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    Music is a part of me, plain and simple. I've been involved in playing music since fifth grade and I've listened to it all my life... if it weren't for music, I really don't know what my mental state would be.
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    I enjoyed the Twilight books, but thought the first movie was hilarious and I want to see the second. I dislike the insane Twilight fans, but I also get annoyed at people who think it is THE WORST THING EVAR (for example, the TwilightSucks forum really bugs me because it sounds like blind anti-fans) or who refuse to touch it because of fans/what they have heard.

    BUT: these fangirls.. are terrifying.
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    Blocking is your friend.
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    No. The English commercial was correct; they've changed the pronounciation several times.
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    But, did he mean 2009 calendar year, or fiscal 2009? They're different.
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    This game looks really, really interesting... it's supposed to take place in modern times and involve vampires and aliens, as well as zombies; also, the battling is supposed to be more action-based than a typical MMO. I'm excited.
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    But not everyone believes the same as you, which is unfortunate. The fact is, what seems to be a majority of people (or at the very least, a vocal minority) use religion as an excuse to be intolerant, rude, and occasionally violent.
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    I think it's total BS, really. Simply because there are similarities doesn't mean there's correlation. Video games can be dangerous in extremes, just like anything else; as long as you don't do nothing but play games, if you exercise and vary it up, you'll be fine.
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    Some parents may be homophobic but eventually accept their children. Sometimes they don't, but sometimes they do as well.

    That being said, didn't Maine legalize it, except for their Senator or something? But they can override his veto...
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    I think that Best Buy should give them the TVs for the price it originally said: $9.99. yeah, they'll lose money in doing so, but they're supposed to be a professional company who proofreads everything before it goes up. It's their own fault.
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    It's because a lot of the time it seems like the creepers tend to go to anime club, or the people who go OVERBOARD with liking it go to it. I have no problem with it as long as it's one of your interests, but... I will admit, our anime club had some creepers.
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    Nothing's confirmed yet, and as far as we know there are no plans to, unfortunately.
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    ROFL! That's hilarious, but.... I have to wonder, isn't it weird to date someone with the same name as you?
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    The fact is, you indeed seem to be biased against homosexuals. You're insisting it's a choice, you're insisting it's wrong; you are indeed biased against them.
    From Merriam-Webster:
    3 a: bent, tendency b: an inclination of temperament or outlook

    Your outlook is that homosexuality is wrong, and a choice. Therefore, you are biased AGAINST homosexuals.

    That being said, I firmly believe it isn't a choice. Yes, I am biased TOWARD homosexuals (because, I myself am one), but... really, I have to ask a question: why would someone put themselves voluntarily through the pain of risking friendships and family, even risking being beaten or even killed, simply to be "different"? I did not wake up one morning and decide, "Oh, I think I feel like being gay!"

    No. Just no. I've never felt attracted to women despite trying to be, I've only had relationships with guys, and despite being insulted and judged by people I call friends, I am still gay. You'd think that after things like that, I'd "choose" to be straight. Except, I cannot. Please, tell me when you chose to be straight.

    You said earlier that people have the right to not like gay people. I completely agree. What they DO NOT have the right to, is to abuse them simply because they're gay.

    Also, another thing you mentioned was that "homosexual animals" don't become life partners; however, there are instances where they indeed HAVE. I've read about several pairs of... penguins? I think. Anyway, I've read about several pairs of penguins who, despite being of the same gender, took in an orphaned egg, hatched it, and begun raising the child together. (I've personally noticed a lot of people say it's "Not natural", but then when you bring up arguments of it happening in nature, they claim it's irrelevant, or that humans are not animals. It's unfair.)

    For the record, I grew up with two straight, married parents. My mother has a bisexual cousin whom I hardly know and do not spend time around, and my father has a gay uncle who, once again, I hardly know and do not spend time around. I did not know about either of these peoples' sexual orientations until around the age of 13 or 14, AFTER I started only having feelings for men. My parents raised me to be straight, mentioning girlfriends and such, without the possibility of me being gay until I came out to them. So, I highly doubt it's a matter of what I've grown up around.
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