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    Well Apprentice Xehanort and Xemnas, etc, doesn't seem to have a keyblade, and if he did I bet it would be Master Xehanort's. So I think that keyblade Aqua saw was Lingering Sentiment's.
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    Because it didn't say "Kingdom Hearts 3". It said "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts"

    But since "reconnect" was above the title and all that, I doubt it's the title of the next game... But we'll know when they announce it ^^
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    I've played the game, and before playing I thought Aqua was awesomely cool. And I was right, she is, but I also fell in love with Terra.
    Ven was just... too much Roxas, too much Sora, too little originality. Not saying Terra's more original *coughrikucough* but I still like Terra better. And I don't think Ven's fighting style is the best either. I was more comfortable with Aqua. And Terra isn't slow or anything... >_<;

    Yeah, so Terra and Aqua. Sorry Ven, you'll be far down on my list.
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    No, they don't both get erased. Here's how the cutscene went (I have the game and I know japanese):
    Minnie got pissed at Pete cause all he cared about was winning the award. There was one person who voted for Pete in the Dream award, but Ven&Terra&Aqua won it instead cause they got more votes, and Pete was all "Meh give me the prize anyway I don't care that I got one vote, I just want the award!". So Minnie sent him away to cool down his head. Then Maleficent came and picked him up in his "cell", and that's how he joined forces with Maleficent.
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    But didn't Land of departure become Namine's house in Twilight Town?
    It had the same outward appearance anyways.

    Sorry if I've missed something really important here lol.
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    *spoilers for coded and BbS below*

    If I've got this right, in Coded, Sora and Riku are just computer programs.
    So it's really much like CoM but worse, not very much important for the overall plot.

    And really if the letter in the BBS secret ending was about sora having to play coded (you get what i mean) then it wouldn't say "Reconnect. kingdom hearts", it would say "kingdom hearts coded". and coded isn't about reconnecting, is it? So I second that the letter is probably about what happened in Coded, and also what Sora now has to do to reconnect all the worlds. Since we now know that Mickey was there during BbS and he is the only one who knows Terra, Ven and Aqua and what happened to them (and Yen Sid of course).

    And Another drive is probably the game coming between the storyline of coded and KH3. another drive is to be about a different world from sora's, so it could be its own game, but with the same concept. something for the fans to follow after KH3 is the end of KH-sora's-story. at least it's going to be for PS3 so it gotta be a impotant game since it's the first new game that's not with a number that comes to tv-Playstation console at once.

    I mean, Another Drive isn't KH3. And the reason why the producer said "...what?" to Nomura when he presented the idea of Another Drive is probably cause it's a game totally or mostly separate from the original Kingdom Hearts world and story.

    and yes, i believe KH3 is the last game since KH1 was about beating xehanort/ansem's heartless, and KH2 about beating his nobody, and KH3 will then be about finally beating all of him.

    So most likely, the next game is another drive, then Kh3.

    Start the countdown!

    3 years and ??? days left....
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    Expanding the cutscene in my mind, I think Sora says he has to go, then Riku says "I'll go with you" and sora might protest but Riku will still go. Since only Kairi says "itterasshai", and Riku says nothing in this scene, I bet that's what'll happen. Riku is destined to help Sora out, so he won't just sit still and let him go.

    Maybe Kairi will join in at a later point too, like example, at a point where Sora's powers aren't enough or where he's about to fall into darkness, and Kairi joins to boosts him with her light.

    And seriously, when has the main character in disney or square enix's games ever died!? (don't spoil now, i haven't played all FF so I actually can't be sure, but as far as I know, none have.)

    Sora won't die. I doubt anyone important will die, it'd be an unifinished story then kinda.
    Cause well, everyone keeps reappearing, lol! Even Eraqus is alive inside Terra, kinda, and Xehanort is only defeated in his nobody and heartless-forms.... Aqua is alive in the darkness, Ven is alive inside Sora, bla bla. Etc etc.
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    If Ven was talking to Sora's newborn heart, then wouldn't Ven and Sora's hearts have been connected allt he time?
    Or when did they become unconnected?
    I kinda thought.... The reason why Ven's heart was broken in the beginning was cause Vanitas was removed from him right? So...
    Someone please explain. i don't get it.
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    Sound like it's gonna be totally awesome and packed with lots of goodies!
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    Doesn't work for me either DX Does it work in firefox or is that not the issue?
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    A new group on deviantart for those who like the pairing AquaxKairi!

    Time slips are encouraged XD

    What's your thoughts on this pairing? ^^
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    omg, axel and saiix's original selfs!! >___<
    This new trailer made me squeal right through it!

    sorry for sounding fangirlish.

    I am so happy that Ven has the same attacks as Roxas tho :'3

    and I still strongly believe that Venitas is not riku.... won't say more about that here tho. we'll find out in 7+ days! :D
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    And that would also explain why people (Axel in days and KH2FM+ for example) asks Roxas if he doesn't have a heart after all.
    He probably has Ven's heart, or some kind of memory/shadow of it.
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    okay, i agree that it is kairi's heart making sora remember stuff he didn't before :\
    i read that on wikipedia. and I also read that SE planned birth by sleep since re:chain of memories. so there we have it ^^;
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