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    I don't get how people will assume that Lea will be back?
    In order to be back to your regular form, you must have your heartless and nobody 'dead', in that order.
    Unless I'm seriously missing something, Axel 'died' and Sora didin't defeat his heartless before his nobody died so it's impossible for hm to come back.
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    I'm still mad they canceled Spectacular Spider-Man. The Interwebz went into outrage when this was announced. Yeah, Marvel dropped the ball on this one. I like Iron Man: AA and I'm glad it's getting more episodes but I would've chosen Spec Spidey over IronMan AA anyday to continue.
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    Why are they even talking about making another Final Fantasy when they still need to finish Versus XIII? If it's so interesting and will take a long while to make, then hurry up with Versus XIII and do whatever afterward.
    Sorry if this sounds angry to anybody.
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    Smugleaf is an awesome name and it should be the English name for Smugleaf.
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    I'll still pick fire starter as always. So I guess I'm going with Flameboar.
    Smugleaf looks pretty cool also.
    I'm neutral on Flotter.
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    New Info guys.

    The new female protag looks like they borrowed bits of Sora, Rika, and Jeri. lol
    Be honest, did anyone else get nightmare fuel in season 3 after seeing Jeri post-Leomon death?
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    Dante, Deadpool, Felicia, and Captain America are officially confirmed.

    And lol at the fact Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and beats you up with the health bar.
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    They're not called Unbirths, they're called Unversed. Unbirths was a translation error.

    It has been revealed that the Unversed are dark beings created by Vanitas. As a human created from the purest, most raw form of darkness, Vanitas had the ability to manipulate the negative thoughts and emotions of people, and spawn them as the Unversed to further his goals, as well as Master Xehanort's goals. By every and all accounts, the Unversed are extensions of Vanitas himself, and part of his power and influence - effectively making him the "first and original Unversed". With Vanitas's destruction, however, the Unversed are completely wiped from existence.
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    Your thoughts?
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    But it's by the guy who made the Final Fantasy series right? Hironobu Sakaguchi.
    I didn't say it was the end of Square, just Final Fantasy in a 'spiritual successor' sort of way.
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    When I heard that "The Last Story" was coming out for the Wii, I had a feeling that Final Fantasy was ending soon. I think Last Story will be the new start.
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    I mean seriously, if you want to copy something, make sure it's not on OneManga or MangaFox first. Also make sures it's not the second most popular manga right now.

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    Yes, they've met.
    Aqua has met Sora, Riku, and Kairi in BBS.
    Kairi in Hollow Bastion and Sora and Riku at Destiny Islands.

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