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    That's because you're everyone's favorite English Pervert DA :3

    *Random pop-up* :P
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    If set up right being the key words. A first time player ho doesn't have a strategy guide will get torn apart by this guy, as the strategies you've used up to that point do not work on him. Period.


    Ganondorf - Wind Waker - Though some may have not appreciated Wind Waker's departure in terms of its style, Windwaker knew a thing or two about Epic boss fights. Every boss had its own unique charm to it, and most were difficult enough to figure out that you would end up expending a life or two to beat it, but not much compared to the final fight with Ganondorf. The build-up to the fight was nothing spectacular, fighting a pig balloon resembling Ganon, but the actual fight with Ganondorf himself was fantastic. In an area with water threatening to crush in on you from every side at any moment, truly aomospheric music, and a hulking beast of a man towering over little Link, You felt overwhelmed to say the least. The match opens with a straght up swordfight, punishing you for poor timing, albeit friendly enough that you can get it done. After a few rounds of this, Zelda actually does something in a fight! Shooting light arrows at you to reflect back at Ganondorf, Zelda made for an interesting twist in how the fight played out. I still get chills everytime I face the cel-shaded Ganondorf, maybe even more than when facing the Twilight Princess Version.
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    Wiegraf Folles - Final Fantasy Tactics - While this boss fight is only half way through the game itself, it stands out in my mind against many of the amazing battles as the single hardest, and single coolest. Wiegraf has sold his soul to the Aries Zodiac Stone, and Ramza must confront him alone. Wiegraf chooses not to transofrm as the battle begins, and Ramza suddenly finds himself facing off against a person of far superior strength if you have not been taking a lot of time out to train Ramza up in certain areas. The first playthroug of this game, I got stuck here by saving over my file before this fight, unable to beat him, and had to restart the entire game. Wiegraf is still a challenge even when you train Ramza to be a duel wielding ninja with excellent weaponry. And when you finally take him down, he transforms into the monstrous Belias and summons demons to his aid as your party arrives on the scene. One hell of a fight.

    Jecht - Final Fantasy X - Though not the hardest boss in the game (At least if you've taken the time to get a few legendary weapons and track down all of the Aeons) Jecht does not pull any punches in the coolness department, and makes the true final boss of the game, Yu Yevon, seem like a complete wuss. Turning into his Final Aeon form, Jecht soars over you in size, easily bigger than a modern day skyscraper, with a sword thats almst as big as he is. The music in the bakcground is hard-rock, and drives the battle forward, even as you tear him apart to march towards one of the greatest endings in any video game ever seen.

    The First Darkside - Kingdom Hearts - Yes its a wuss once you actually fight it. Yes it essentially becomes a normal enemy late in the game. But the first time you ever fight a darkside. That first look, with Sora crining in fear, then nearly falling off the edge of the platform into nothingness as it towers over you, you can't help but feel a sense of wonderment and fear. For this alone, I'd rankthis guy up there, not for staying power, but for first impressions.

    Andross - Star Fox 64 - When you finally fight through the entire Lylat System, and reach Andross's lair, the fight that ensues is frustrating and gripping, requiring excellent timing and good use of all the skills you have learned up to that point. But even as Andross explodes, the fight is far from over. The Arwing Switches into all-range mode as you prepare to take on Andross's smart-ass brain, which doesn't skimp on the danger. To this day, I get a feeling of excitement and worry from his attacks, especially his eyeballs attached to him by electricity, and his annoying ability to pop up right in front of you with ihs teleportation ability. I would even consider the flight out of the base part of this boss fight, keeping you white-knuckled to the control all the way to the dramatic conclusion with James McCloud flying away.

    And that's all I've got for now guys ^^
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    I'd like to introduce you to the word paraphrasing.

    I have not posted on this forum in like a month or two, and the sheer idiocy of the comment "It hardly has the same wording." made me. I have no problem with you doing the same thing as Spank, but own up to the fact that you are doing it, otherwise people won't respect it.

    Twi over and out.
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    Creation and Destruction, huh?

    I'm intrigued ^^

    Keep it coming Roxas.
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    Team Light is dropping like flies. o.o;;;

    Well, this is making Team Dark's job a LOT easier >>
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    Wow..someone suggested that to you, didn't they? I wonder who that could be? :rolleyes:

    Now DA needs a really wicked opening scene with Rem dancing naked all over the place :P
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    Look Roxas! I beat Mari to the punch! I drew Rem:

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    *can't help but laugh at this*

    Yeah Roxas, I'm sure the FORUM would greatly appreciate your super hot 15 year old XD
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    *Chuckles, then laughs uproariously.*

    DA, you are such a pervo XDDDD

    This just moved into funny/creepy, but I wanna see more :P

    Great job again Roxas.
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    *Chuckles uproaoriously*

    Keep the n00b deaths coming Roxas, I'm getting into this >=3

    I swear, if CFF's death isn't slow painful and the most horrible thing you have ever written, I will somehow make an appearance in this game and finish the job right. Give it to him >0

    As for the story, loving the development. Xadin's an *******, I can't wait to see how much *** he kicks :3

    Keep it up!
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    In regards to the 2006, if you check the previous date (1988) that makes him around 18-19, and he began his journey when he was 14. That means he has been fighting heartless straight for 4-5 years, and I'm sorry, but fighting monsters on a daily basis for that long would cause someone to snap. This is an AU fic remember. So no, I don't think that it is to soon, in fact, I think it may have been to long o.o
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    Didn't make it in. Oh well ^^ I'll be reading this one the whole way through, I was sad to have missed the first! I can't wait to see how you develop the story Roxas.
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    Meh, there are a few ypos in the story, but overall, amazing Roxas. I'm digging he story so far, I can only hope you keep it up.

    Oh, and nice choice in Alcatraz, I picked the same place for my Battle Royale fic :P
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    Ok, me and Locke&Kefka played through the ENTIRE storyline of Dirge of Cerberus last night, and we had multiple cheap laughs at this games expense. Now it's time to share those feelings with you through fanart and captions!!!


    A truer statement has there never been. When you are listening to Hojo prattle on at 4 in the morning, this is EXACTLY what you want to do.


    Ok, this is Vincent Valentine and Shelke Kissing. Now I'm going to tell you why this is very very disturbing. Vincent is 30. Shlelke is a 19 year old trapped in a 10 year old's body. this doesn't happen in the game, but it is insinuated. Vincent is a total Pedo -.-;;


    This is Weiss the Immaculate (It's pronounced Vise. His name is German, and all of his followers say Hail Weiss! Go Figure >>) Weiss is dead. You find this out at the end of the game after you have been searching for him the entire game. Then he is resurrected with the mind of a deranged Doctor named Hojo and Infused with the power of a weapon named Omega which is supposed to bring about the end of all life. Yes this is as ridiculous as it sounds.


    This is Shalua. She is a scientist. Shalua doesn't have an eye, and her left arm is robotic. Her normal attire is three random strips of cloth held by random piees of cloth with a lab coat. This is a trend in this game. No women are fully clothed. It was like a bad FF Soft-core Porn -.-;;

    And that is all the time I have for today folks! I hope you enjoyed laughing at the ridiculous of this game as much as I did!

    And remember: "Wutai Pest!"
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