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    I actually planning on externalizing the BGM completely with another app that gets hooked to PCSX2 and plays the corresponding BGM while the ones in the game will be muted
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    Boiling with anticipation for KH3?

    Enjoy the KH3 Sora right now in KH2FM, with this mod.

    Check it out here


    Subscribe on the videos please. As a new modder, I would love your support.
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    Unless, you have a tool to convert mp3 to wd and a custom PCSX2, both of which I have.
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    This is a HD Remaster patch meant for the emulator PCSX2 for KH2FM.

    It is currently a work in progress.


    HD HUD(90% done)

    HD Textures(10% done)

    HD Maps(10% done)

    HD Title(100% done)

    Fully translated HD Tutorials(100% done)

    HD Shaders(90% done)

    HD Menus(50% done)

    HD Remastered soundtrack by combining best of original and 2.5(5%)


    Check it out

    Get Latest Preview Patch

    Subscribe Here
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