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    Months after months and finally...AN AMV lol just manage to squeeze some time off my busy school works so that i can try some thought-out effects for editing. Not a very good amv since i am doing some rough editing due to time constrain so i hope you enjoy this vid anyway the song i used is lullaby for you by Jyongri


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    Just a small video i made for the final series of metal gear solid hope you enjoy it

    [Note] Watch it in high-quality for better viewing
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    Woah I have finally finished an amv after taking a month to do it, it's been a year since i make an amv so i am not sure if i will continue to make anymore amvs since i am going to start school in any case enjoy this amv of the game persona 3 with the song drink it down


    Sorry if the video size is to small i forgot to enlarge it when rendering hope you enjoy it =)
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    Zone of the Enders: 3 hrs

    Devil may cry 3: 2 hrs and 10 mins on normal

    Can't think of any other at the moment
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    I think you need to finish Devil hunter mode (normal) in order to unlock son of sparda mode (hard)
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    Sadly there isn't heaven or hell mode in dmc4 only hell or hell mode, insane mode if anyone can finish that mode they are pro
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    Nothing much to play this month except for some few games

    PC: Portal- very fun and it is on my 3rd time playthrough...the cake....
    Half-life 2 Episode 1- Finishing this up quickly so i can play episode 2 ^.^

    PS2: Persona 3- On my new game cycle getting ready to finish up optional boss
    .Hack//G.U. Redemption- Just finished the story part now for optional parts
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    The time has come is indeed one of the battle track in dmc4, you can take a look here>>

    As for dante vs nero battle song i think swipe of sword is played when nero takes on dante as boss not combat tut as a song with lyrics is played when u are playing the tut
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    Mine would be:

    To Zanarkand-Final Fantasy X

    Fate of the unknown-Kingdom hearts II FM

    Burn my dread-Persona 3

    Why-Final Fantasy VII crisis core
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    For those who are still waiting for HD video you can download it at they had links to download high quality avi format for both trailers
    Post by: ZetoCloud, Dec 16, 2007 in forum: Gaming
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    The long awaited trailer for a long time


    FFXIII versus-

    There were some old footage as well as new 1 well regardless it is still cool
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