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    My Love

    thanks i'll look over the line structure

    awwww ur too sweet for your own good sometimes but i love you and i'm glad yo liked the poem
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    My Love

    I love you like I’ve never loved before.
    Being alone and upset my heart it tore.
    Now you’re by my side, someone who is mine.
    Your sweet words make everything seem fine.
    When I’m sad you’re there to give me a hug, maybe even a kiss.
    At night your presence I dearly miss.
    I don’t want this moment to ever end.
    Together, you and me, because my heart you did mend.
    I want our few minutes together to turn into hours or days.
    When I’m alone my heart for you it prays.
    With you next to me I see the world with different eyes.
    Between us there is no madness, or sorrow not even lies.
    You are the sun that shines my life.
    Without you in my life in my heart there is a knife.
    I’m glad you came into my life because you’ve turned it upside down.
    When I’m with you I feel like I’m wearing a crown.
    I am the princess and you are my charming prince.
    Please stay with me because life has been a blast ever since.​

    i wrote this part of yesterday and today once again it is cheezy but cute so CnC please
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    i like it a lot i've been using raindrop as a metaphor for some of my writing i posted one here but this one is so sad and sweet i like it and it sucks when u can't let go because that is the hardest part hope you can't relate to the poem but incase u do i'm rly sry *gives cookie*
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    aww that was a really cute and sweet poem i like it fab job luna!! :)
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    my fav anime song is colors of the heart its i thik the 2nd new opening of Blood Plus
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    awww gracias that really was amazingly sweet
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    We are like the first raindrop.
    We are fresh, happy, and one.
    We are together combined as one.
    I love you and you love me.
    Nothing can and will tear us apart.
    You are my everything and mine.
    One second away from you makes me sad.
    In one second without you I feel like dying so
    just imagine two seconds.
    I like the feeling of you standing next to me
    knowing you like me.
    I love the way you smile at me and the way you
    protect me.
    In that raindrop that we are, we land together
    to look at the sky.
    We stay and watch the rest of the rain fall.
    Then when the rainbow comes you hold my hand
    and say you want me.
    You say you're my leprechaun with a pot of love
    instead of gold.
    I kiss you and want to keep you with me forever.
    Please keep raining so I can see the rainbow.
    The rainbow that leads me to you and only you.
    I love you.

    yes this is extremeley cheezy but i'm in"love" well thats a strong word but like is too weak so you decide. i admit it isn't my best but either way i want to see your comments please
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    1) Do you know what it is?

    2) Have you read any?

    3) Do you like it?

    4) What is your favorite pairing?

    5) Do you write any?

    1) yes

    2) yes

    3) yes

    4) Ryden and Treckett

    5) not really
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    I sit down at my desk
    and patiently wait for
    my name to be called.
    I look around and i see
    a mixture of faces, some
    are happy, others sad, and
    few seem careless.
    At last I'm called and my
    teacher bears a big smile
    on her face. I walk up, take
    my paper, and Congrats is
    all I am told.
    I sit down at my desk and look
    at my paper. Straight A's all the
    way down. A classmate leans
    over and says " Congrats." I am
    left speechless.
    The bell rings and I'm the first one
    out of class. It takes me a minute
    to get my things and I quickly exit
    the building.
    As I'm walking on the sidewalk I
    continue to stare at my report card
    and tears trickle down my face.
    This small piece of paper is all that
    makes me worth something. My thoughts,
    ideas are meaningless, even my feelings!
    No one cares that I love candy or that
    poems are my life. No, alll that matter are
    my grades.
    I HATE IT!!! why is being smart the only
    thing that counts?!?!?The day i fail a class
    will that make me be worthless and useless?
    I tear up my report card into pieces and throw
    it on the ground. Tears of frustration fill my eyes
    and without looking back i continue to walk.
    Let me worthless and meaningless becauseI could
    care less. I'd rather be ignored and trampled on
    than be appreciated for silly letters on paper. I walk
    back and pick up the pieces of my report card. When
    i get home i place them on the table . Let my parents
    see what i think of my life because it's my choice. And
    I choose to have my report card be shoved up my a**
    than admired upon because the worthless one is that
    paper not me

    I wrote this forever ago and i know its not a poem but i wrote it in this format because .......well i don't know i just write whatever like this in my notebooks but yeah...its an okay piece of writing i hope you guys like it !!!
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    hey just wondering if you checked any of my old poems out and if you liked any
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    yeah i've had writer's block lately so idk but if you like it check out some of my old ones they're not too good but hey they're something
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