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    "Hmm..why did I ever get these shoes? ..must've been on last pair were also black and white..are they even sneakers? the collar is long like a boot yet the front isn't ...though they do work for battles..but still I could've gotten them in a different co-"

    ". . . huge! And so Hideous! He just stormed in and kept calling my name!"

    Minnie's cry snapped rain out of her thoughts and reminded her there was still work to be done. Horace was also there trying to comfort her and so was Pluto..until once again he left off running through the the castle doors. Who knows what sort of thing the dog was onto but it had to be the monster Minne was mentioning.

    "Oh no... Mickey will never forgive me if I let anything happen to poor Pluto..." Minnie said in a worried tone.

    "Don't worry your majesty I'm sure Pluto knows what he's up against to avoid trouble" she gave a smile hoping it would help calm her down a bit. Being the Kings dog, Pluto must know how to handle himself for times like these. Rain didn't pay attention to the rest of the conversation since she couldn't help but to think what they could be up against.
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    Rain blinked a few times till her eyes adjusted to the bright colors that suddenly became visible. "Wow never thought I'd miss color so much" she didn't bother to look for a bench but rather dropped down from where she stood and stretched out her legs, happy to be back in Disney Town.


    "Hm?" She turned her head and saw a yellowish dog looking back toward them and then ran off in the other direction as if it was in a hurry. It looked like the same one that Mickey tried to save in one of the films. "Uhh was that our cue to go follow him?"
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    "It's a simple question child. All of you, in fact. Answer and the reel is yours. What do you fear?"

    " that's a general question to be asked by a mysterious figure..." She muttered.
    "...but uh fear you say? Hmm..." She pondered at the question and while the others had responded already Rain had yet to give an answer. It's one of those things where one doesn't give much thought of till it's asked and although having a quite handful of fears, she finds it hard to pick one that's worthy enough for an answer.
    "Don't suppose you take an "IOU an answer" card because I can't-" she paused at the sight of the man in white already tossing the film reel toD'daear.
    "Or maybe not" she quickly said followed by a loud cough in hopes no one would have heard that last remark of hers. But all thoughts were put aside as she watched little Mickey being handed that film reel and setting it up for all to watch.

    She stood there surprised when noticing there was rabbits staring the film instead of the usual Mickey. Having him with the group to watch the film this time almost made it seem as if the previous films were live instead of being in the past. Nevertheless this new character, being the driver, was not exactly nice as one would assume as a scene showed him throwing one of his passengers off or stuffing all the smaller rabbits in that tiny trolley. Though he was smart on overcoming the obstacles that came in his way. As the film ended, it left everyone to wonder who and where could that rabbit, Oswald be.

    "Hah! Thought you could fool me forever, eh?" Blasted Pete.

    Rain jumped at his uncalled for appearance and quickly moved out the way as Pete marched in angrily towards Mickey. Nothing but scolding and chores awaited that poor mouse. At least the cat kept his word on giving them a reward.
    "With a boss like that, I can't blame Mickey one bit for ditching work." she said.
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    It was apparent that the magic being used on the phantom blot was successfully causing damage, however, it still didn't show any signs of giving up though it did laugh time to time like any crazed villain would. The puddles of ink that it spewed all over the field made the fight a little bit more complicated since now there are three things to avoid, it's attacks, the ink, and the magic being casted by the others.
    Up to now Rain has played it safe by keeping her distance from it and would only go near the blot if no one was in range of her fire spells. Though the moment she noticed that it struck Luna pretty bad to the point that she needed a cure spell was when she decided to step it up a notch.
    "Don't think your going to get away with that you creep, Fire!"
    She wasn't sure if fire was the most effective element but she kept firing it anyway. Just when waiting on her turn to attack, a blinding explosion of light came into view that weakened the Phantom Bots defense. Rain was too amazed at what D'daear had done to even notice that the Phantom had Been hit. Either way it was back up again on its attacks. Rain shot fire once more when she saw someone had used blizzard on its feet. When preparing to make another move, a gust of wind started to swirl all around her which boosted up her defense.
    "Ah cool, I always forget about wind magic . . Thanks Luna!" Giving her a smile and turning her attention back to the Phantom Blot. Rain started to circle around it and as soon as she saw an opening, she casted blizzard.

    Phantom Blot: 0/300
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    Rain swung her keyblade over her shoulders at the sight of everything being cleared out the way.
    "Oy, some one should put some sort of leash on that mouse or offer cheese so that he'll stay put" she raised an eyebrow as her eyes followed the mouse scurrying his way to another window. Joining the others on heading to look at the upcoming cartoon, she too had a surprised yet curious look on her face to why this particular window had color. Her free hand rubbed an eye to see if she wasn't just seeing things.
    "Oh color, please stay from now on" she muttered to herself as the film began to play.
    At first it looked liked a picnic date between Mickey and Minnie out in a field that happened to be next to a bulls fence. But everything turned upside down for Mickey when a tall older looking mouse stopped by to steal away Minnie from him. It had the typical girl leaving the good guy for the jerk. Even Mickeys car was affected by this other mouse. All ended well though once Mickey took care of the trouble that was caused by Mortimer. The nice guys always finish last.
    Sadly the color didn't stay for long as it started to fade at the curtains closing.
    "Well, tis was better to have color than no color at all . . ." Her gaze lowered down to the ground.

    "Hey! What gives-!" D'daear shouted in brief irritation.

    "Huh? What the-" taking a few steps back as Mickey made his way off the boys head and began to point followed by hopping frantically at the window. A black creature started to climb out of the window as if it was some sort of 3D movie effect. Everything was black as night but it's eyes. Heartless seemed to be written all over this thing until it began to speak on its thoughts about color and the 'best way' to deal with it by containing it all. Rain listened to what everyone had to say about change and to let the past go as it can't be the same forever. Although she didn't bother in saying a few words about the topic since it was obvious that nothing will change this creatures mind and well, it's going to lead to nowhere but another battle.
    "Sometimes, things aren't decided by what's wrong and right but rather the majority on what people think is right. In this case, the favor on having color out numbers grayscale so take a good guess on what will be the outcome after all of this is over with."
    Rain swung her keyblade back to her side again and rushed at the phantom blob. She expected to have the same impact as when striking a heartless but instead the blade just went through it like a cloud. It wasn't just her but the others that did similar melee attacks and had the same outcome. Rain almost lost her footing seeing as how there was no sort of contact with it to slow her down.
    "Dammit, they always have to have some special ability to make things complicated. Hm . . as mother would always say, fire burns brighter in the dark. Fira!" She said making her keyblade shoot at the blob in which this time it actually caused damage to it.
    "Whoo! I'm not a powerful sorcerer but it did something alright."

    Phantom blob: 235/300 BP left
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    Once again, a light engulfed the group, taking them all to another location. One would say they might have been imagining things but as she rubbed her eyes and took a closer inspection, the place definitely seemed smaller as if toy size. It may have been one thing seeing everything so tiny but the bigger surprise was seeing Mickey there. As everyone said his name, Rain tiredly turned her head "It's about time he'd show his face around here" she muttered with an annoyed tone. It was obvious that the others felt the same seeing as how the little mouse has been making them go window hopping with out even making an appearance up until now. But out of nowhere a canon was fired followed by plane propellers buzzing in closer and closer to everyone.
    "Planes? As if they can't get any more annoying to fight against . . ." She said waving her arm in front to summon the keyblade. I'll try my best to keep this town in one piece Rain thought to herself as the heartless were now in range of her. Rain waited for the heartless to make the first move but as they did, she ducked down hoping that one of them would crash into each other. Although the attempt failed since they can maneuver themselves rather well in the air. " Alrightly then, plan B I suppose" cautiously taking one step forward she lunged just enough to reach some as they were flying off. "Well that wasn't too . . ." Her voice trailed off when noticing that they were beginning to shoot missiles. "Perfect just perfect"

    ~4/12 posts
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    "Eh? Is it . . . over?" She opened one eye then the other after seeing that the coast was clear, or so she thought. Rain then proceeded to dust herself off since the whole tremble caused a lot of sawdust to fall out from the floorboards above. "Why do I feel so light? Hm Oh! Keyblade! Not that I'll need it now but- oh there you are!" It was laying across from her, almost inches from falling off the edge.

    She jogged towards it to pick it up until something from behind pushed her. She let out a short yelp as she felt herself falling but then managed to grab a hold on a chain that dangled just on her left. Clenching her teeth she looked up only to see more heartless spawning and looking down as if they were taunting her. "Oh I see how it is" she glared.With her keyblade being held by her legs she slowly began to climb down the chain, but suddenly stopped at the sight of more heartless grouping down below. "Looks like I have no choice but to jump down" taking a deep breath she readied herself for the impact. But before jumping, she threw her keyblade down first in an attempt to clear them out. The keyblade almost had a domino like effect, killing heartless as it bounced off from one another until eventually she summoned it back into her hand.

    From the nine that spawned only five remained in which they started to run off. After setting foot on the floor boards, her eyes searched for the ones that ran off. "I'm not moving from this spot, chasing after them is what they want me to do." Not long from those words being said, more appeared striking at her without hesitation. Rain leaped into the air doing an ariel attack, hitting two of them successfully while avoiding the ones that lunged themselves down below.

    -Killed 6 hammerframes
    -41/75 heartless remaining
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    She rubbed her eyes upon their arrival inside the structure. At first it seemed as though she imagined it since, just a minute ago, they were at the graveyard, however, the sudden sway of it all was sort of of a wake up call along with the shout of heartless being the troublemakers yet again.

    "What the- hammer heads now?! This place seems to have just about anything..." Noticing almost everyone already engaging in battle, she called out for her keyblade when attempting to stand but it soon became apparent that it wouldn't be so easy as she thought. Eventually though, she figured to used her keyblade to help keep her balance and of course blocking most of the time since the heartless saw her as a sitting duck. "These heartless aren't as bad as the skeletons . . . " she pauses, looking at how fast everyone is clearing them all ". . .but I'd rather fight in a graveyard than this scaffold place any day."

    Their numbers seemed to be decreasing fast but even if so, that still didn't stop the few remaining heartless to keep on attacking. The whole structure itself didn't feel staying still anytime soon. It was a bit frustrating to her that for every swing it was either a complete miss or not enough to have a heart released. The floors were now becoming to be even more unsteady to the point she needed to crouch down in order to prevent from being thrown off which in this case, she dreaded the most. "How is it that this place is still standeeeeeeiiiiiiinnngg! WHOAA!" A strong vibration had suddenly struck without warning and gradually made its way to the top becoming more intense. What ever had caused the giant tremble, It was sure enough to cause the remaining hammer heads to literally be shaken off since it also had caught them by surprise.

    Rain managed to grab a hold a diagonal brace that formed almost like an inequality
    sign with the two extra bars mid way of it. She really doubted that the bars will be able to support her any much longer but if the whole building hasn't collapsed yet, there's still a good chance she can prevent herself from falling off.
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    "This should be interesting" taking a seat on the floor, seeing it as an opportunity to take a break. She would normally care about dirtying her clothes but being tired as she was, she could've cared less to where she sat.
    Recalling the previous clip, she predicted something more dark or about the same but instead it showed a bit more comedy than anything else. Seeing the ladder come alive and even come down using itself made her giggle.
    "Almost everything in this world is alive. And . . . Animals can be used for almost anything." she commented on the scene of Mickey using a cat as the siren. When it got to the part about the burning building, she expected it to get a bit more serious from there on but instead it seemed to have remained comical as how it started. Watching Mickey's fail attempts to put out the fire and then to only be tickled by it made her laugh once again.
    "hehe wish I had a fire spell that can do that." She held out her hand to attempt it but only to be reminded she was too tired to do such a thing. That thought about the fire though was quickly forgotten at the scene of Mickey falling down with Minnie. As expected, they some how managed to land safely and then wrapping it up with a kiss.
    "Aww thats so sweet" clutching her hands over her chest, happy to know it all ended well. She then stood up followed by dusting off her skirt. "That wasn't too bad" she said looking at everyone.
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    She firmly planted the blade on the ground before giving out a huge sigh after noticing the skeletons have been wiped out cleaned by the others. "To think all of this for a mouse, Oy the little guy better start giving us clues especially after a fight like this" her eyes searched the area again but nothing out of the ordinary came into view. It was just the undead being dead again.

    "...Anybody know any water magic?"

    "Um well...not exactly but..." Rain reached down to grab a bit of soil and running it through her fingers. "Dirt or maybe some earth magic can be an alternate solution, I mean it does the trick to cut out the oxygen for the fire"

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    By this point it was noticeable that the graveyard was getting cleared out from the mobs of skeletons. They've come a long way but it was almost over. Just a few more. The bit of dancing that she was doing during the fights made her more tried than she would normally. "As much as I want to rest, I cannot give up now" her grip tightened on the handle as more skeletons came into view. There were a few different ones but the majority looked alike. It sometimes made her wonder that the skeletons that they've defeated stayed lifeless or came back to life making it appear that there was more. "Wish there was some way to speed- Whaaa!" She tripped over a femur bone which stuck out from the ground. "..ugh out of all the places.." Her attention was then caught by a lifeless skeleton resting on top of a stone with a similar bone that caused her fall in hand.
    "That's it!" She quickly reached over to grab the bone from its hand. "Thanks.You sure can come in handy sometimes"she shook the skeletons hand then rose to her feet. "They say bones are stronger than concrete so it should hold up still" Rain charged towards a group of three aiming at their rib cage with both key and bone in hand. Once breaking through she then opened her arms wide to tear it apart followed by knocking the heads off the two which stood on the sides. Their headless bodies staggered comically backward as they then collided with their fellow friends."I'm not done with you yet!" She rolled behind to then jump upwards with a v like slash. Bones fell and bounce all around the ground catching the attention of even more. "I've killed about six this time. Huh, should've duel wielded with a bone a while ago. I just hope It can withstand more blows." With her newly odd second weapon, the finish line seemed closer than ever.

    6 skeletons= 18 BP
    28/100: skeletons Left
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    One skeleton remained from the the three that were after her but it didn't take before more joined in on the fun. Despite the situation getting worse for her, she had to admit she was rather impressed on how these pile of bones were able to dance so damn well in unison. "The boys back home will never believe me of what I'm seeing right now . . . " Rain shook her head to get back in focusing on the fight but as she did the skeletons commenced already throwing, what appeared to be, their arms as boomerangs.

    There was no time to roll out of the way so she instead grabbed the keyblade's shaft to block the incoming bones. Luckily for her, the bones fell to pieces on impact. "Eh. . . Think I'll pass on combining the word bone with boomerangs so . . Oh gods now it's in my head " she shook her head once more. "I'll cut you down before you . .you throw the other arm!" Still holding onto the shaft, Rain lunged herself forward practically just shoving about five skeletons against a tombstone causing them to trip over one another. It wasn't enough to dismembered them but it did buy her time to get to a safer distance so that she can make the first move this time. " I didn't think they would be such pushovers " she said watching as one of them was clumsily looking for its skull causing the others to fall over again.

    Her eyes then glanced over towards the others. It was interesting to see that despite everyone fighting with the same weapon, they all fought in their own unique way which always had an effective result. Knowing she was part of this group somewhat gave her a bit of more strength as it reminded her she wasn't alone on this. It didn't matter if she knew these people well or not, but what did is that they all get through with this alive and well. "They may also be working as a team like us, however, they're just dusty old bones in the end" she started to spin her key by the chain as if she was about to round up some cattle then carefully aimed and then threw it at one of them. It was a direct hit, however, the keyblade bounced off a tombstone causing to kill another two. "Huh that went better than expected" she smiled.

    Skeletons: 64/100
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    She held up an arm out to shield her eyes from the light that was emitted from the window. There was silence at first but as the light faded into darkness, it slowly progressed into having more profound sounds. The howl of a wolf from afar is what made her open her eyes. To Rain, any sound that an animal would make is what will alert her that things have gotten serious. Though the place did have an eerie feel to it no doubt. "Whoa . . . Talk about jumping into a nightmare." She said as her eyes gazed from the floor to the sky.

    One thing was for sure though, the wind was going to get on her nerves. Her long blue hair was already going crazy on her face as the winds came from behind and then randomly from the sides no matter which way she turned to face. " Oy , there goes my decent hairstyle. But no matter" Rain took a few quick glances around to see if any enemies had popped out yet. Seeing as how the coast was clear she started on doing a braid. "Some keyblade wielder I am. Everyone else seems to be focused on things while I'm here doing this. Get it together Rain . . ." She tossed her hair back hoping that it would do the trick on holding it together. "Better, alright so where were we..." Rains voice trailed off at the sight of the skeletons dancing their way into view from the darkness. She wasn't exactly sure to be creeped out or to be amused by them. But just as they randomly appeared, they started to attack.

    "Hey! You got some kinda bone to pick or something!"

    "Was that supposed to be a pun?"

    "That pun was ghastly, Hikaru,"

    As she summoned her keyblade, Rain couldn't help but to laugh at what they were saying. "Hehe, some one had to say it." More and more of these dancing skeletons started to approach the group. It wasn't long till there was enough to surround them. Rain figured that in order to increase her chances of not missing, she'll have to dance with them. "Dancing with death at its finest. Who's first?" At the draw of her keyblade she got the attention of three skeletons who were swaying their way towards her holding a different piece of bone from themselves. The first two continued on moving while the third spun around to throw a skull at her. The other two then proceeded to do the same. Rain swung her keyblade like a bat at the first skull which caused it to hurl back at its thrower right in the ribcage. She then jumped over the other two coming towards her and managed to strike down one of them as she landed. "It's one on one now skully" she was starting to get the hang on mimicking their dancing and enjoying it as well.

    ~88/100 skeletons
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    Overall it wasn't a pleasant thing to watch, however, rain couldn't help but to chuckle at some scenes of Mickey being clumsy half the time.although It did seem rather suspicious to her in the beginning like, why Mickey would conveniently live near to a mad scientist or doctor in the first place ? It didn't make sense to her. As she continued to watch she felt that she's experienced a similar event like this but when? After it was finished all her questions were answered by just a word. A dream or rather a nightmare in this case. "Ugh. . . I despise the dreams that's nothing about being helpless to friends or family. And even the worst of the worst can become . . . reality . . ." she sighed " No wonder Mickey was no where near to saving his dog and . . . I suppose the chicken too?"

    She clenched her fists upon noticing the rest of the windows nearby which weren't exactly marked with rainbows or fluffy bunnies. It was obvious what was waiting for them on the other side. "If I managed to survive my biggest fear, I'm sure these will be nothing." She reminded herself as to give a bit of encouragement. "I guess skulls it is then."
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