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    Philip Labonte started moving towards a more melodic sound with ATR's album Overcome in 2008, and he's continued it in their new album "For We Are Many", which was released today.

    I've listened to every song once, and I'm in love with the album. I love screaming just as much as the next metalhead, but Phil's voice is amazing - singing/screaming/growling whatever. I'm liking where he's taking the band, and this is a great album.

    Check their single from this new album, called "Hold On":
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    Muse's cover of "Feeling Good". On their album, it's awesome. Live? holy ****.
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    Boyz In The Hood by Dynamite Hack (cover of Eazy-E's Boyz n Tha Hood)

    I'm sure everyone has heard this cover at least 13 times, but this is one of the few covers (it's more of a variation than a cover) that I prefer over the original. Linky anyway:
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    My parents paid for mine, so even though I wanted to skip it, I knew I'd feel bad about wasting their money later. Took it without any of the prep. that most people put into it, and I got a 1640. Not great, but I was planning on going to a community college then (and I'm actually going there now), so I didn't even need to take it. Parents signed me up for it anyway. :/
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    SABBY! :D

    GamerTag: Geeks Eternal
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    Mostly depends on your playing style. :/

    But I'd say Rose, with that 40 mp. Not even sure what game this is, though. :0 Can she like heal people or do anything magical at all? :D
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    I'm attempting to begin to attempt to learn how to attempt to learn how to play the guitar. Meaning, I've had an acoustic guitar in mah closet for almost three years now, and can't even play a single chord. I've just been way too busy. I used to play the trombone a lot, and I had a small fling with the drums. Now THOSE were fun to play. I'm half tempted to buy Rock Band 3 and the "semi-real" instruments. After I save up for it, a'course. :D
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    I'm sure Robert Downey Jr. would be able to pull off any role. But the writing had better be decent, or it will suck.

    Personally, I think The Wizard of Oz is such a classic, that it should be deemed untouchable. No Prequels, Sequels, spin-offs. Ever.
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    Just heard about that band from a friend. They're pretty decent.

    Hold On - All That Remains

    (New CD out October 12th!)
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    I'm currently re-reading Lisey's Story by Stephen King. 'Cuz he bashed Glenn Beck. <3
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    So my family and I decided to go up to Illinois to visit my family. I turned in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 at least two years ago to GameStop.

    My grandparents live in Watseka, Illinois. Which has maybe 2 major streets. So I decided to grab my PS2 and I rebought KH 1 & 2. I also bought Re:CoM. I bring them up here, and. . . I forgot my memory card.

    In other words, I'm an idiot and now I've got nuthin' to do. :D
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    Yeah, I watched it. I knew that it was supposed to be a kids movie (I'm 18), but I still wanted to watch it because after I get out of college I plan on making movies like that. It was actually pretty good. I personally think Steve could've been a bit better, but it was a great movie overall.

    The movie also made me go out and buy a giant fluffy unicorn.
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