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    Ah, no it is alright~ I actually like it alot! ...except when I try to upload it for some reason the words 'remote file too large' appear. ^^;;
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    I find this very amusing.
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    Any outrageous couple (i.e., any couple that doesn't make any sense due to canon background or just know, personality-wise, etc.).
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    I don't know why, but I have at least a good feeling about this movie so I hope that this feeling doesn't fall short (and of course it comes out horrible XD; ).
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    Dimensions: However you want to.
    Style/Color: Red and black.
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    Profile Post

    Why hello there~

    Why hello there~
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    Absolutely not; after all, it sounds like it would be too troublesome if it were legalized not to mention of course all the obvious harmful health side-effects. ^^;
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    Quite frankly, I think they kick ass.
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    Zexion--I felt like he didn't have quite a good reason to perish so soon, ya know?
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    A Small Hell For One

    A hell that speaks no other,
    In loud volumes cascading,
    Falling and crashing,
    A cacophony of distortions,
    Mixing and intertwining.

    Pain and suffering,
    Brought about,
    Within insufferable silence;
    No contact, no color,
    Only white.

    White that runs like forever,
    Running within this space,
    Within this square,
    This small hell,
    For only one.

    Resounding from this place,
    This hellish dimension,
    Until they quiet down,
    Putting themselves out of misery.
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    There was a deadfall silence within his own throne room that made him ponder over thoughts that have been once passed through his mind many times, many years before but they seem to never have had the chance of disappearing along with the many other congregation of other thoughts from the past. These were centered on the past of course; he had only began to have finally started finally getting over the fact that he would never be able to hold the woman he loved's hand in marriage--something that became obvious since he was now in mid-thirties and despite the many young women available to him he hadn't selected any. Although, he had indeed had the so-called 'habit' of flirting with them but he hadn't felt any geniune affection for them and it rang true even now.

    Even at the urging of those around him, Peony hadn't budged on making a choice for the ideal woman to marry.

    In fact, as it stood, if something were to happen to the tan-skinned blond, there would be no rightful heir to the throne and then nobles would be squabbling over the throne like kids who were vying for the last toy--the capital of Malkuth would be thrown into chaos, again. But despite these warnings and constant reminders of such thoughts, Peony could not bring himself to yet make that decision.

    He then decided maybe he should forget about it for now--however, the windows suddenly broke and he was suddenly wondering, almost jokingly, if the sun had gone down a few hours earlier then it should have.


    Luke stood, gazing out at the sky, his green eyes filled with nothing except the blue sky; but he knew, he knew, it was much more then that...


    Welcome to the world of Auldrant! A place where the threat of misama ceases to be and peace reigns even without the guide of the Score, although Daath obviously still exists and most of its citizens seem to be heavily disappointed that the Score no longer dictates--or rather isn't legal anymore--the people's way of living. Of course, there are some extremists who are still intent on seeing that the Score is fufilled but they mostly are stopped before they can go and do anything stupid--sometimes, though, no one catches on quite fast enough.


    Now, as for the rules:

    1. I don't expect humongous posts or anything but I would like there to be at least 6 entences on average a post (although it is alright if you only can make three sentences at times--we all have those moments but no slacking me, I'll know!).

    2. Stay active--I think this one is a given; how active? Well, two posts every three weeks is active enough--unless someone has any objections; however, if there is a chance you will not be around for quite a while please tell me and someone will probably NPC your character until you get back. :)

    3. :] Have fun and play fair.

    *I also may need someone to help me out with this role-play. 'D Apply here now!



    Remember, it is not skill/ability that gets you the character but...FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BIATCHES.

    Luke fon Fabre -- Within the house of Fabre, he is the next heir to the throne--he once saved the world with a party of others and seemed to have sacrificed himself for this cause while he was on Eldrant -- likewise with the same as Asch -- but suddenly he 'appeared' and is now alive and well. However, one would want to know what is going on in his mind at times as he seems likely more to dream off in the middle of conversation and whatnot; although he makes statements at times that are honest to the heart and he holds great compassion as well as empathy for others. Sometimes, though, he has a bad temper but he tries to hide it. He visits Malkuth and Daath regularly to see how his friends are doing--as well as Yulia City. Played By:

    Gailardia Gai Garlos -- The blond-haired former servant of the house of Fabre or rather specifically, Luke, he was bent on getting revenge against the king at nearly all costs due to Hod but as he later forged a deep friendship with Luke, he understood that vengence was a way of self-destruction and decided it was not worth it. He later assisted Luke with the party of others of saving Auldrant from Vandelsca. Where is he now? He seems to be in Malkuth, tending to Peony's rappigs in his 'spare' time (but it could be rather be seen as a sort of job if you looked at it one way); although he visits Baticul to see how Luke is doing once in a while. Played By:

    Tear 'Mystearica' Grants - A Seventh Fonist, she is a woman who seems to maybe appear cold at first but even to those who don't know her if they had a discussion with her they would see she was a calm, kind and caring gentle person although she may retain a serious demeanor at times. She doesn't just stay in Yulia City most of the time like she had done so in the past because it seems she travels across the land whenever she wants to meet her friends; she mostly goes to Baticul, though. She seems to have developed a close relationship with Luke when on Eldrant she had confessed to him but now she appears to be unsure enough to pursue those feelings and sometimes wonders at time if it is really Luke she's speaking to. Played By:

    Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear-- Someone who is already engaged to Luke fon Fabre -- although she is not blood-related to him in any way as it usually should be in royal courts -- she has a big heart for the people and does everything in her power to make sure they are comforted as well as everything pans out in a fairly manner. For this, the people of Kimlasca, especially in Baticul, adore her to the point where they would make a fuss if there was some wrongdoing being commited that would result in her being treated unfairly. She held Asch to that promise, hoping he would return alive but it appears that this is not the case as the one who appears to stand in front of her is Luke fon Fabre but nonetheless he is still Luke; even so, her true feelings of love seemed to be still directed toward Asch. Played By:

    Jade Curtiss -- One of those who accompanied Luke on his perilous journey to save Auldrant from the one who would seize glory, he appears to be the kind of guy who is calm at every situation--and he is--as well as eerily cheery even in dangerous scenarios. However, Jade seems to have a great lack of empathy and at times it may seem that he is cold but it is not the case as it is because he doesn't have a proper grasp on human emotions as well as the significance of the death of a person. But despite all of this, he gets along with everyone else quite fine...unless your name is Dist.Currently he is in the Third Division forces in the Malkuth army although when he is not doing paperwork he may take a visit to Baticul once in a while. Played By: Luminitrium

    Anise Tatlin --A young girl who is the Fon Master Guardian of the current Fon Master; she lives with her parents a normal life rather then the one she had before in which she was subjected to following the orders of Grand Maester Moes but after her parents were freed -- as Ion died -- she was able to be able to not be in debt to him any longer as well as her parents and helped saved the world with Luke and the others. However, she seems to be still quite the flirtatious girl despite her age and seems to have more maturity then those her age. Played By:

    There's also another character here, but unless you're really interested (in which you can ask about in a PM) then I should say that maybe it is not such a good idea...OR IS IT?!

    As for those who want to play Original Characters:

    Fonic Artes:
    (If they're a personage who is radically -for- the Score you can totally place it here...and then PM me. :])

    Please post these in the thread when you're done. :) I would like the Personality and History to be more than 10 sentences, thank you very much.


    Now, hopefully people will actually sign up.
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    lol hi *pokes*

    lol hi *pokes*
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