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    I especially like Gibi, because she's an anime lover and a gamer. C:

    One channel I really like is Jojo's ASMR. He's been one of only a few channels that have been able to make me feel tingles recently.
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    Hello, welcome to KHV! owo
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    A comment in the white noise thread gave me the idea to start a thread on ASMR, the technique of listening to audio with specific stimuli (known as 'triggers'), but also includes visual stimuli. This stimuli can cause a tingling sensation that can start at the scalp and go down the spine, and is said to help you sleep and relax.

    Some examples of triggers include, but are not limited to:
    • Whispering closely into a microphone, either into one microphone, or two microphones to create a binaurual effect
    • A person's accent, usually softer ones
    • Crinkling of surfaces such as paper or plastic
    • Tapping on hollow, metal, or large objects quietly
    • Our own KHV user, Trigger
    What are your thoughts on ASMR, and who are your favorite ASMR creators?
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    Honestly? I'd rather not be on a fixed network. I shut off my Facebook profile because my address ended up on all those people finder sites (Spokeo, whitepages, etc), which I'd rather not have happen since there's some..... questionable people I know online that would love to get a hold of that info and start causing trouble. That's why I go by Sushi on here: I stopped going by my old username so that I could start over online. That, and the whole mess with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (the company that leaked the info of 50 million Facebook accounts) got me to reconsider about things, since even though Facebook says otherwise now, they don't give a crap about your privacy and never will. They will still sell your info, that's how they make their money to stay in business.

    From now on, I'm sticking to two big flexible networks: Reddit and Discord. The other ones include forums like here.
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    mah nibba

    mah nibba
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    jump down and say some ****in' gay ****
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    Careful Bobsponge!

    Careful Bobsponge!
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    Neh, not really. I tried to read the book, but the first chapter just seemed tenuous to try and read, so I just stopped from there. It was definitely kinda neat though, not something I'd consider reading full through. Will I see the movie? Probably not, never been a big movie person anyway.
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    I've never really been that big into 8-bit honestly. I like the idea of simplicity, but every time I try to play anything 8/16-bit, it just doesn't seem that fun to me. The only 8/16-bit game I could get into were the classic Sonic games, those were great. My first non-portable console was the GameCube, so things like that I can get into easily. My favorite was Super Mario Sunshine, anyone else a fan of that?

    Of course, I'm mostly a PC gamer now, so I haven't played a console regularly in a while now.
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    I usually use my tower fan for white noise. It has settings I can put it on and I usually have it on the "white noise" setting, which is midway for all the settings on the fan. Not loud, but still good.

    ASMR is kinda nice too. Jojo's ASMR is a good channel for that.
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    Can't wait for the PC version. I have the Final Fantasy with Lightning in it (I cannot remember the number and don't really have Steam handy), but I'm not willing to have it download 50GB with my internet speed, but this I might be willing to.

    Good stuff.
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    Times are changing. There's an ever-changing limit on what is considered childish (just look at bronies, I mean, it's a show for little girls (MLP) yet many people accept them), and while many may not like it, it's going the way it is and I don't see a stop to it any time soon. Plus, many adults still like things that kids like - I happen to think Yu-Gi-Oh is still interesting, and while I wouldn't consider myself really much of one anymore, I would consider myself a brony. The limit for me is if you start roleplaying it and actually think it's real life, though I'll still be accepting of that, as it's not really possible to change that within some people.

    Don't be ashamed of what you like, it's who you are.
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