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    I found out from KHI.
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    I think I would never say it, but the story of this game, although confusing, seems quite intruiging so far.
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    Although I am, as a KH fan, happy that we get a new game that makes the series a lot deeper, looking at some more recent projects of the similar kind it makes me worried about the future of this game and the series in general.

    While it is clear that making a past before Sora makes the series grow in maturity, the danger is that it will become something like Crisis Core. Crisis Core, while a game that is quite solid and has brilliant moments, has complicated the FF7 story so much that one is not able to see FF7 with the same eyes as before because too many unnecessary characters were brought in (Angeal and the overly shallow Genesis) and too many things that are NEVER mentioned in FF7 have appeared and they seem quite important.

    The problem was that the entire compilation of FF7 has turned a story with a beginning, end and SENSE into something that has way too many characters, way too many plot twists and WAY too much info. In other words, it has become COMMERCIALISED!

    I am afraid that something like this could happen to KH, that it may become too big for it's good.
    Another problem. When watching the trailer to this game, I was impressed with the seriousness the presentation had compared to other KH games. However, as soon as the Disney worlds became popping on the screen they seemed too out of place, which KH as a series must not allow. If the story becomes too serious for it's own good, Disney would be too much of a counter balance and that would miss the entire point of a KH, wouldn't it?

    Tell me your thoughts.
    (and sorry for the English at certain points, its not my mothertoungue)
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    Crisis Core, Dissidia, Birth by Sleep, Agito XIII... Hell, those 4 make the PSP worthwhile.
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    Not exactly about Ven/Terra/Aqua and is definetely nothing at all, but I think its a fun thing to know.

    In Wonderland at the tea party room in KH1 a board says something like this: "A very merry UNBIRTHSday."
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    Been wondering, ever heard a really good song that isn't in English? I discovered quite a few. Mostly slavic. Here are some favourites:

    1. Kerber - Seobe
    2. Cechomor - Mezi Horami
    3. Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye
    4. Bohem - Mare i Kate
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    Probably some evidence. Look this scene from KH2 FM again.

    Well, its about The Room of Sleep and The Room of Awakening. Sleep was made by Xemnas, Awakening was not. In the Room of Awakening there is, supposedly, another "friend." Isn't it too big of a coincidence that Room of Sleep carries a strikingly similar name to the Station of Awakening? The Station, as we can gather from previous games ( the information for it lacks), is sort of a timeless place that doesn't really exist in a physical form anywhere. So it couldn't have been made by Xemnas. The interesting part of this theory is this:

    The Voice=One of the BBS chars?
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    Just wondering, are you guys going to post translated scenes of the game or will we get it in the fandub?
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    As far as I know, and I have tried, nay.
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    If they have done THIS much already, why in the world should it be released almost 4 months later?
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    I need help with a Halloween mission. Im at day 155 and I need to locate every enemy/get rid of every baloon. I am missing one to complete the mission but i cannot seem to find anything no matter how much I try. I have 4 in the main square, 3 in the graveyard and 2 in the entrance checked.


    EDIT: nvm, got it. Zero is the key in these types of missions.
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