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    ...sweet xD Wonder how long it took him to learn all of that o_o
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    I just finished this now *wipes sweat* Not the best, but oh well, I tried ^__^"

    (It just now occured to me that we all live in different time zones, so I hope I'm not already late...It's exactly 11:01 now).

    First Snowfall

    The hectic shouts of my siblings echoes through the house
    And stirs me from my feverish slumber.
    With a groan and sigh,
    My eyes snap open,
    I sit up in bed,
    And a yawn I cumber.

    From my window streams bright, intense light.
    I squint my eyes tiredly from the vivid sight.
    Among the dull rays of the white sun
    Flakes drift into view from behind the pane of glass,
    Promising many days of animated fun.

    With a whoop I stumble from my bed,
    Slipping on the wooden floors as I sprint to the door.
    I hear my mother call after me as I pass the kitchen,
    But I ignore her reprimanding words of donning a coat,
    And fling myself into the freezing night air,
    Eager to see the new world I can explore.

    With a deep sigh, I lay on the velvety ground,
    Milky white diamonds blanketing me in a soft, wintry bed.
    The cold seeps through my thin gown,
    Chills my bare legs, the nape of my neck,
    And cools my burning head.

    My first winter was this,
    Among the fields of gold turned white,
    The soothing sound of the frosted creeks,
    The exciting spectacle of the geese’s flight.
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    lawlz, my sister said mine should be Sephatiex *rolls on the floor laughing*

    yeah...I can't think of anything XD
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    Yay, new chapter!

    I loved your explanation picture :3 Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    ooh, yay X3 Can't wait for the next chapter!

    Forum Family, eh? =3
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    XD The part at 1:42 is from Austin Powers...'s fake ppl XD
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    Your welcome ^_^ anything to help fellow writers. :)

    Thanks XD I have my computer teacher to thank for being able to type like I can ^_^"
    And don't worry, that didn't sound corny xD I get what you're saying. ;)

    oooh, great chapter as usual ^_^ Can't wait for chapter 10! Awesome twists :D
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    lol, yeah.

    ..jeez....that's the thing with America. We try to be too conservative. In other countries they don't really care whether you see death in a video game, but here, they think you'll turn into some crazy person who'll go around killing people if you play video games with death in it -_-' (I've been confronted by some adults because I play 'too violent games for a young lady such as myself' xD)
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    XD lol

    A blue and pink fish flying in the sky .....>_>
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    Katsquatch Klone #5: ...sasquatch XD i sry
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    Yay, awesome new chapter! ^_^

    Quoted from her in Bad Moon Arising when I asked her XD :
    " way of thinking up stories is REALLY weird but here goes:

    first, i get an idea, like the idea of making a sequal to The 14th Key and The Vampire Nobody. Then for weeks, while i work on another story, i think about the story. i draw out any characters so i can picture them in my head, and then i think about different events and scenes and fights until i can see them in my head, sorta like watching a cutscene in KH or watching a movie. then, when it comes time to type, i just type down what i see in my head.

    trust me, you can tell when i write a chapter, whether or not i've thought about it. if i have, then it'll be good. if i haven't, it'll be bad.

    Which is why i think my story Memory Break didn't turn out so good. I didn't take enough time to think about it."

    ...My strategy XD :
    I blindfold myself and listen to music while i'm typing if i can't think of something to write...>_>
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    wow, a lot of people would want to save Axel

    ....I'm with them XD Because he's one of my favorite characters (even though I love the whole organization; they all rock), and his death was pointless.

    ...and he can help me make popcorn, since my microwave isn't working >:3
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    Thanks Alice ^_^ That helped immensely

    Since I'm lefthanded, a lot of the time lines that were once clear usually blur after I'm done drawing because my hand rubs against the paper :(And yes, I know, his body is wrong. I can't exactly grasp what it is, but it's all wrong >_>
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    aww =( *hugs*

    I've never been stung by a bee, so I don't know how much it hurts >_>
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    Yay, hope to see more drawings soon X3 they're really good.
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