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    Yep, i have Saix, Demyx, Xigbar, Xaldin, and Roxas left. Then i need to make some Final Fantasy characters and it will be ready for release of version 1 of the full game.

    EDIT - Forgot about Luxlord : P
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    Yes i do have plans to add characters who where never in KH from FF. One character i DEFIANTLY want to be in the game is Vincent Valentine. And as for TWEWY, i was going to have a friend make a Neku to make as DLC for the release of Dream Drop Distance, But this was considering the game would be done by then. I still have more to do. But i do want to add some of them down the line.
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    Hey guys, just want to let all of you know marluxia's attacks have all been finished. Now i just need to polish him with effects and sounds, and some AI. Really close to being done.

    And as for titus, its possible but i have other characters from final fantasy id like to get in before him.
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    Hey sorry for the delay with Marluxia guys, Been busy as all hell lately. Im going to finish him up hopefully tomorrow for all of you. And luigi12, to awnser your above questions -

    1 - Zack MAY be included in the first release, but im not positive on this yet. He will be added at some point or another.
    2 - Im currently looking for the best sheet to use for roxas. Id like most make a duel wield Org 13 cloak, but might have to settle for regular duel wield roxas.
    3 - So far the Org members left are - Marluxia (90% done) Saix, Luxord, Xigbar, Xaldin, Demyx.
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    Thanks alot man! But, its not the same thing used to make super smash flash. Super smash flash is a web based game, this is a .exe, there much different. All the same, thanks : )
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    You sure can download them now. Just visit my buddys site, i host all of my characters there. The link is under my signature : )

    Ah while this sounds like a great idea, the codes to do transformations are VERY complicated. Ill be honest, i get the main idea and concept of it, but i don't think i can execute it properly. It requires ALOT of work, you pretty much have to code 2 characters into one, and accounting for both parts of the character being in different situations, and what the outcome will be, and of corse having an animation for both. the armor boost you are talking about isn't as complex to do, but ive still never messed with the code (which i probably should). But a full on transformation is way above what i can do at the moment, again i know know the basic's/concepts. And as for Master Eraquas, he is highly lacking sprites. Like i said my original plan is to have Sora, Riku, Micky, Cloud, and all of Org 13 in the first release (with some boss characters) And then add on new additional characters after that. I like your idea, i think its cool to, but at the moment it just cant be done. Maby in the future. Thanks for the interest though, i appreciate it.
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    Ive been searching for a while now on info about this. If you guys don't know what im referring to, pretty much, in the intro to the secret ending, when you see the secret Ansem reports scrolling down the screen, there are shots of the the dragon nobody that was a boss battle in the final fight with Xemnas. At one point you can very briefly see Terra standing on top of it. Then a few seconds later, it disintegrates and the actual intro starts, you know, where birth by sleep's ending started.

    Why is this??? Why is it there?? This was never once mentioned in BBS, and Xemnas wasnt even created yet when this scene took place. It honestly baffles me as to what this is and why its in the keyblade graveyard. Does ANYONE have ANY information about this? It has been bothering me for a long long time now. I really wanted to take a few screen shots, but for some reason i cant take photo captures of things being played in a video player program. For refrence you can check this video from the 0:08 to about 0:55.

    On another note, does anyone know why Terra, Aqua and Ven are picking up sora/riku/mickeys keyblade? That is also never shown in BBS. Very Comfusing!!
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    Your box is still full, but screw it heres a copy paste.

    Hey bro, if you can, i need saix sprites. It would be best if you could make me a few different swings, or even just one. If you can, keep in mind how he holds his wep all backwords like ventus. I can link you the sheet i plan to use to build off it. Thanks.
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    Thanks alot for that. Im glad you are enjoying it so far. Before i release it as a full game, all of the characters will undergo vigorous testing to ensure they are as bug free as i can make them. Thank you for finding these.


    You gotta clear up some space on in your PM box. Its full i can't message you.
    Im going to PM you. Thanks.
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    well my point with the vita is that its better then smartphone games, and thats what this is going to offer? Pretty much in a nutshell - we can get better games that are portable.
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    hmm is it only going to run android based games? Because if thats the case, the psvita already won that fight of phones vs portable systems. If this is just going to play phone games not sure how far it will go.
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    LMFAO, No! : )

    This is totally free for all the fans!!!
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