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    Thanks everybody!!! :D
    I've been looking everywhere for suggestions not just here btw, And those are alot of great ideas (well the serious ones lol) so THANK YOU!
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    Money Help.

    So im 14 years old and im trying to make money because im getting tired of begging my parents for things i want.
    Our family is kind of in a money slump right now so we mostly can't get what we want. Me and my sisters want to start making our own money so we don't have to ask our parents and help them save there money by not spending it the things we want.[/
    I could also start saving for college bacause ,as my parents say, the only thing i can rely on for school are scholarships. So it wouldn't hurt to save some extra money for my education.

    "What i want to know is "How can i make money fast, being my age?"
    Thread by: Unmei Riku, Apr 11, 2010, 8 replies, in forum: Help with Life
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    Profile Post

    hi :) ...what message?

    hi :) ...what message?
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    WOW! Thats awesome my friends are boring :/ lol i can't wait to see the picture! :D

    And DemonFoxSlayer where did you get your sig picture! It's amazing but it looks sorta fake... please tell me! :)
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    AWESOME group lol :D !!!
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    WOOT WOOT Riku!!! :D
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