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    Sora is NOT Gohan from DBZ in the cell saga lol. Hes not gonna get new powers & be stronger because of Kairis death. if anything it might make him weaker because he will get to emotional and freeze up. Now if u wouldve said Riku would blow up & go after Xeranort after Kairi dies, then i might agree with you. But i doubt Kairi will die. If anything it would prolly be Aqua,Ven,Terra who die.
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    TY for the trailers!! im so hyped for this game to come out :). I just got graces F for my ps3 off the flash sale (17.00) and im in the process of beating Vesperia, and Xillia 2 comes out soon too!! :D.
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    What is something that you think will be put into the game that your afraid will turn out bad and not work or doesnt feel right?
    My BIG worry is that Star Wars will be in it. I know it would make sense with a gummi ship or now that Lucas is now owned by disney, however im just not a big SW fan & I believe that putting something like SW would ruin the game.
    ALSO DLC. Im not gonna bash DLC, but KH has been known to not have any DLC and make all the bosses implemented in the game at release. SO my worry is that Square will put in "Hidden bosses" that we will have to pay for :/.
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    I wish we knew why theres a spot for KH3D in there as well.
    Maybe itll have a recap of what happened instead of making a remake for ps3/ps4??
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    Its such a great game!
    Its not as well done as KH1.5, but that will never happen lol. The cinematics are just as if its real tho. I love the game & the fact that it has the Dark Aeons & peneance & more monster aera is so sweet. im about to fight Yunalesca and i love it just as much as i did when i was 12 and playing it :P
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    everything you guys said is very solid theories. I really wanna know exactly who he was talking about tho. Although i doubt he was talking about Roxas, theres always that "maybe" factor :P
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    I had just now recently tried fighting against Xemnas in KHFM, and when Sora enters the room & Xemnas starts talking to Sora and says "so you're special too", who was he talking about? Ven? Riku? Terra? or all the above? I tried figuring it out but i ended up just assuming he was talking about Ven.
    Anyone have the definite 100% correct answer??
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    The only worlds i didnt enjoy going back to was Troms world. idk what it is, but i never caught on or felt hooked by that lvl in kh2. i loved it in KH3D, but in KH2 it was kinda just meh (speeds through it)
    but to answer the question, yes i liked going back to each world again. and i often did this in kh1 anyway just because, why not? :P
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    Dog with a blog & beverly hills chihuahua? no thanks thats just outright stupid as hell. all the beverly hills movies were stupid & dog with a blog is ungodly unbearable. Give me back Deep Jungle & add Toy Story. thatll be suffice with everyone im sure.
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    Top- Teemo, Renekton, Jax, Garen.
    Mid- Malzahar, Veigar
    Support- Lulu, Soraka
    ADC- Varus, Vayne.

    I have a short list of champs but thats because i dont have enough time invested in it to be great with all of them. and ive been playing since a little after release, just only play about 1 game per day :P
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    i wish i could trade u guys lol. ive found 4 wizard relics and 0 sheilds. found them all while farming the ingrediants for the ultima weapon. what i advise u to do is get lucky strike equipped on every1 & in the area next to the camp in deep jungle u can spawn like 8 wizards in 1 round and kill them all within seconds & run out & run back in. they appear after the 8 darkballs. hope this helps!
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    I LOVED DDD, it was so beast.
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    I liked the new moves/abilities/enemies as well. (except the damn mushroom u had to hit 100 times for the shards to ultima weapon :)
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