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    I'm dying-.- 3 games at once...Roxas as main character, I'm in heavenXD
    Lucky for me my little brother has a DS, and I'm sure he won't mind me "stealing" it every now and then, the original "plan" was for him to buy DS and me buying PSP, but by that time there weren't any good games for PSP so I waited.. Now there's KH, Daxter and Disgaea, so I can safely assume its about time I started saving:3
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    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. In fact that is also the only one I ever completed....apart from that I've only played a tiny bit of X-2 but I lost interest. It was my friend's, she lend it to me as she loved the gameXD Despite the fact that none of us had played FF X at the time....I think she's gotten that one later.

    I have seen Advent Children though....but since it's a movie that one doesn't countXD
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    To me it wouldn't make any sense if he turned into a humanoid heartless or anything stronger than shadow.
    The heartless are made from the darkness in people's hearts, Sora has little darkness, so he became a shadow. Same thing can be said about Kairi, she didn't have any darkness at all, so she never even turned into a heartless despite loosing her heart.

    +Shadows are adorableXD
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    I once heard of a little girl who got bitten in the face by her pet dachshound. Yes, dachshound. Tiny sausage-dogs.
    ANY dog can turn on you, regardles if it's a pit or a rotweiler.
    Pits may have been breed for figthing ages ago but now a days all GOOD breeders breed them for pets, and only breed good-natured dogs. The figthing dogs are those trained and breed for fighting, they're the ones you should look out for.
    I once saw a video on YouTube of a bitbull with some baby chickens or whatever (some baby animal^^; not puppies) it was adorable:D
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    Naruto would so not work with 4Kids, they're far too violent.
    Luckily it has already been dubbed by another company.
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    Because some jerk figured they were good figthing dogs.
    Now good pets have to pay the price:( (Pits are banned in Norway, as well as a whole bunch of crazy things like reptiles, most exotic pets and soon perhaps tropical birds!)
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    K. I checked the video. It's the same spot. still weird how they suddenly got there though.....but that may well be another mystery of the Kingdom Hearts..
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    Yeah... I think they were still inside Kingdom Hearts,seeing as they were all talking about how to get back. If they were back at the platform by the door they could have just walked down the stairs instead of going trhough a dark portal.
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    My Lion King DVD includes so many documentaries it's weird and I've never heard anything about Simba being white:p
    From what they said in those documentaries, LK was the first Disney Movie which wasn't directly based on any book or anything (like Fox and the Hound and 101 Dalmations were) yet it is greatly influenced by Hamlet:p (there's a story behind that, Scar was originally a rogue lion but then decided to make things more "intresting" and made him Mufasa's brother, then they started seeing the Hamlet-resemblance:P that is all mentioned on the DVD)

    Some Disney-sequels are good, others not as good, and some suck. I liked LK2 and the PoTC-trilogy.
    Stitch the Movie was a little nah but Lilo and Stitch 2 was actally decent:)
    I got Brother Bear 2 for christmas and I think it was a little too easy solved:p It wasn't nearly as good as the original (nothing ever isXD not even LK but still...) but it didn't straight out suck.
    Cinderella 2 was just a mix of short stories. I hated it. Haven't seen the 3. and probably never will (unless it appears on Disney Channel, then I might see it while being on the computer or playing Game Boy at the same time....I tend to do that on semi-intresting shows)
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    After seeing the post in the KH1-forum about Kairi's "disapperance" during the Rikunorth VS Sora fight in Hollow Bastion I remembered something that's been bothering me in KH2.
    When the party goes into Kingdom hearts at the end, the door closes right in front of Mickey and Kairi, leaving them outside.
    Later, after fighting Xemnas for the first/second time they're back with Sora and did they get there?
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    YouTube is just full of spam.
    On almost every video with a decent ammount of comments you get one or more of the following:

    "First comment! Woot!" (or second, third or whatever...usually no comment on the actual film)

    "Post this on 5 videos or your mom dies" (or something like that)

    My brother once made up his own "chain" letter. Every time he found a chain letter, he'd post "If you copy this onto 10 videos you die" other words, a complete opposite of a chain letter:p
    He stopped doing it though, now he only marks the chain letters as spam.
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    Same I always do when the internett stops working I guess (which it does a whole lot)
    Play KH2, Sims 2 or play with my pets.
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    When your dad catches him perhaps you should put something on the cage door to prevent him from escaping again. I had to put a keychain on my rabbit cage once because of thatXD Right now I have two bunnies outside, who managed to open their cage door. One door is locked with two different locks, another one has been made extra tight (it's looked with a hook) using a lollipop-stick.XD
    A hamster I knew actually had a lock on his cage:p But make sure you don't loose the keyXD or Sephy's going to get hungry.
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    How did a post about a teacup get three pages long?XD
    I've got my answer and checked the journal, so I got it confirmed his name is Chip. There's really no need to continue this post:)
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