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    I'm very interested in playing X, assuming Square-Enix localizes it. I've seen a lot of it on tumblr and have been wanting to play it as well, but the language barrier's been keeping me arm's length away. It looks like so much fun and I really want to get into it for the lore, but alas, no localization means no playing for now. I really hope they find a publisher for an English version.
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    Mostly, my biggest worries for KHIII is worlds/summons based on Star Wars and Marvel. Don't get me wrong, I love Marvel and all, but I don't think it would make a good addition to Kingdom Hearts. I feel like any world based on Marvel comics or films will end up as hollow and boring as the Port Royal world. The same goes for Star Wars. There's just way too much complex story telling with both Marvel and Star Wars to be dumbed down into a Kingdom Hearts mini-story. The characters themselves are almost too complex for KH as well.

    I'm also kind of hoping we don't get a Frozen world. As much as I enjoyed the movie, I don't think it quite fits into the KH storyline at this point. Maybe once the Xehanort Saga is complete, they can find a way to work in the newer Disney movies. Adding new worlds based on newer movies at the end of a saga seems kind of ridiculous, when there are storylines from the worlds we already have that still have loose ends to tie up within the KH universe.

    Then, I agree with the worry of lame Keyblades. There are so many Keyblades already that I don't ever use because either the designs are off-putting or the stat boosts are just not worth equipping the Keyblade.
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    My sister

    Sounds like you and your sister would get along with my family. Though we do use the usual swears a lot, my sisters and I have all been heard to say things like "Zeus' pimples!" and "pythia on a pogo stick". We've also taken a shine to using classical composers because our mother was a music major in college and laughs when we say "mother of Bach!"
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    I thought I'd share these here, since I'm pretty proud of how they came out (wish I'd had better paper for these, but lined was all I had at the time). Drawn in class during a film presentation over a couple of days, I drew them to be put side by side and mirrored, but I never actually put them together in the same image.


    (Also, if anyone knows how to change the img sizes using code, i'd love to know. I tried to google the coding for it, but nothing I tried worked)
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    I'll have to check it out, then. I loved Sadie in TKC, so it'll be worth it to me to read her again.
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    For me, the most important thing is the vocalist; if I don't like the vocalist, it won't matter if the song is otherwise good. I can't enjoy a song if the singer's voice grates on my ears. I tend to listen to a lot of bands with classically trained vocalists because they generally have some of the best vocalists for my taste. Once I find a vocalist I like, the next important things are the melody and lyrics and I find those two are interchangeable in ranking for finding a really good song for me, but they're usually at the top of my list of aspects that are important to me in music.
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    I'm beginning to wonder when I became such a vixen.
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    Ah, you'd get along great with my sister. She's very big on Norse mythology. :) I read the occasional Norse myth, but I've never had the same amount of interest in it as I do with Greek. Definitely some fascinating stories in there!
    I can hardly consider myself a senior when I've been gone so long, aha.
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    I haven't done any cosplay in years, unless you count a half-attempted Clarisse la Rue for Halloween last year. I'm trying to get back into the swing of cosplay, but it's such an expensive hobby and I don't really go to conventions to do it. But I've seriously considered doing two major costumes, one for this year and one for later; I'm hoping to pull off a rule 63 Winter Soldier for Halloween this year (already making progress on the arm!) and then I'm planning to do Dream Drop Distance!Riku for a trip to Disneyland either next year or the year after.
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    So Staff of Serapis is worth reading? I've been hesitant to read it because I wasn't all that impressed with Son of Sobek.
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    Tie between "Be Prepared" and "Poor Unfortunate Souls". They're both songs I can't resist singing along with.
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    You'll have to get in line.
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    Thanks for all the welcome messages! It's good to be back and I hope to get to know you all.

    Ah, X-Men, I am so excited for that one!
    I'm currently just trying to get my AA degree to transfer to a 4-year university, at which point, I will be studying History! Specifically, I'll be studying Greek and Roman history, since that's where my interests lay.
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