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    Like I say, 'Like you can do any better.'

    Okay, the third reason pissed me off the most because maybe you should 1) Undertsand Japanese in the first place. 2) Watch the movies that they posted on here. They are translated the same way. Xigbar does say "wise, yet bothersome." I said exactly what I understood in Japanese. I didn't have to improvise with stupid lines. "old coot." Who knows? It might not be Xigbar, I might be wrong. It might be Demyx for pete's sake.

    I bet if I saw your dub, they couldn't be any better. I did this within hours of work and it's my first, of course I thought it sucks, but when I heard people's opinions on other websites, they thought it was good. So I thought different, but like you can do any better when you have a microphone that attached to a headphones and a stupid computer that only has Windows Movie Maker on it.
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    How is it his shadow? It's, like, on the the end of the ground of wheer you are looking at which is about half a mile downwards.
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    The title is pretty much self-explanatory, that is; if you get the pun correctly. Yes; thanks to our staff at, I have created my official dubs of the Roxas and Axel scene on top of the clock tower in Twilight Town and the "fun talk" of Xigbar and Zexion. Both are from Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. These took a long time to make for they are my first dubs. Please; do enjoy.
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    Alright, so I'm playing Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. And I notice a figure under Sora next to the door of the Heartless Manufactory. If you go to Hollow Bastion past Ansem's computer. Press select to go into first person mode. Look down through the see through glass below you. If you look closely, there's a little dot that isn't Tifa. While I examined it, it began to move a little. That made me jump.

    Mysterious; isn't it?
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    A peaceful town of Nagashira. The most calm and quiet town in Japan. That is, until now.... Nobody knew about the secret of the city. Nobody thought they were going to die. How humans are so stupid. A group of soldiers spotted a book in Czech, saying in a foreign language, "The world will fall at the hands of Carazca. Blood will be splattered. Lifes will be lendied to the heaven and hell. Demons will reign the earth and angels will die at their hands." This lead to a top secret investagation, the book was telling pure facts. After a month, a secret spy got into the secret lab, finding the books and notes of the book. Mayhem has spread across Nagashira as they were the first to witness the power. Contreversial slaughters and murders spread. But one showed up above the rest and demolished Carazch. The book and Carazch were then sealed.

    5 years later​

    A boy named Daiki Fukamachi was sealed with the power of the man who defeated Carazch, but he doesn't know it. But soon, he will. And Carazch will be back....

    Daiki Fukamachi~XSoraxKairiX
    Shinobu Oshimu~
    Kasuka Fukamachi
    Kairu Mishimi~
    Ashurii Mishimi~






    Race(youkai, human, or neko)




    Inner(only Daiki and Kairu)


    Name~Daiki Fukamachi


    DOB~ Febuary 13(Friday the 13th)


    Weapons~P90, .357 Magnum, M249 SAW, Katana, or Shizumani Heirloom Sword

    Powers~Manipulate fire, use darkness, magic vectors, transform, and more to come

    Appearance~Dark blue eyes, red/black hair, and an innocent/cute look

    Inner~Unknown(name for now)

    Bio~Parents died in a car accident leaving him to leave with his sensei and little sister. Trains 24/7 in freetime and is an 11th grade student. Wants to become just liek the unknown man and loves to read in more freetime. Goofs off sometimes, not too much of a kultz, tries hard not to be late, may be perverted sometimes, and has a huge crush on his childhood friend, Shinobu Oshimu. He has flashbacks of the life before he got a concussion at 5 years old and gets signs that youkai are after him.
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    Exis is floating in front of the Castle That Never Was, still hovering on his heartless. He raised his fist in the air slowly, silnce broke in the air. Slaming his hand midair with his finger pointed into the air. "Heartless, attack!" Heartless pop from every direction and teleport to where the keybladers are.

    Silence was now in thrpugh the area again. Turning his back to the Heartless. Falling to knees, grunting in pain. "Ugh... NO! You're going to kill them!" Why are you sturggling? Haven't you always wanted hearts? "No! I have my own heart and I've gone away from the darkness! Now...Ughhh! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!"
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    [One Winged Angel begins to play] Exis falls to his knees, with a major headache. The darkness was yet to take him over again. "Ugh....ah!" He screamed as wings bursts from his back, they were ash black. "No...not now!" Exis bursts into a dark ball and kingdom hearts was spread on the ball. The dark was taking over him, yet again.

    The ball was now below him, his giant wings appeared in a ray of black, launching him into the sky. His true form had awakened. Now the ball was behind him, it turned into a giant Heartless like Marluxia's.
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    Exis blocks the attack and snaps his fingers, launching Verxy hard back into a wall. He draws his 10 keyblades and hits Verxy continuously with more than 1 million keyblades from the keyblade graveyard. This wasn't a challenge to him. Evil and dakrness was in his eyes.
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    Exis looks around for King Mickey and he was gone. "You *******!"
    He turns into his final/ultimate form and brings out his 10 keyblades, swirling around him.
    He killed King Mickey...he'll pay!
    His eyes turn yellow and the sword burst in glittering light, now, all his power will finish him off.
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    Sorry ^^;;


    Exis looks to all the others and sighs. "How many are left since the Nixon gone against the Org?"
    Flashbacks, memories, they're all coming back now...Exis's past.
    Exis walks down the hall from the Castle That Never Was. Looking back to all the other 12 members. Waving off as he walks away from the Org.

    Memories of always hanging out with his best friends, Axel and Larxene. I remember now...
    Exis gets a major headache of memories of the Org's plans. He grips his head hard, trying to forget everything. It's all rushing to his head.
    Get out of my head, I'm not part of you anymore...
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    Exis ran to the dark portal and jumped into it. Yet, all the people that Exis had loved or were like a family to him could hear and see what he was going to do. He was going to murder Nixon, once and for all!

    Exis materilizes his final/ultimate form onto himself and surronds himsefl with his 10 keyblades. "Zorx....ready to eliminate these bastards..." Exsi started to cry as well, he just couldn't stop. It was a happy reunion, tears of joy just spread on his face. "Time to end this, Nixon..."

    [Without Emotions starts to play] The ground starts to shake wildly andbefore you knew it, it was lifted above all of their heads. Exis's eyes turned yellow and he was surged with lightning all over. Now, he was ready. To use the rest of his powers to protect them. "Even if it costs my life...I'll finish off this Organization...." He whispered with some more tears falling.
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    Exis sighed and put his keyblades away still in his form. "Zorx..." He put his hand on his shoulder and sighed. "Emotions...feelings...that's not what it takes to get a heart..." He wiped his tear and sighed again. "Light and Darkness make a heart along with do have a just have to believe in yourself...I'm sure you'll also find the special one..."
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