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    well this is my newest watercolor painting! woot woot! though i do admit that it isnt the best, but im still very happy that its done and over. Plz tell me what u think! also thanks for taking the time to view my art and for supporting me! :)

    p.s. the next painting ill be doing is an oil which will be my first time working in that media. Stay tuned!
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    you're not in on the joke - cobra starship
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    thanks so much for the feedback! im very happy that u like my work. \(^0^)/ this was a while ago so my skills have improved be alot from this so u should be seeing alot more, and more approved, artwork in the near future~
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    just my first mix media that i did a while back. Enjoy! :)
    p.s. i would love to know what u think! :D
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    i just couldnt help myself!

    found this at the comic book store!
    its a real life cardboard cutout of sheldon!

    (btw if the link doesnt show up plz tell me! thanks~)
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    so my picture of venice, italy is finally complete. im very happy how it turned out. anyway like always plz tell me your thoughts about it and like always thanx for taking the time to look at my drawings. :)
    venice, italy:
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    so i know i have not shown any new artwork lately, but thats because *drum roll* i'm trying out for an art high school! anyway i have been doing alot of artwork latley and have been too busy to show to you all. so anyway this is one of my many things i'm going to submit to hopefully get in:

    so anyway like always hope you all liked it and tell me ur honest opinions. thanks!
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    if it was not obvious before it should be now that my art becomes horrible when i bored.
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