Community Events

A list of events run by members throughout the community on KH-Vids.


Occurs: Monthly
Host: Amethyst
Main Thread: Here

Ever wanted to be on American Idol, but can't seem to find your way to NYC? Fortunately, Amethyst finds herself in the same situation, and offers this alternative! Every month, a new theme will be announced by Amethyst. You will have the opportunity to record yourself singing a song that matches the theme, and submit it to be put in an anonymous poll, where you'll vote to see who is the KHV Idol of the round.

Have any questions? Send a message to Amethyst!

Previous Idols

Occurs: Weekly
Host: Various Staff
Main Thread: Here

Question Time is an event where you can nominate your fellow members to receive questions from the community! Members are put into a poll where the one with the most votes wins the spotlight. These Question Time threads usually run for one week (unless you're libregkd), during which a new poll is made and we continue down the list. Question Time used to be for Premiums and Staff normally, but has since been open to all members (although Normal Members require three nominations to make it on the poll).

Want to see someone get questioned? Please see the Question Time Nominations thread! If you have any questions or concerns, please post here!

Previous QTs