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    *Waves walk away while saying:*
    that is something to be thinked and re-thinked about, but i angree
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    okay, now ya lost meo_O never mind then, anyone esle thining about Kingdom Hearts 2.25? come on now, don't be shy
    *Wave left the Party*
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    F-five...? How am i suppese to take (understand) that?..... any-way, i looking forward BBS Volume Two, could ya link me a thread 'bout it:rolleyes:
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    Sorry for drive you nuts, i don't know that i don't make sense until someone ask to explain:oops:.

    i beleve it will hardly come out
    it don't have a thing to make the part two
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    Actually, on my research (that i lost a considerable time for) i find that Cloud and Sephiroth are Heartlees and nobody of each other, but i couldn't find who is who, so there is 16 of 'em so far

    anyway, is spam but, <a href="">check this out</a>
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    Naminé is no angel untill the part i know, she got that powers and stuff, because Kairi got a keyblade and a Pure Heart Fill with Light, and the spell aqua cast on her prevent her to turn become a Heartless, so Naminé got 6x to 8x the power of a Nobody. Nothing too special
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    YES THEY DO, if you didn't notice, the Gullwings only appears in Hollow Bastian (not in Radian Garden, NOT in Olympus Coliseum/Underworld, in Hollow Bastian) and that changes A WHOLE LOT, i can't eplain to you, unlees you got a IQ of 165 Like me:rolleyes:

    PS: i mainly said that to make clear for the lost travellers wandering through Kingdom Hearts world, and make perfect sense if you stop by a minute or two
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    uh... tidus can't exist at the same time as shuyan, and shuyan escapes from the den of woe when yuna sended sin, tidus, jecht, and auron, so basicaly the gullwings are in a Drive Form/Dressphere, Tidus went to destiny island instead of traverse town, but his body is distorse along the way (juat like Sora when he goes to pride lands), as for auron, he wasn't affected by anything, has for, there is nothing to chance him
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    beside all that i didn't read
    i beleve it will hardly come out
    it don't have a thing to make the part two
    no way to be 358/2 days nor birth by sleep
    and how waste of money be RE: Coded
    and the way i know them, i'll break my leg if they make Dream Drop Distance[DOUBLEPOST=1380090338][/DOUBLEPOST]BTW, what 'bout Kingdom Hearts Midlght (Final Mix and RE: Chain of Memories) and Kingdom Hearts Dawn (Reverse/Reborn and Birth by Sleep: Volume Two) AND if they are in the same HD, Allows you to freely download Kingdom Hearts RE: Dream Drop Distance ( FOR PSVITA )
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    Okay, i thought in something, and this is my exclusive idea.
    Is the story of a young man named Wave (波, Nami, Wave) who live in a world completely surrounded by darkness.
    he travels all his world with his friends, meets all sort of people, fights beings of pure darkness called Anothers (別, Betsu, Different), With his best friend, Fella (仲間 Nakama, Buddy) always by his side
    along the road, Wave, fall in love for Sound (音声, Onsei, Voice) a girl who risk her live many times for him.
    Wave has finished the laundry when he see a Squirrel holding a jewel while running from a floating man,
    Wave, by having a great love for the nature, ran to help the Squirrels, they both fight the man that in the end get the jewel, he put together with 12 others and a huge blow cast Waves and the Squirrel to the other end of the world.
    Once they wake up, both of them can understand each other.
    Wave and Fella travels all arround the world, helping people, defeating Anothers, collecting the 13 dark jewels, and makeing friends who actually help them out.
    Along the way, people join them as a crew or a party
    In a place called Nishiragy Village, Wave is told that he is just a body made to keep Kingdom Hearts safe,
    that makes the people start calling him "Waves of Light", "HIkari", and "Light".
    Once they climbe to the top of a hill named "Where the love find their path", Sound reveal to Wave the she is a body created only to secure Kingdom Hearts, and if it grow too powerful and unsable, or if someone manage to control it's powers, put an end to him.
    At the last battle, all people the player helped join as a back-up team, the more side quests done, the less enemies to fight.
    After the last boss, fella is killed by the boss, Waves get Raged, and seal the boss in the dark jewels.
    Waves give up living, and revive Fella at the cost of his own life
    Sound: LIGHT!
    Fella: N-no, why...
    *Sound picks Waves sword*
    Sound: Where he goes now?
    View: I think... He made out of this world and... Is free now
    *Sound raises the sword*
    Touch: I sure hope so
    *camera look at Wave sword shining at morning rays*
    Fella: don't worry, he is all right, and I assure that we will

    Kingdom Hearts​
    *Wave float at​
    Castle Oblivian​
    B14 Slepping​
    *Wave ope​
    the eyes*​
    Voice: go back​
    to sleep​

    now be hones:
    what you guys think?
    it deserves to be a game?
    it is nice or bad?
    got any ideas?

    EDIT: Here a random cut-scene from Reconnect Kingdom Hearts
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    i suppose to test this, but do it for me.

    Infinity time (raw format)

    Test A
    203cc5ac 00000000

    Test B
    203d370c 00000000

    Test C
    203cd1a4 00000000

    Test D
    203cc5ac 00000000

    Test E
    203cc834 00000000

    i tried porting from first game, but didn't tested, so i don't know which of 'em works
    if Jaden and bushy brow test 'em for me, i can got a half term, and fix the, uh... thing to be fixed
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