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    On the languages, what if it was another language entirely? One that doesn't exist on Earth?

    I've written (and am still writing) stories tha focus on the concept of this being a possibility. I have one novella going that is completely original. but centers on a group of friends who find out that some of their favorite books, comics, and tv shows actually exist, and travel through a pond in one of the kids' backyard to interfere.

    It is a very interesting possibility to play with. Though it is a pain in the butt to make up tons of original stories just to slaughter them later...
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    I remember that someone went and looked up chasers in the dictionary, and came up with something along the lines 'engravers of metal,' I think. I would assume that this refers to the Keyblades, and their history. Such as, where did they come from? Who, or what, made them?
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    Hey, I've seen her on the Detective Conan forums! Love her AMVs...

    Was homeschooled for sixth grade. Hated it. So in seventh grade, I'm the kid no-one knows. The really weird geek that magically appears from nowhere and wears dorky sweatshirts.
    Two weeks into school have no friends whatsoever, and this tiny blonde thing shoots down the hallway. Everyone stares. Then the thing is followed by a slower kid who's cackling like a maniac. The blonde blur runs back and hides behind me screeching, "Oh my God, SAVE ME PERSON I DON'T KNOW!!!"

    That's how I met my best friend. She's straaaaaaaaange......

    Not really funny. Just bizarre.
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    The Pocahontas flashback thing refers to when Pocahontas is singing "Colors of the Wind." She says, "Every rock and tree and creature... Has a life, has a spirit, has a name..." Or something along those lines. The reason I was reminded of this is because in the various worlds in KH, you have all different types of people. In Agrabah, you can't really say that the Flying Carpet doesn't have a soul. In Wonderland, or at least the movie Alice in Wonderland, the flowers had their own personalities. The variety of types of people is what I was refering to. You could also count the characters from Space Paranoids in this number. While they are computer programs, they do have their own lives.
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    I've been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff lately, because of my fanfiction.

    So far I have two prominent theories, and I'm not sure which one I am going to use in my story, or if I'm going to merge the two.

    Say each person (being *has Pocahontas flashbacks*) has three pieces. Most people go with Heart, Soul, and Body. A few would replace Body with Mind. A good deal of the time I replace Body with Consciousness.
    I would like to note here that from what I've played of KH, (my disc is missing!!!) which is to the end of Hollow Bastion, I have seen no intelligent, humanoid Heartless with the exception of Xehanort's. At least, none that I can remember. For my story, this is a plot point. However, there are at least fourteen Nobodies is KHII and COM who are self-concious.
    I would also like to note the irony in calling the Heartless Heartless. Of they are corrupted Hearts (or something along those lines) then why are they called 'Heartless?'

    So, working with the general theory that there are three pieces-parts that make a person, we just noted two. The Soul is still missing. Considering the Consciousness to be neutral territory in regards to 'Darkness' and 'Light' with the potential to lean either way, I have to consider the other two aspects of the 'Person,' who I'm now titling as Mr. Body.
    Is Mr. Body born without a speck of Light? A speck of Darkness? Is he born with neither, a completely pure being? Or is he born with an equal mixture of both? How is it divided?
    If you consider the first two questions, either way, where does the other element come in? Does it ever? Is Mr. Body intended to be a being of Darkness, but only through nurture (nature vs. nurture. How did that get in there?) is transformed into Light? Is it the other way around? If he is a completely pure being, than the Light and Darkness must come from somewhere other than himself. I would consider a 'pure' being to be almost the same as someone with an equal mixture of both.
    The 'equal' question is what I am basing my conclusions, judgements, and beliefs on. In KH, Sora makes the statement that Kingdom Hearts is Light. From there came the question, was it always this way? I would assume that it is very very old.

    I'm going to back up a bit before I continue, back to the three pieces of Mr. Body. The Consciousness (Mind, Body, etc.) is neutral ground. Pretend that the Soul and Consciousness are pieces of paper, and the Heart is glue. While the Consciousness and the Soul are connected, the Heart is what holds the three together. At least in the beginning of KH.
    Add another thing to the list of things to consider. I consider the Heart to be made of purely instinct. Thus, the Heartless instinctively look for Light (Kingdom Hearts, the Keyblade...) to replace what they have lost. Consciousness I would consider where morals and recognition would be found. Note I said recognition, not Memory. Memory should be considered as the Soul.

    So I've pointed all of this out. Now what?

    I've said several times that Consciousness is neutral. What if the Heart and Soul were not? What if when Mr. Body's born, his Heart is made of Darkness (Good Darkness. Pure Darkness, Not evil.) and his Soul were made of Light? That through life, his Heart and Soul trade elements, tempering each other. What if Kairi's Heart being 'Pure' was not 'Pure' in the way the characters thought? Because if she was born with a Dark Heart, wouldn't it have been stained white?
    What if, conversely, the Heart was Light and the Soul was Dark?

    Operating by the first assumption, (which is my favorite because of the implications and the logic) I can conclude that by separating the three pieces of Mr. Body, I would possibly end up with a Nobody, a Heartless, and a Souless. The Souless has been named only for humorous purpises, see above comment about the naming of the Heartless. The implications of my first conclusion would indicate that by separating the three variables, they are reverting back to their original state of infancy. This means that Heartless are not made by Darkness corrupting a Heart, but simply depriving the Heart of Light that is gained from it's symbiotic relationship with the Soul.

    This whole discussion with myself occurred when I was contemplating the enemy of KHIII some weeks ago.

    That is the first of my two theories. The second one is somewhat less complex.

    It once again relies on the concept of Nobodies, or Consciousness being the center of the equation.
    Once again, it also involves the Soul being Light and the Heart being Dark.
    While Hearts are supposed to become Light like the Princesses of Heart, most times they should be a mixture of Light and Darkness. That is humanity. But let's say that when the Heartless attack the Heart splits two ways. One piece is smaller than the other (accept in the case of Roxas and Sora and Namine and Kairi, where they are equal) and each piece goes with the two other pieces of Mr. Body. So then you have a Nobody, with a small piece of a Heart. Utterly useless at the moment, unless it grows, which in my story, only Axel and Demyx's had the opportunity to. The Heart piece is two small for emotions stronger than desire and need and the will to survive. Now what happens to the other piece, the larger piece? It goes with the Soul. Now what happens to the remains of Mr. Body depends on how much Light and Darkness he has in his Heart piece and Soul. If it's Light, which the vast majority of the time it isn't, it becomes a Souless, because the Soul is chiefly composed of Light. If it's Dark, It becomes a Heartless, because a Heart is chiefly composed of Darkness. The reason Sora became a Heartless was because at the time, he was committing a type of suicide and he knew it.
    The thing about this version (which will be used in the story now that I've thought it out by typing) is how would a Souless operate. I've decided that since the Souless is Light, it would try to do the 'right' thing, but in the wrong way. No morals whatsoever. Sort of like the extremists out there, suicide bombers, suicide plan crashers... Only without the suicide. And with a lot more power.

    I think you get it by now. Maybe. If you're not asleep yet.

    This disorganized essay-like thing came from m conclusions that KHIII should be about the Light gone wrong. After the pacing that came up with this mess, I was attacked by plunnies Involving me writing the entire KH storyline so I can add one character who could be a catalyst for part of this mess. Well, I'm not touching CoM because I haven't played it.

    I'm afraid no-one's going to get this, or at least read the whole thing and understand it. Oh well. Back to the story board...
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