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    You're too kind to me, Nights. I appreciate it very much!
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    After I snagged my PS3 earlier this year I told myself I wasn't going to get a next gen. console.
    SquareEnix made a liar outta me.
    Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to afford a PS4 and Kingdom Hearts III, along with all it's other nifty releases.
    Time for some Ed, Edd n Eddy-esque scheming, I believe.
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    So have some new poetry:

    Those Stars
    I laid outside on the grass and watched the blinking stars tonight.
    I wondered if by some cosmic power, our pupils met by starlight.
    I wondered if the stars themselves could reflect how I miss you.
    I wondered if the stars could reflect a Love so pure and true.
    I continue to wonder these things as we lay under the same sky.
    If stars could be messengers I don't believe they'd tell a single lie.
    I press my key to my lips and gaze as I await your timely return.
    Though the anxious emotion that rests may intensely burn,
    I shall remain patient for the arrival of your company once more.
    For now the stars serve as our ship, and the sky serves as our shore.
    Sorry it's pretty short, things have been... Wild this Summer.
    Hoping to be around a bit more often.
    Best wishes!
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    Well thanks, Nights! I really appreciate that. I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed them. ^^

    Thanks, Odamadillo. Usually when I write poetry I write it on the spot. Whatever's going on in my life usually kinda becomes a guide for the topic or influences the poem as a whole.
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    Finally had a bit of free time, so here's two more poems.
    Ceangailte i rith an Gheimhridh
    The snow fell softly as whispers were exchanged,
    Purifying even the most corrupt and deranged.
    The air fell silent as the skies faded to black,
    Little sparks of light peering in from the back.
    Two lonely souls laid in the ashen layers of frost,
    After ages of searching they were no longer lost.
    Lonely no more they had found convalescense,
    Brightening each other with utter phosphorescense.
    Hand in hand they travel with heart and mind as one,
    Emotions create peace from chaos similar to the Sun.
    Far and wide over the land and through the seas,
    Stopping occasionally to relax beneath the trees.
    There is no destination because it’s already found,
    Because between the two their destination is bound.
    Arís Eile, Fionraí Beochan.
    Once again I’m left here outside all alone,
    Hooked up to the stars by each and every bone.
    Suspended by threads of a fragile construction,
    Equally each strand binds each joint in conjunction.
    The breeze gently sways the cracked shell of a body now,
    Tears run up the face and fall from each quivering brow.
    A steady beat in time is held within a locked chest,
    The key is held by a timid man who’s soon laid to rest.
    The breeze evokes a wind and produces a laceration,
    A thread is broken resulting in a non-lethal decapitation.
    I hear it takes years to weave a single thread like those,
    And it can be unbearable to watch the joint as it regrows.
    I suppose that things so delicate are just as equally strong,
    Because they support each joint regardless of what’s wrong.
    Through illness and wear the threads live onward together,
    Working even when one of the others must pause and sever.
    Patiently and understanding each bone relates to every thread,
    For all those aching bones wish themselves is a comfortable bed.
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    Yes. I can't imagine all of the things that could've run through his mind at each of those points.

    Same here! It'd be a massive blast from the past for sure!
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    O: I feel like that'll make more sense after I play it.
    I'm excited! It looks promising from what I hear. Most friends I have who've played it say good things, but then again, I rarely hear bad things about KH. x3
    Nyeh! It's hard to remain patient when it's like your childhood is being re-released with bonus goodies. .-.
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    Aha, I tend do to that more now-a-days.
    I agree, it's just a tad bit more exciting not having any extra attributes to give you that final push.
    I never had a chance to play Re:Chain of Memories either, so I'm looking forward to that in 1.5, time to make new memories!
    Nostalgia in the works! x3
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    You and I both... .-.
    AND, to keep the thread on track, this reminds me of how poor I always was in the first KH, due to my massive spending on anything that "sounded useful or cool."
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    Likewise! I'll be investing in a PS3 sometime this summer... >.>
    Mnyeh.. Munny. So scarce in the real world. Whyyyy?!
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    xD Many moments spent not blinking, that's for sure!
    Agreed! I'm so excited for 1.5 to be released! Nostalgiafest 2013. <3
    Relive EVERYTHING.
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