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    Vynn sneered and turned to face her, "what the hell do you know about that?" Vynn through a side kick at one of the blue creatures, "and its Vynn, for your information." a loud roar was heard as Vrael punched the large creature in its stomach. The creature stumbled a bit and grew silent. Godrick Held his gun aimed at its face, his katana resitng on his shoulder. Lira and Noah were back to-back, and Vrael landed next to Godrick and made a ready position. The creature then regained composure and made another roar. As it did, Vrael, Noah, Lira and Godrick all charged their respectful targets. Suddenly then, everything seemed to stop. There was no movement, no sound, nothing. Only Vynn seemed to be moving, "what the..."
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    Vynn scowled as the girl spoke while slashing away at the blue creatures, "Save this town's people? Thats the Guardmen's job not yours stupid, your only getting in the way now get out of here before you're killed." Vynn watched as 12 armored guardsmen arriced in 2 rows of 6, each with a shield and sword fighting off the creatures. They seemed to be winning at this point, and for a moment Vynn felt victorious, until another group of creatures appeared around the two of them. "whats your name anyways?"
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    ooc: I'm playing 5 different characters right now so bare with me xD

    Vynn look with horror upon the massive creature around. Them. Various blue creatures ( swarmed around the larger one. Various blue tentacles came from the larger one, and whenever it roared, more blue creatures seemed to appear. Vynn now realized that he did not dream falling, or going to that strange place, it was all reality. Scowling with anger, Vynn gripped his anger and prepared to jump when godrick interupted,
    "So...its finally time eh? i figured i'd have a little more time to prepare than this." everyone looked at Godrick with curiosity and fear. They were atop a building with a flat surface that looked down at the sandlot. They were standing in a row, Godrick kneeling down to get a better look.
    "Theres no doubt about it..." he said, "these are the same creatures that devoured my world...hehe..i've been itching for some payback." He made a devious smirk, and drew his katana with his right hand, resting the dull side on his right shoulder, gun held in his left hand down to his side. "Noah, send off a distress flare, we'll need some backup to tend to the wounded. Lira, take care of the little ones, they're weak don't be afraid. Vrael, you and I will take out big daddy over there." Vrael smirked and punche dhis fists together, the gauntlets causing a loud metal thud.
    "Lira..." he looked at her and they both nodded. "got it" he grabbed her coat with both hands by the back and spun around, releasing her in a fast toss towards the blue creatures. She spun around gracefully in the air, her daggers out, cutting the blue things as she landed perfectly on the ground. Noah took a special arrow from his quiver and fired it into the air, within a few seconds a bright red flare shot off. Godrick turned to Vynn and pointed to a strange girl over by the entrance fighting some of the creatures, "Vynn get her the hell out of here, Noah help out Lira. lets move!" Godrick and Vrael both jumped down, and headed towards the large creature. noah quickly followed and shot a volley of arrows towards a group of blue creatures, trying to clear the way for Vynn.
    "comeon kid i cant do this alone!" noah yelled, however Vynn was petrified. Vrael approached the creature and delivered a mighty ounch to its leg. A shockwave was sent throughout the creature that caused it to roar. suddenly a tentacle swooped down in an attempt to crush Vrael. Vrael made a yell and quickly rolled to the side. Godrick then jumped on the tentacle right before it rose back up again, and started to run along it heading towards the creatures face. Various blue creatures began to rise from the tentacle, though Godrick quickly slashed them away with his katana, smirking and laughing menacingly. His pistol began to glow a bright yellow and he jumped right as the tentacle slammed at the ground again. He was now in front of the creatures face as he pulled the gun up right in front of its eye, "Thundaga!" he echoed and the gun fired a brilliant beam of magic that shot into the creatures eye, causing it to throb and roar. Its various tentacles shot up and aimed for Godrick, who wa snosediving towards the ground while swinging his sword, hacking away at the tentacles. one stray tentacle smacked him towards the side right ebfore he hit the ground. He rolled back upright and grinned,
    "Not bad beasty, not bad." He regained his pose and rushed back into battle. Lira was doing various acrobatics while stepping on and kicking the creatures, while noah fired arrows carefully with precise aim. Vynn watched as this goes on in sheer amazement, "They're fantastic....all of them.." He then came to the realization that he had a job to do, and bravely jumped down from the building, various small blue creaturs appearing in front of him. "you guys again...alright...bring it!" he said allowed and quickly dashed towards them, his hands instinctively grabbing his daggers, holding them backwards and slashing away as he charged. The creatures fell in front of him, though 2 jumped at him from the side. right ebfor ehe could react, 2 arrows peirced and destroyed the beasts. Nodding he regained his composure and headed towards the girl. Approaching her, he slashed two creatures away that jumped at him, and began to battle a group of them that surrounded Vyn and the girl. "I thought i told you to stay out of trouble, what the hell are you doing, get out of here!"
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    ooc: Basically 3/4ths of this is back story and introducing some of the characters. The most important part is the last half, mysterious blue creatures are attacking people in the sandlot so Vynn + gang are going to check it out.

    Through the trees was the small construction site which was the T.T.E.G headquarters. Various men were grouped around stone walls that looked like rubble, fixing and repairing the area as best as they could. For as long as anyone could remember, the area outside the town wasnt used much other than camping trips or playing around. The city happily gave up the land for the T.T.E.G since no one really has any use for it. Its silly to think that such a simple town recquires a guard force, but Godrick claims that this is all about to change. none of the guardsmen really know what he means by that, but they all seem to find a hint of truth in his words. Godrick radiates a friendly aura that allows him to befriend rpactically anyone he encounters. Vynn envies this, though looks up to godrick like both a brother and mentor.
    The rubble was layed out in a pattern that blueprinted what the outside of the would look like. a large rectangle outlined the main hall, with two square sections next to it marking a dining room and mission room. Dummies were set up inside the large rectangle, where some of the new members were practicing swordplay. The area was clockwork, people were running back and forth from side to side, delivering supplies from the forest to the base, builders were hammering and sawing away; all while the leader sat in the center on a chair, rocking while he eyed Vynn approach the base. He was a slender male in his early twenties. spikey black hair covered his head, his left eye enshrouded in a black eyepatch. his right eye was a mysterious green color. a red scarf wrapped around his neck, though his face was revealed. He wore a black sleeveless coat as Vynn did, and black pants down to his knees, fancy silver armor covering his feet from the knees down to his toes. He normally wore his katana strapped to his side, as well as his favorite gold pistol in its holster, however both were layed out on a brown wooden table in front of him. Accompanying him at the table was his second in command Noah, a blind archer with short hair who wore black sunglasses all the time, as well as the sleeveless coat. Standing opposite Noah was Vrael, a large man with an enormous build who wore a sleeveless shirt with long black pants and gauntlets on both hands.
    This was the start of the first ever Twilight town police force, the first brave group of men and women willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.Though there were times when Vynn questioned himself the need for a guard group in a peaceful city, despite this, he followed orders with excelling enthusiasm. As Vynn got within short distance, an arrow shot at him at incredible speeds. Vynn with the height of his reflexes moved, to his left and the arrow struck a tree shortly behind him. Noah smirked and stood to his feet, turning to Vynn saying, "Sharp as ever Vynn." A rustling was heard from the trees, and all of a sudden a figure was behind Vynn and held a knife to his throat. This was Lira, the only high-ranking female in the T.T.E.G, and an excellent stealth tactition. She had short brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt and black pants, white armor covering her left arm.
    "Still green though, what ever are we going to do with this little cutie Godrick?" she said playfully, pinching Vynn's cheek.
    Vynn scowled and made a displeased groaning sound. Godrick eyed the boy for a second and chuckled.
    "That's enough Lira, I don't want my adorable little protege to get to roughed up before any of the action starts."
    Lira chuckled and pushed Vynn playfully forward, violently rubbing her hand through his hair before he came dout of range. Fixing his hair, Vynn approached the table, "Good to see you guys too." he said smiling.
    Godrick chuckled and said, "Something on your mind kiddo? you looking for another butt whoopin?"
    Vynn smiled, "i think your getting a bit too old to be swordfighting Rick.." Vynn trailed off as his thoughts trailed back to the events of the previous evening. Everyone was so happy and excited today, he didn't want to bring their day down with such a fearful tale...but he felt like they should know. Just then Vrael came up behind Vynn and put him in a full-nelson lock, laughing cheerfully, "I think maybe Vynny here met a lady friend, hes just shy...oh look hes blushing!"
    Vynn grew red with rage and was about to burst, until then Godrick smiled calmly, which seemed to relax Vynn.
    "Vrael leave him alone, theres obviously something wrong, and as Vynn's mentor and caretaker its best I know....isn't that about right Vynn?"
    Vrael loosened his grip and hgave Vynn a powerful pat on the back. Vynn gave an annoyed look and said, "Well....what happened was-"
    "HELP!! HELP! GODRICK!! ANYONE!" A cry suddenly came from behind Vynn. Everyone turned to see the source of all the rucus, to see the T.T.E.G's messenger boy Toby running towards them in sheer terror. Toby was a funny little boy who was slightly overweight and very, very tiny. He had a brown bag always around his waist that held both letters and packages. He had curly brown hair and black beany eyes. He came running to the table, heavily winded. " *huff huff* you guys have to help *huff huff* he said out of breath. Godrick got up from his seat and walked over to the boy
    "Tobi, tell me everything that happened." Godrick seemed almost excited, though the concern was clear in his facial expression.
    "They...they're everywhere! strange blue creatures are at the sandlot attacking the people....we have to help!!" Tobi finished. Godrick grew silent as a terrified chill went up Vynn's spine. "could they be the same ones as last night..." he thought to himself. Godrick remained silent for several seconds before an adventurous smirk grew across his face.
    "You did good Toby...Vrael, Lira, Noah, with me...everyone else stay here and continue your work, we should be enough for this." He grabbed his shetahed katana and pistol and placed them around his waist. Noah and Vrael grabbed their Gear, and Lira came out and stood next to Godrick. The group stood in a formation and godrick turned around, "Vynn...your coming too, Guardsmen!! lets rock and roll" The group immedietly took off in the direction of the town. Vynn was taken back by the fact that he was allowed to go along, however quickly ran after the group in the direction of the sandlot.
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    The chill of fright washed over Vynn in an awe-aspiring way. He stopped walking as she began to talk, his body facing the empty path ahead of them. He remained compeltely motionless at this point for several seconds. The memories of the previous evening flooded into him, and he remembered it all. Yes...he remembered it all now. He DID fall, but if that is true, then how is he still alive?
    "foolish girl", he said aloud, "If I'd fallen off the clock is it that i'm still alive and talking to you now?" He smirked and waved a hand through his blonde hand, "stay outta trouble" He then continued his walk down, his mind his utter ruin at the thoughts of what happened. "Whats happening to me?" he said to himself. He figured Godrick would have his answers, and so he hurried his pace down the hill towards the base, located beyond the woods outside the Town.
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    Vynn made his way down the stairs of the train station tower, pondering to himself the events that occured the previous evening. He figured he must have dozed off while star gazing, and fallen into sleep shortly after the shooting star flew by. Attempting to forget the events that took place, Vynn turned his attentions to more important matters. Vynn was a memmbr of the T.T.E.G, or the Twilight Town Elite Guardsman, a small group of Twilight towns citizens who vow to protect the city. Though their intentions benevolent, the rest of the town doesn't encourage such activity, and find their cause meaningless. Danger in Twilight Town is about as rare as the sky raining gold; its simply unfathonable. Godrick, the guard's leader, believes that a great calamity is bound to strike the city any day now. He claims to have come here from another world when he was young, a world of strange creatures and monsters. Vynn and the rest of the guard find his stories fascinating and intriqueing, though Vynn has doubts of his own regarding the authenticity of what Godrick says.
    Vynn opened the door and arrived at the empty area outside the train station that overlooks much of the city. The golden sun beat down upon the city, radiating a beautiful golden light to fill the city during the day. Admiring the city, Vynn thought of how much he loved it, and would do just about anything to protect it. This thought brought back the memory of the dream, and of the strange words that whispered in his head. "A great calamity....naught...destruction..what does that mean?" Vynn figured he would speak to Godrick and see if he knew anything about this. He began to walk towards the tram common and towards the direction of his headquarters. Along his way, he noticed a strange female ahead of him, one hes seen around, but never formally met. Kia...Keena..something along those lines, but it mattered not, he had more pressing matters of hand. Passing past the girl, a strange feeling shot through him (no, not that you pervs xD), the nostalgic feeling of anger mixed with sorrow he felt the night before during his dream. Quickly shrugging off the feeling, believing it was nothing, and continued to walk at a regular pace, heading towards the Guards headquarters.
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    ooc: Welcome sinner ^^ its good to have you rping with us again. and i saw that dude's deviant before! that dude is naaaaassstttyy xD. Alright should we wait for people to post in ordeR? or should we just post whenever? I'll let you guys decide.
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