!
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    Man, this takes me back...
    I remember when this game first came out, I spoiled myself silly, mainly because back then, Europe had to wait 6 months until it final arrived. It was also the year I bought a PS2, just for the sole purpose of playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 back-to-back. Since then, I've seen that the PS2 has so much more to offer, and I couldn't be happier that I bought both it and Kingdom Hearts 2.
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    Great job guys!
    It's a good prelude to the KH:3D fandub production that will be coming when the game is released, and I couldn't be more excited, because I'm part of the cast this time! Looking forward to more awesome and great fandubs Mike!
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    Wow... I didn't expect to be cast for all three roles I auditioned for, that's quite a surprise! This fandub turned out great and I can't wait to see more once the game is released next month, heck, I think I'll be in some of them for all I know.
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    Hey Mike, just an FYI, I sent you my audition this morning, so you might have got it at around 1am where you were. I would audition for the Tron Legacy characters, the problem is I haven't seen the film, so I won't be able to know what they should sound like. Also, it is kind of late where I am right now, so voicing an audition now would not be a good idea at such short notice.
    If you have any issues opening my audition files, let me know and I'll send them to you again.
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    While it is a shame that I didn't make it into the final product, I'm happy to see my voice acting getting appreciated. With over 80 auditions, I'm surprised that I was on the short list for Jiminy Cricket and Joshua, the two voices that I thought I did the best job in. If there is another chance to audition Jiminy Cricket and Joshua anywhere else like on the VAA, I'll probably go for it and see where it takes me.
    Now that I'm a member of the VAA, I can open myself to new opportunities and get into this great community of intelligent, mature and friendly people.
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