We are always looking to add new sites to our affiliation list here at KH-Vids. Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone's requests. Here are a few guidelines when affiliating with us:


  • At least 500 unique hits daily
  • Has a lot of original content
  • A clean, unique, and eye-pleasing layout
  • Must be updated regularly
  • Must be related in some way to Kingdom Hearts, Square-Enix, Disney, or video games in general
  • Must be a domain name or a sub-domain name
  • Must not be on free hosting
Additionally, you must own or be on the staff team of the website you are submitting for application.
There are certain cases where your site may not meet one or more of these requirements, and we are willing to make exceptions. If you believe your site falls into the exceptional category, please feel free to apply.
If you meet most or all of these requirements, please send an email to contact[at]kh-vids[dot]net with the following information:
  • Your Name / Username
  • Website Name
  • Website URL
  • Email Address
  • Unique Hits (Daily)
  • Any additional notes or information

Guidelines for affiliates

If you are currently an affiliate of ours, here are some rules that you will need to abide by, as well as some information:
  • KH-Vids.Net reserves the right to remove your site from our affiliation list at any time for any circumstance. KH-Vids.Net does not have to notify you of affiliation deletion, nor do we have to tell you why we have removed your site.
  • If you are an affiliate of KH-Vids.Net, you will never slander this website nor any websites in its chain. Slandering of any websites in the KH-Vids.Net webring will result in immediate removal of affiliation.
  • If you would like to update or change the details of our affiliation, please email us at contact[at]kh-vids[dot]net.