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Nov 11, 2012
Apr 21, 2012
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Merlin's Housekeeper

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Nov 11, 2012
    1. greater_bloo
      Dude... O_O

      Nice Avatar! XD
    2. greater_bloo
      Now that I look back on the footage I do sort of like Last of Us. At the time I was watching it live though, that Wonderbook Harry Potter thing clouded my judgement and just made me hate everything else Sony showed. Don't get me wrong I like Harry Potter, but that demo took way too long.
      But yeah Beyond looks awesome, I haven't played Heavy Rain keep trying to rent it but I either forget about it when wondering what to rent or it's out when I actually remember to get it. Though I did try a demo of it and although it seems more like a movie I like how there are so many paths as to how the story can go.

      I'm a bit confused as to what Watch Dogs is supposed to be, I'm thinking it's some sort of open world action game with multiplayer stuff. But it does looks very awesome for what they've shown and the concept of the story itself is very interesting.
    3. greater_bloo
      Yeah I have been and it does look like that. :(
      Overall E3 wasn't that exciting as I thought it was going to be. There were only like 2 surprise games that caught my attention.
    4. greater_bloo
      Haha pretty funny stuff!
      I'll work on it as some free time to record comes up! :D

      Also, I got this idea for a skit when you messaged me for this project.
      Basically it's about why Riku thinks he needs to leave the island. Kairi and Sora start coming up with a bunch of crazy theories and one of them involves Riku somehow visiting Disney Town and being forced to listen to "It's a Small World" for like a day and he was scarred for life (this would actually be a scene with a kid Riku and all).

      But yeah that's one of the ideas that was revolving in my head maybe for the sequel? xD
    5. greater_bloo
      Got them!
      Looking over them now.
    6. greater_bloo
      Sure it is
      Looking forward to seeing them!
    7. Vanitasfetus
      ok ill send it to you in a private message
    8. greater_bloo
      Sure you can send them, I'll probably end up working on them later on since next week I have exams, plus I owe other people lines right now. But it wouldn't hurt to have them now I might be able to slip some time earlier into working on them! :D
    9. greater_bloo
      I'll try getting someone for Kairi. I might know someone for Roxas but not sure if they would be interested, but I'll let them know anyway.
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