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    babe i missed u too i was thinking abt you the other night bc i was playin higurashi w my coworker LOL

    blows u kisses im always happy to entertain ;))))
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    lmao yeah thats kind of how im feeling right now too
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    what the hecko

    what the hecko
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    i was out drinking last night with my coworkers and as tends to happen every time i go to this specific bar i ended up making out with some guy twice my age between playing ping pong and galaga and anyway i was so exhausted when i got home but i added him on fb and fell asleep bc i was enchanted bc he could quote book passages i liked ANYWAY not only is he 27 years older than me he's also a friend of and works for richard dawkins and im just wondering
    is it my moral obligation to turn him from being a militant atheist [read: elitist dickwad]??? or do i block him and find a new bar with galaga tables and paintings of dogs on the walls?
    happy 8 year khversary to me
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    so this is awkward but my fish died this morning.
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    kaze i swear. when ur lil fishy comes to nibble and play with your fingers. it is worth it. //nodnod
    snakes are so cool hot damn
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    Hi guys!

    OMG!!! hi! omg i love astrology and astronomy and am a practitioner of ye olde wytchkraft myself!!!! and nova's defs the homestuck powerhouse, but if you wanna talk stars i'm always down! also gender/sexuality/romance stuff!! wow you seem really cool!!!!! i am not around often but i am excited to see you around and talk sometime lovely! <3
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    bettas are cool get a betta they make your life a hundred times better i promise
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    idk who anyone is

    idk who anyone is
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    SO PRETTY!!!!! i love his color!!! and omg those decorations. soooo cute omg. i would show off lil shinji's new tank but i haven't gotten his new plants in the mail yet so it's really sad looking. ;_;

    i get really sad about bettas being treated as "beginner" fish too! a lot of people just don't read up on how to take care of them at all and then they end up with sad fish that die quickly and it's just so sad. goldfish, too. goldfish are intense. idk why people don't bother reading on how to take care of them!!! it's so sad seeing stunted goldfish. my friend has one though that's a foot long and it's kind of scary pff.

    and here's lil shinji in his 2 gal tank before i moved!!

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    i keep him in a 5 gallon tank actually! no worries!! i took him out to change his water since it had been 2 months! his new heater just came in the mail today too aahhhh. he's a v happy lil fish and likes to poke at your finger if you put it above the water and also blows lots of bubble nests and omg he's soooo cute.
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    no, my fish is way cooler than you.

    (how is everything around here? / general check-up thread / it's been months lmao hey)​
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