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  1. C
    Too lewd! Have you ever watched American Horror Story? I think you'd like it.
    Apr 22, 2013
  2. Korosu
    I've heard of it, seen it advertise. I was going to sit down and watch it but then ALL THESE SEASONS SEEM TO COME OUT OF NOWHERE. So I got lazy and decided against watching it. I may pick it up, though. :v

    How's the solider life, yo?
    Apr 24, 2013
  3. C
    It's pretty good c:

    All is good, I had a week off, so I spent about 40 hours playing Atelier: Extreme Moe II and III. Made me feel like a manly soldier. How are you? Things looking better since you've been on both KHV and fb?
    Apr 29, 2013
  4. Korosu
    Oh, awesome. I'll try and see if it's out on DVD here.

    You're so moe. 40 hours in one sitting or breaks and stuff? If in one sitting, dear lord. So manly.

    I'm pretty swell, thank you for asking. Yeah, I have a time limit though, have to be off at 6:30pm(everything technology) and go spend time with my family in the seating room (arguing about everything is pretty rad). But it's great that I can sorta talk to people properly again. New Skype, too. So Charlotte or he who shall not be named, can't attempt to contact me (plus the fact my sister forgot what she changed my passwords too, derp)

    Shall I add you on there? o:
    Apr 29, 2013
  5. C
    It was more like 15 hours two days in a row, then the rest were here and there. I'm too old to play that much in one sitting :c

    That's great to hear. So can't the rest of your family use the TV or anything after that either then? At least it doesn't discriminate.

    Yes please, although I'm working nights this week so, but yeah. Add me, I want to tease you on skype again like old times.
    Apr 30, 2013
  6. Korosu
    Deary me, didn't you take any breaks during those hours? Just, oh my god. Even after an hour playing games, I ache. Bless u, hard-core gamer chrissy. You are old, an old man. I can see the whiskers on your chin.

    Oh, no. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear enough! We all go in the front room (minus the babies) and sit around talk, watch the tv etc. I meant, for the individuals who use their techy stuff have to off their own things by 6:30. If that makes any sense? Yeah.

    Alrighty, I'll seek out your skype address since I forgot it. Aw, that must be horrible and tiring. I look forward to it! Though, I'm only online four hours a day (outside school wise).
    May 1, 2013