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    Hello friend!

    Hello friend!
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    I wouldn't say "back" but I'm here lol
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    PSA: Star (Starseeker3 I believe) is on DN right now.
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    I don't think fred resents you . I can't say as I'm not him, but as for myself, I don't remember a lot of our arguments, much less resent you for them. I don't make it a habit to hold grudges ;I just don't say we are friends because I don't know if you consider us friends, something that brooklyn taught me.
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    I was on antidepressants for a while about a year ago and I called them "Happy Pills" too. That's kinda cool. But anyways, I don't know if while I was gone, something happened, but unless fred has said he doesn't like you, He probably does like you or atleast not mind you. I think Fred was just saying those are the people he likes the most. I don't think you should look at it in a negative light, Fred probably didn't mean anything by it other than what he said. Actually, whenever I started taking pills , I remembered when fearless talked about being depressed and to "not trust the pills" ... I thought it was strange and also cool that probably for the majority of my life now, certain things will always remind me of here. I mean, for most people, It's just one thing. Like for Brooklyn , whenever I think of friendship I always remember when Brooklyn said friendship had to be mutual. And honesty will always mind me of fred, both because he's awesome and because of his avatar being honest.
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    Fearless and Droid are pretty awesome . And Brooklyn of course , but he already knows that . I don't know if you or Brooklyn still have YgoPro (I know I think Riku said he didn't) but we never got to tag duel I think . I know Yakumo has it but a me and Yakumo vs You and Brooklyn would probably somehow end worse than me and riku vs you and Brooklyn . But if everyone else would be willing to do it , I would . I'm not sure , just a suggestion to talk about I guess
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    Not sure if this is true or not. I am honest, (usually too honest) and I do stand up for the minority often; but that sometimes makes me look like a bad person, such as me standing up for Rienzel whenever Jaden would talk about how unskilled he was or discourage him and Jaden would get so angry. I guess I do defend people, but probably too aggressively . I probably got this result because of all the questions about community, as I'm very well liked in my community and volunteer often, I'm just not well liked here.
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    Pretty sure riku would be willing to duel you. That may be fun at some point in the future, atleast so you can consider it. Who's swift,The arena champion? Is that Red?
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    Yeah... I guess I understand. Sorry too. I heard you dueled in the arena while I was gone, are you still doing that, or was that a one time thing too?
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    "Your sense of humour sucks, abby...
    And combination of it being recycled, bad and boring joke made my respond "seriously". "
    -you to abby,me to you

    Jaden plays Elemental heros . Elemental heros =/ Masked heros
    *Gishiki is life (you obviously are wrong) If you are going to quote the scripture of the brogre, at least get it right. Your jokes are so bland it makes me fall asleep faster than you lost to fred.

    Yet every argument you've been in you were wrong, being an ******* and adding "get shrekt/ get rekt" or " ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" doesn't make you right , it just makes you an ******* who's wrong, and nobody thinks anything different than that. Also, not sure who you think you're talking to, But I was and still am the best gishiki player in the arena. I let it go when you were an ******* to Jaden because we aren't friends, and when you were an ******* to Abby because I don't know her, but I actually like Fred and Brooklyn so . My original post actually had "I'm not going to argue because you seem like someone who think they're always right when you aren't, and that annoys me" (Which is why my original post brings up you being wrong and Fred but I downplayed it because , like I said, You think you're right when everyone else obviously thinks you're wrong,so it wouldn't make a difference) Huh. How predictable and see through of you.[DOUBLEPOST=1426472381][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Thats what I was saying, I was relating consistency to the ability to combo and make many monsters out of very little.
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    Voltic, Mist, Wroughtweiler, Reinforcement, E-Call , Warrior returning, lady of the wasteland, fake hero, fifth hope, Bond, Miracle fusion, Hero city (2) ,ect. and many more I'm sure. Those all primarily use their searchers to find themselves but heros have so much support is ridiculous. Not to mention + fusion support they get too, ssoo yeah. Plus stratos can be recycled alot . Heros don't need as much support as they have, frankly, you and jaden are just whiny about the ban list. A good hero deck can OTK pretty quickly with all the fusion support and hero support . I personally would never play heros because I'm not cliche as ****, but still. You were wrong when you were arguing with ole freddy and you're wrong now. And I never said it wasn't stupid to ban stratos, I said it wasn't so unfair and heros could be consistent without it. If Jaden honestly believes heros are dead because they don't have stratos, good luck mate.[DOUBLEPOST=1426462322][/DOUBLEPOST]Woah I forgot bad words were censored ... weird....
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    Ah... I typed something really long but it was rather aggressive so nevermind. In my absence... I took up boxing as a hobby of sorts, my friends started a boxing club where we'd go out and fight each other every friday night and people would go watch and afterwards we'd go out and stuff, but that's not the point. The point is, there's always an unfair factor in a fight. Any type of battle. Whether it be lighter balls for the patriots or Neymar out on the world cup (what happened to rafa by the way?) or someone small fighting someone big. Heres the difference though... You are the big person. Heros have plenty of consistency (call, reinforcement, ect. ), thats why they banned stratos. You act like it's so unfair. My friend whos 180+ pounds isn't gonna get to use an 8oz glove. He's gonna use like a 16-20oz because he's bigger and needs a handicap . Any person who's skilled can beat another person. Consistency is never a problem with 99% of brooklyns decks (those crystal beast tho) . A consistent deck can rid of any deck really, it's not all about luck. Yeah it would suck if you draw a hand with no heros but if you have a e-call or reinforcement then it won't matter. Heros usually run 20 ish monsters so 20+at least 2 reinforcement and e call would equal 24. In a 40 card deck, that puts the odds of you drawing a monster or a card that could lead you to a monster at greater than 50% the first turn. Reinforcement = Blaze man = Poly . Blaze man + E-call(or the already likely chance you'll have another hero in hand) = Blazeman+ ____+ Poly = first turn shining, ab zero, nova master, tornado, gaia, ect. I don't play heros so theres probably alot more you can do but it's really not that hard. The majority of us don't even actually duel competitively, we mostly duel each other with unconventional decks we are testing. I've never used a meta deck I think, atleast, not while it was meta. Neither has brooklyn, Although probably if uses a meta deck, its against fred. I've never dueled fred so I don't know about him. But yeah. You can not duel if you want to, but don't act like you have a reason... The only reason you have is a fear of losing. All of those other factors can be eliminated very easily.
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    Why don't you use YGO Pro to duel again ? I think there's a lot of new hero support apparently and it like has all the rulings set so your opponent can't cheat . It also lets you duel people near your skill level I think , you wouldn't be dueling against otk decks until you showed you were good enough to . Or maybe it's just a coincidence that all the games I've playedvagainst people there were trash , but probably not .
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    One time I went to DC and I bought a drink and I turned around for a second and it was gone and this girl was walking away from it. I was like wtf
    And one time in Germany I ordered a burger and i went to use the restroom and came back and it was gone. In Texas, You can leave a whole meal in the middle of a crowded mall and no one will touch it until they have to clean the mall smh
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    Man y'all europeans and northerners sure is wild. Ain't got the same "southern hospitality" we do here in texas
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