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May 17, 2007
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Merlin's Housekeeper

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Jun 8, 2010
    1. Zarexu
      hahahahaha. did you just make a zelda reference??? I GOT IT! HAHAHAHA xD. dmanit i missed you man. K moving on. As for worlds, i thought a treasure planet world would be interesting. an ff7 world. Radiant Garden. I can see Olympus Colliseum, doing some stuff for Hades or Zeus or something. A new world called Bright Castle (Xehanort's homeworld), uhmm...Endless Desert (just a battleground, it is what becomes keyblade graveyard. town! traverse town! Disney Castle....gee idk. we never really used many disney worlds in previous rps. if you can think of more worlds let me know. and i get busy too, so its not a problem.
      lol, she has a boyfriend. nothing is going on. we're just good friends and it'll always be that way. haha. she already dated my best friend so thats a definite no-no. ha. we're going with my best friend and her best friend to go bowling.
    2. Hexin
      SWEET!! THIS STORY IS GONNA DUN DID ROCK THIS JOINT!!! >D OK, Hmmm...if you're going to play the bad side...then I guess I should play the good side? You over look the villains, and I over look the good guys? Btw, I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up. I get busy at random days...and sometimes I forget. ._. Soooo, yeeeaaahh..... Would've been cool if we worked side by side though. XD Ok, they're searching for the grand keyblade? The first ever prime keyblade? Eeeer, what worlds will they visit? I believe we should establish a road for the rpers to follow. Like the list of worlds in order. What happens in them is up to them, but yeah. At least they'll know where to go from where. XD P.S: I KNEW IT!! >D YESH!! Tell her I say Navi: Hey! Listen! J/k xD Just tell her I say hi from me. :D So, going out on fridays huh? >3 Eeeehh? *Nudges* ;D
    3. Hexin
      Lol, well Master Xehanort can't be the main villian if it;s before BBS. He has to be a bit has to be that....he is becoming corrupt like Terra will be in the future. He has no apprentice either yet. Let's make it that Xehanort JUST became a keyblade master. And Eraqus can an apprentice or something. =O As for the unbirths, they're supposed to be created out of negative emotions or something. XD We can make Xehanort the main character if you want. Make it be that he took part in the keyblade wars too. There has to be corrupted people too. Hmmm.....this sounds like it can be a fan fiction instead of an rp. XD Btw, I just's that Inuyanna person doing? XD You two still good friends? =o
    4. Hexin
      OOH! And Master Xehanort, and Master Eraqus is a must in this story. Like, young versions of them. Terra, Aqua, and Ven appear to have not been around yet...or you can say that Terra was like a baby. =o
    5. Hexin
      Lol, that's freagin epic! I like this idea of yours. It all makes sense. Just make sure too....explain that you don't get the keyblade for the shiggles. That it takes great effort to attain one; ex: the whole strong heart thing. Apparently, a keyblade is an extension of a persons persona. So, make it that later in the story we find out that there was only one legit keyblade. We find the owner, and then he tells us the secret behind attaining one. That's how SOME of us get one. ;D Again, I'm just throwing in some ideas, you DON'T have to accept it. It's already sounding a bit to cliche to me. XD Though, the keyblade concept is legit in the kh wiki site. =x Overall, your outline of the story sounds uver awesome. 8D Can't wait. ;D
    6. Hexin
      Eeerm, I was kind of hoping you'd put in the basic....structure. =x I was just going to help ADD to the story. ;D Soo, by all means go ahead. Though, where did the LAST story leave off? I don't think we ever finished it. =o
    7. Hexin
      Lmao, cool! Eeer, Doxyc has been around; just haven't been around long enough to see him. Jaxed....I believe he changed his name.... =x Anyway, just give me a heads up!
    8. Hexin
      LOL!? XXXDDD Thanks, man. I have a feeling your life is going to hit a turn for the best. OH! A Enigmatic KNights Reunion!? DUDE!!! LE'Z DO THIS!!! >D
    9. Hexin
      Lmao. Yeah man! I see you logged in today. XD Yeah, I do the same exact thing. Life has been.....AWESOME!!! I THANK THE LORD FOR THIS!!! 8D (Btw, yes I have become rather religious. ;D) I have a gf too; about time, and I gotta say...she's awesome. Loyal, kind- and MAN! I can go on about her, but that's selfish considering I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU IN FOREVER, BRUH!! HOW'S IT BEEN!!?? HOW"S LIFE!? IS IT AWESOME!!? BEEN GETTING THEM GUNS!? GOT TALLER!? DUUUDEE!!! SPEAK TO MEEEH!!! XXXDDD
    10. Hexin
      Lol. Idk if you've logged in a while, but just saying "Hey, how's life been lately?"
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