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    It's only a choice. I agree that it's ok. I mean... people don't need to criticize on it. It's one persons opinion against many other ones. I don't think that saying that you shouldn't be gay is really bad. I mean, people get choices that no one else can change. I have absolutely nothing against gay people... but criticizing them because of that is sorta... well... mean I guess
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    Demyx (Xemnas) watched the scene unfold. Saix (Roxas) had just gone and made Larxene (Namine) blow up. Demyx (Xemnas) grinned at the sight and felt laughter starting to come around. 'omg... XD' Demyx (xemnas) started to laugh at the two.

    OOC: Still dont' know much... T_T
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    That continuous loop would mean whatever year the last future year is... is maybe when humanity completely dies off... then... the string of future breaks off... and a loop is created, so the person is sent into the past instead of farther into the future... because humanity no longer thrives... :/
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    I get the Deja Vu feeling sometimes. Maybe it's my imagination... maybe it's real. Whenever I dream... I feel like I see the future. This one time I dreamt of being in a room with a white piano, and two white couches. I had this dream a year ago. Then... suddenly... a year later... I find myself in the same room in real life. 0.o I didn't know what happened... but I had the feeling I had been there before. Then... one time about 2 years ago, I had a dream... I was in this current year... and one of my classmates was passing out doughnuts... then someone was playing music. Then another person comes and asks for a doughnut. And it actully happened a few days ago! On the 10th of May! I was like ' omg... omg omg omg omg... what is happening!!!!' I was freaked... it's just... weird...
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    The soul lives deep within our bodies. At first birth... the soul is powerful and bright, giving us the needed energy. As years pass, that soul will die down. When a person sees death... the soul stays within the body. In my religion... it is believed that reincarnation will begin if the soul has not withered or died. The soul is an essence in which people need... for reincarnation maybe. But if the reincarnation can't continue... then the soul dies and withers... and then you fall into an eternal sleep... That's my guess.
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    Will it be like we're asleep? Or will we live again in another life? Will we be able to feel? Or will we become like Nobodies and feel nothing? (( We'll be in eternal sleep... maybe the chance of living another life... the slimmest chance in the world. We can't feel... the emotion drained from us... nothing but eternal darkness would await

    Do we ever really die? ((The body may die... but the soul... the soul could live on))

    If not, then do we even live? ((Each person has a special purpose in the world... no matter how strange... or how smart... each person plays the most important part of this world... once death is brought... that part may be passed on))

    If we are to live other lives, what's not to say that we haven't died once before, but we can't remember it? (( It may have to be that way...))

    So, if we have died, and if we are living, when did we start to live? (( Maybe never... not until we people understand everything that has to be put against our lives.))

    When did the living start? (( Never... not until we find truth about ourselves... maybe))

    And when did the dying start? (( We neither die... nor live...))

    And when will it all end? ((Once we find out everything... and our hearts think that our knowledge is enough... after that... our deaths will be eternal... and that is when it will end.))
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    That glitch is funny to watch. ^-^ I did it and I just kept laughing at Donald. ^-^
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    THAT'D BE SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first one would be Kingdom Hearts: Search for Kairi Second Kingdom Hearts: Search for Riku and Third Kingdom Hearts: The War of the Chasers. XD THAT'D BE AWESEOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ^-^
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    Fat Bandits, Bandits, and Invisibles... :mad: I hate them... it takes forever to kill them... even WITH the Oblivion...
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    OOC: I'm lost...

    BIC: Demyx (Xemnas) decided to walk around the castle. Demyx (Xemnas) went around and found a few interesting things. He was bored, and walked back into the room. "When are we ready?!"
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    OOC: I don't like Kairi or Namine for many many many reasons, except a Roxas or Sora fangirl. I like almost all the Orgy's (I dunno about Xemnas... stupid draly voice )=< ) I'm ok with Roxas and Sora... Riku is well... "eh". And Namine and Kairi are being eaten by sharks XD XD XD.

    BIC:Demyx (Xemnas) watched as Valerie looked like she was going to blow up. "Hey Vexy, can we get this going?" Demyx (Xemnas) asked him
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    YAY!!! D/P!!!! :D I just got pearl today. PIPLUP!!!! XD Turns out that my friend ukali_rules has it too. SHe was able to get a Polkia off this one guy for a normal pokemon XD XD XD XD. I think that was hilarious when she told me. She's at the Elite 4 right now 0.o she's only been playing for about 3-4 days max. I just started, it's real fun! :D Turns out when you try to find Yuxie, it looks like the tv is staring at you. Oh, and pokemon movie 10 is a battle against Polkia, Dialga, and Giatana... or the dark guy. I forget :P. They put the japanese trailer up on
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    OMG OMG OMG!! :D I WANT PIPLUP!!! HE/SHE IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! XD XD XD XD. And yes KeybladewarriorNexus1993. Pochama, Neatoru, and Hikozama are Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig. Basically, Piplup looks like a cute little blue penguin. Chimchar looks like a monkey, with a tail made of fire. Turtwig basically is a turtle, with green stuff on it's shell, and a plant on it's head (i think)
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    I'm joining cause it looks fun

    Un-named band's vocal

    Name: Sakura Amare
    Age: 15
    Reason for Joining: Loves music, hates to sing, but always gets pulled into it for a reason.
    Appearence (... I am use to doing this) : Long black hair put in ponytail. Always wearing blue jeans, and a white t-shirt that has a skull and the words "Panic at the Disco" on it. XD
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