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  1. Patman
    That would be one of the things I had in mind, but I meant it in a broader way. Not everyone can wear the kiddie kitch mantle as proudly. It' s considered an embarrassing label by the rest of the industry, once you' ve worn it chances are they won' t give you a shot at trying any other mantle. It is to music what porn is to the movie industry.

    It' s precisely what killed her career. Someone asked her on TV how she could bring herself to sing such stupid stuff. Let' s just say an adult purposefully acting as a child should avoid becoming angered, the result ain' t pretty. She had never agreed to answer questions from adults and wasn' t quite ready for it.
    Dec 6, 2014
  2. LARiA
    I'm sad to hear it, but not surprised. That "stupid" stuff she pours herself into is what the children of these jerks will consume on the télé, and probably enjoy, but instead of communicating their appreciate for the artists involved in children's media -- contempt and disdain instead. Operatic tragic comedies were once a low-brow form of entertainment. As someone interested in both perceptually high-brow forms of art and relatively "kitsch" productions this is of importance to me.
    Dec 7, 2014
  3. Patman
    Well, when I said it killed her career ... not quite ! She faded from the spotlights for a long while because the parents were the ones holding the purse, but she persevered. Fifteen years later the people who enjoyed her songs as kids were all grown ups. She got invited to put on a show in a hyped Parisian nightclub, the reception was so hysterical many other nightclubs invited her. That techno remix I posted in your thread ? It' s from a movie she starred in as herself around that time. From there on she picked up right where she left of and entertained her old audience' s kids, her career hit its 50th anniversary this year.
    Dec 8, 2014
  4. LARiA
    I thought your sister was a lesbian. Unless I misread something at some point which caused me to form such a misconception. Oh, and thank you for the endearing response. I'm glad about Chantal Goya.
    Dec 18, 2014
  5. Patman
    Huh ?!? Oh, I get it, you saw me mention Edith, the one with a kid. My other sis, Agnes, is bi. She' s been called a tomboy for as far as I can remember. She spent more time playing with my Zodiac Knights than with my other sis' Barbies, that was a big giveaway.
    Got a train to catch, I' m in a bit of a hurry. See ya, Merry Christmas !
    Dec 20, 2014
  6. LARiA
    Thank you, and merry Christmas to you as well. <3
    Dec 20, 2014