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Surfing de Broglie waves
Rhetoric connoisseur.


『 music is freedom 』, from Surfing de Broglie waves


<3 Dec 30, 2014

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Apr 3, 2017
    1. Odamadillo
      What? I'm in a good mood today so I will ask. Do you want one of my little poem things written for you today?
      1. What?
        It would be an honour! I hope it is not too much trouble?
        Jan 5, 2013
      2. Odamadillo
        No worries I have written two today already. So keep an eye on here because I will write it now.
        Jan 5, 2013
      3. Odamadillo
        What? a staff member in school
        But he is anything but a fool
        He can sing well in a group
        And he reminds me of Max from Goof Troop
        I see him around and he can draw quite well
        Is he sane? well I just can't tell
        All I know is he is one cool guy
        Be like him? Ha you can only try
        A one of a kind friend to gain
        But friendship easy to maintain
        He is never rude
        What? one awesome dude!
        Jan 5, 2013
    2. Odamadillo
      What the hell is your new Avatar!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. What?
        And slightly. It is a lovely little webcomic that I recommend reading!
        Jan 1, 2013
      3. What?
        Poor Ava.
        Jan 1, 2013
      4. Odamadillo
        I'll give it a look when i am less busy. I have a lot to work on at the moment.
        Jan 1, 2013
    3. kitty_mckechnie
      Baaaaaaaaaaaah, that Christmas picture creates unnecessary thoughts that I love oh so much! <3
    4. Yozora
      Awwww sly dog making me feel all fuzzy inside ;-;
      Thanks for the message and that cool drawing with the impressionist hat. And I also learned a new word cause of you. "Eclectic". Awesome.
    5. Railos
      Hi What?, Thanks for the creepy red-nosed deer thing.
    6. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      please help me, ive looked everywhere and have been stuck on this for 3 days, i cant get in F7, somewhere that is not suppose to exist and with lots of text? I don't understand, Could you give me a hint?
      1. What?
        This is a page.
        Whenever you have a forum or website, there are typically links to other related websites, yes?
        Dec 26, 2012
    7. T3F
      1. What?
        Oh my goodness oh my goodness thank you so very much!
        Dec 26, 2012
    8. reptar
      omg, thank you so much <3
    9. Technic☆Kitty
      Aww, thanks What? it's lovely. And yes, she is super cute ^^ Merry Christmas (if not too late)
    10. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      aww thanks, you rock man, ill get you something too, you are very nice. c:
    11. Labrys
      Awwwwww thanks for the gift What?
      Best person
    12. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Oh Ashwin! *hugs you* I love my gift! *hugs you tightly~*
    13. Iskandar
      Thanks for the gift What?, It's really cool. I'm saving that to my computer to always keep an eye on it
    14. Nate_River
      omg your message i love it it won't let me reply and i don't know why, but thank you so much you're amazing thank you so much!
    15. Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen
      why are you the best person ever lol HAPPY HOLIDAYS
    16. Odamadillo
      I say Thank you for the gift What? and I am glad you like what I wrote for you. Also I remind you of a conqueror from Japan? Is that a good thing?
      1. What?
        Oh yes, I happen to like Japanese history very much!
        Dec 25, 2012
      2. Odamadillo
        I guess that means I can not be forgotten by you then. After all any time you see the name Oda Nobunaga You will remember Odamadillo! And of course that works the other way too. Lol Well I can honestly say I am surprised I wasn't expecting one gift from people here but I get one from you and one from Jayn! Have I really made myself known that much? Anyway I hope this has been a good a day for you as it has been for me.
        Dec 25, 2012
    17. Beau
      I can't find the Reply button on the conversation, so I will say it here.

      Thank you so much! ;-;

      That is so thoughtful and sweet of you. LSP looks so happy. c':
      And your message, I could tell, was very heart-felt and sincere. It warmed by heart!

      Happy Holidays! c:
    18. Odamadillo
      What? I bid you hello
      I'm a weird guy I think you know
      I know you can write great tales
      And compared to yours my singing fails
      You have a great mind and voice
      So I hope you can rejoice
      My last thing to say
      I wish you a wonderful Christmas day!
    19. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Damn reply button is hiding from me. Thank you soo much MR WHAT for that amazing message. that AMAZING HEART FULL OF LOVE message of yours dear Really made me happy to read all those lovely words and AH THE HIMARI ISH YOU DREW IS ADORABLE I love the new design for her hat. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas to since its sadly coming to end over here in Japan but still I had a nice one! :3 <3
    20. Llave
      Ashwin I can't reply to your PM, ah well I'll do it here.

      Thank you sir it does mean a lot, and we should most definitely talk more. I hope to do that with everyone in the near future. Seems like we all need to catch up whehehehe.

      Happy Holidays to you too and merry eggnog bending!
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    Surfing de Broglie waves
    Rhetoric connoisseur.
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    Whenever you glance up at the night sky, you ask yourself, "why do I still have my feet planted to the ground"?




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