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    There was a bit of annoyance when she felt Shiro pick her up. He was the last one that she wanted to deal with at this time but her head was pounding too much and she couldn't bring herself to fight him. At least the bed was more comfortable than the floor she had collapsed on. "Overexert? No, it would have been fine if you gave us a challenge or taught us how to use our weapons." She mumbled to Shiro. Even though she was barely keeping her eyes open she still managed to glare at Shiro. "I thought we were supposed to be training or getting trained not another mundane battle that I had to find a way to spice up myself." She continued. She tried to think of more ways to express her frustration but words failed her. Was it because she hit her head? Or was it the lack of sleep she got? Either way whatever Shiro was deciding was decisively wrong. "By the way one of Nequa's people was here. I doubt you noticed." Then she closed her eyes to rest. Everything hurt, so much.​
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    Kel at least tried to help, but it didn't seem to help at least right away as Gilgamesh seemed to have found what he was looking for in A.J. some how. A.J. didn't seem to want any of it, but still she was more than willing to leave him to deal with that mess as Faust finally finished his battle and the simulation ended providing a door. "On it." Karina said to Kel as she went to leave. The first step forward left Karina feeling dizzy and nausious. She planted her keyblade into the ground for support as she held back the need to throw up. After a few deep breaths to steady herself again, Karina continued out the door, only making it part way down the hall before swaying into the wall, which left her arm in pain. At least she was out of the arena and the others could deal with Gilgamesh and whatever else Shiro had for them. Meanwhile she decided it was a good idea just to take a break there, in the hall. Sitting down Karina leaned her head against the wall and closed her eyes for a moment. Part of her wondered if that was a good idea, but she didn't care. Her head hurt. Her arm hurt. And she couldn't even see right anymore, she didn't even think she could find the infirmary if she wanted to. ​
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    This was... whatever this was Karina couldn't handle it in the slightest. She couldn't even comprehend what was going on anymore as she looked to Kel. All Karina knew was she was thankful that he moved on after whatever that was. The rose slid harmlessly off her head as Karina glanced at AJ. "Well lucky for you AJ looks ready to pick a fight. Why don't you talk to him for a while." Karina spoke in almost an amused fashion. At least as much of one as she could muster at that time. With Gilgamesh distracted Karina turned to Kel and spoke quietly so hopefully their enemy didn't hear. "You have to get me out of here. As much as I would like to stab him in the back, I think I might just pass out." She admitted. It didn't feel good to admit to her own weakness, but she would rather that than die here in this stupid training that no one was overseeing. ​
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    This was ridiculous. Really what was this guy doing? Working for Nequa? Vendettas? It was getting too much for Karina to focus on at once. "Yes yes we all have a vendetta against Nequa, but coming here doesn't get you a rival, it gets you killed if you are working for her." Karina stated as she summoned her keyblade from the other side of the room. She gripped it in her left hand taking a bit of an awkward fighting stance given she wasn't left handed at all. "It was stupid for you to come here, especially announcing that you are with her." Karina warned hoping that Gilgamesh would just take that as a cue to leave.​
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    Claiming blue mage
    Buying off world record to get Gladiator
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    Karina was waiting rather angrily to be acknowledged. She vaguely realized that Kel had gone through the battle but didn't focus on that. She was just trying to keep the black spots from taking over her vision completely. Karina wasn't one hundred percent sure if the spots were from pain in her arm or something to do with the way she had hit her head, either way it wasn't going to be good. Pain flared through her shoulder and Karina almost felt dizzy a moment as someone tapped it. Turning to look she saw some guy. Karina tried to subtly move to hold her arm, she was in no shape for fighting, but she was wary of this guy as she tried to take a step back watching him closely. "I don't know what you are talking about. Who the hell are you anyways and what are you doing here?" Karina sounded annoyed as she tried to rush through the conversation a bit hopefully he would take the hint and go.​
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    Decent training indeed. Karina was unprepared for how difficult the task she had given herself was. Sure she had been practicing how to swing a scythe, but dodging with that extra weight was something entirely different. Karina tried to side step one of the swipes, but was too slow. The icy claw of the titan slammed into Karina sending her off her feet and skidding across the arena. Her scythe was jarred out of her hand as she hit one of the walls, breath knocked from her. As the titan stomped towards her, Karina pushed herself to her knees, grabbing her scythe and using it to help get her up. She was barely on her feet when the titan bore down on her again.

    If she was going to win this she couldn't just dodge, that was quickly becoming obvious. This was something that she could never learn practicing with dummies in the middle of the night. That was why she traded out her keyblade. If this was only going to be a battle then she would learn something from it, with or without anyone else's help. There was a moment that she looked towards where Shiro had gone off to, but she couldn't afford to look away as she tried to outmatch the titan, swiping at it to meet it's blow, but even with all her strength she couldn't match it. The weight of the fist crushed down on her, straining her arms which were already having some trouble keeping up. Karina lost her footing and was forced to roll out of the way to avoid getting crushed. "No... this isn't over yet." Karina had to tell herself because she felt so tired and not ready to get back to her feet yet, but that wasn't an option.

    The fire around her flared slightly as she got back up one more time. This time when she met the titans attack, she pushed back harder. Her arms shook and she barely had the strength for it, but soon the blade slid forward, inch by inch until it melted through the ice. As she felt some leeway, some success with the battle, the other hand came across and smacked her back into the wall. This time being so close, Karina hit the wall as she felt something go off. Her arm hung limp at her side shoulder seeming out of place. A slight bit of blood tricked down the back of her head and neck. and her eyes couldn't focus. For all intents and purposes she knew that she should just stay down. If not that at least summon her keyblade to her. She didn't know how to use a scythe, this wasn't the time to be teaching it to herself, but if no one else was going to so she needed to learn even if it hurt her. At least she wasn't going to be hurt for training on top of this. It was the only comfort she had from it.

    Trying to bring her eyes back into focus, Karina barely noticed the next attack, but managed to just get out of the way before getting up once again. The fire flared brighter this time as she got up, the drive to learn the drive to get through this within the bounds she set for herself instead of taking the easy way out or giving up like she had before. She spit some blood on the ground before taking the only moment of clarity she had in her mind and through the blur of her eyes. There was less defense now that one of it's arms were missing, but she still had to be careful. The titan was slow, but so was she in this state and it was stronger than she was. Holding the scythe above her, Karina caught the arm with the rod of it. The fire in full force now caused it to back off from the heat. The flames of her own determination would push her through. The flames that she didn't ask for, but Lea entrusted her with. They would carry her through, they would be enough just for this.

    The blood that was still flowing from the back of her head sizzled from that heat, but that sizzling was overtaken by the sound of fire on ice. As ice melted and steam filled the air around her, Karina used the arm that she could barely lift to help put force behind the scythe as it was aimed to cut through the center of the titan. Tears filled her eyes that were uncontrolled. It hurt, a lot, but she kept pushing. Every inched gained gave her the determination to push harder. Her right arm became completely useless half way though, but she kept pushing with her left hand. The titan's fist came down one more time to try and stop her but it was too late. As it came down towards her, Karina managed to get through the titan's body. The first ended up falling right beside her head, barely scraping against her damaged arm, but it was enough for her to feel the overwhelming pain as the flames around her died down.

    Staggering forward Karina aimed for the way out of the arena. "I am done." She tried to call to Shiro. She didn't care if he expected her to stay and help the other, it wasn't worth it. She didn't know if she had a concussion, or what she did to her shoulder, but she couldn't keep going. She did what she was told to do, she had fought what she needed to fight and went above and beyond. She didn't just not use any of her special abilities at all, but she did it without her keyblade. The scythe she was using laid a bit bent on the ground where she had been fighting, abandoned completely for the time being. She would come back for it eventually when she was ready to learn again, but for now she just really want to sleep.​
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    There was something very unsatisfying about this training. She had expected actual training, instructions. She had hoped that she would have to do things that would challenge her. That would get her thinking and working. She was hoping for something new, and this, this was the same thing she did in every battle and she found herself bored, even though she was tired. Well at least she could keep herself training if no one else was going to properly train her. Karina ducked under the swipe of the ice titan. Thankfully it was slow so she had enough time to stroll to the edge of the room and pick up the scythe that she had leaned against the wall when she came in. To make a point to, she rested her keyblade where it once sat for all to see. Her arms trembled slightly as she heaved the weapon up but she got it up and the fire started wrapping around it like it did her keyblade. After that Karina jumped back in the combat, swinging down at the wrist of the titan as it swiped for her. Her moves were still a bit sloppy and untrained, but no where near as bad as they were hours before. At least this would be some decent training for her.​
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    Well at least this was going to be easy training. All she had to do was what she normally had to do. Karina let out a bit of a sigh of relief, she was too tired to deal with this anyways. "Leave the ice guy to me." Karina said as she ignited her fire aura. Perhaps it wasn't her preferred aura to use, but it was the one she was told that she had to use, so she would make it work. She just hoped that the ice didn't somehow melt into a water titan, that wouldn't work too well for her. At least for the most part she excelled at simple combo's. Not being able to use her abilities more than once likely wouldn't be an issue, at all, for her. ​
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    Arriving to the training area, Karina looked like she had just gotten out of the shower, the dark circles under her eyes more visible than she would have liked them to be, but she tried to appear awake and completely with it. "Yeah, yeah 10k. I was up early. Sure." Karina waved Shiro off. "Please tell me no more obstacle courses. There has to be more efficient ways to train." Karina said, also she didn't think her arms would hold onto a bar when she was weighed down by 5 times her weight, not after spending all night swinging a scythe. ​
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    I am, thank you. How is the new dad doing?
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    "*Kupo*" Karina cursed as she wiped sweat from her brow. At this point it was the early hours of the morning and Karina still had refused to return to sleep. After leaving the group to train, she had waited a while, focusing on basic keyblade training until she was sure that everyone had gone to bed and no one was looking for her. Now she held the top heavy weapon in her hand, the blade resting against the ground as she struggled to catch her breath. For the most part her attempts at using a scythe were sloppy when they even hit. Having no experience with such a weapon left Karina having to figure it out on her own. At first she had tried to chop down with the blade, kind of like you would with an axe, but it would throw her off balance. Having the scythe so long and the weight distribution, she had caught her chest on the handle several times stumbling forward. It took well over an hour before Karina decided that it was not the way to use such a weapon.

    Slowly standing up properly and looking at where the tip of the blade was embedded in the floor beside the striking dummy, Karina knew there had to be another method. Even though her arms were sore and she was tired, she still managed to heave the weapon back up so it rested on her shoulder for a moment. It was becoming clear what it meant when it was said, strength meant nothing if you didn't know how to use it. She had heard that phrase many times back home, but using a keyblade had always come easy. This however didn't. This was strange and even with her vast strength trying to pick up and swing the scythe again was getting hard. She needed a different plan, a different approach. Something more accurate. Adjusting her grip once again, Karina tried a different approach. She wasn't going to stop until she figured it out, no matter how long that would take. ​
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    Great new weapons and more training in that stupid arena she had been in before. Karina couldn't say that this was doing much to improve her mood as she stared at the weapons on the wall while Kaida questioned the point of it. In theory Karina knew that she should take up the same weapon that she had been using with the Black Coats, but that didn't sit well with her. Something about taking back anything from there felt wrong. She had failed in so many ways, but also found her way back to this group. In the end it was probably better to keep moving forward rather than looking back and trying to be that again, which she had never been good at.

    "What is going to do damage fast?" Kasina mostly wondered to herself. When she spotted the scythe, Karina stared and decided that it looked fittingly savage. "I will take this one." Karina stated matter-of-factly. "Anyone care if I go practice?" Because she couldn't say she had ever used a scythe, but she wouldn't be caught dead fumbling around like a novice. She would rather get a good idea of how to use it on her own before she let anyone se her trying. ​
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    Karina crossed her arms trying to figure out what to say. "There was a lot of nonsense and some fat guy named Santa that wasn't that helpful. But he gave us stuff. I can't imagine what these gifts might be, but apparently there is one for all the good little girls and boys." Karina said sarcastically with a bitter tone in her voice. "Oh and that ink faced rat was there working with the bug guy." Karina tacked on at the end as well. She seemed impatient, ready to do something else rather than just stand around. The last world she had not found much interest in and now was looking for something else to do.​
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    Karina took her ring back and put it on, twisting it on her finger slightly. "Right. Thanks." She was disappointed that there wasn't really any answers to be had. And she doubted that she would see Santa again either. That didn't matter though, it was a weird concept anyways. "Guess we should meet up with the others and get out of here." Karina said turning away from Santa and Shantotto and heading out of the workshop to continue on their journey.
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    Spending 90 crowns on 3 Strength
    10 crowns on 1 Defense
    110 crowns on 11 Resistance
    120 crowns on 6 AP
    100 crowns on 5 HP
    30 crowns on 1 Speed
    Total Crowns Spent : 460
    Crowns remaining: 143

    Stat totals:
    HP: 135 -> 140
    MP: 10
    Strength: 82 +10 -> 85 (+7)
    Speed: 54 +10 -> 55 (+4)
    Defense: 39 -> 40
    Magic: 15
    Resistance: 29 -> 40
    AP: 69 -> 75

    (Bracketed numbers to reflect the switch to Pumpkinhead I made last post.
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    Karina didn't let it show on her face, but in some ways she was in awe at all of this. It was such a foreign concept to her, it all just seemed so strange. Beuce tried to ask about No Heart, but Santa had nothing to say on that matter. Based on what Santa was saying about his job though, she could only assume that no one on her world was considered good. There was never any toys or presents. There was barely a concept of Christmas except the rare mention of it being a point when others were more vulnerable. So when Shantotto brought out the gifts Karina found herself doubting, despite everything, that there would be one in there for her. She touched the necklace Buece gave her, one of very few gifts she had received. With it there was the wooden cat that was in her pocket and a ring that she couldn't quite remember where she got it from. "I know it is a bit far fetched to ask but if you know about all the kids and stuff, you don't happen to have a way of knowing who would have given us these, would you?" Karina spoke up figuring it wouldn't hurt to ask. There was nothing to lose at this point with asking.
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    Karina will buy Grave Digger for 1,200 munny
    This will give me the Earth Shaker Achievement
    Karina will buy Aqua Splash and Tidal Wave for 1,900 munny
    This will give me the Wave Crasher Achievement
    Karina will by Crystaline for 600 munny
    This will give me Light! Give Me Power! Achievement
    I then gain Auto Aura 2
    Finally Karina will buy and Equip Pumpkinhead for 3,500 munny
    Karina has 19,480 munny left
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    "That kind of speech is for no one." Karina mumbled under her breath, glad that saving Santa was likely going to be a sufficient distraction sot hat the tiny woman wouldn't throttle her. She looked at the old man they just saved then back at Aux. "I don't think she would have made us go through all this if he was bad. Shantotto nearly burnt us when we arrived because she thought we were bad, Lets just hear this out, see what the old man has to say." Karina stated as she crossed her arms, guarded but not as defensive as Aux seemed to be. "Lead the way I guess." Karina looked towards Santa to bring them where they could have this so called discussion.
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    "That doesn't even makes sense. Are you all really that dense? Are you ready to give up rat? Because I will squish you at the drop of a hat." Okay this was just getting plain annoying as she was trying to yell back at the bug man and rat that they had just fought but it all still sounded so stupid. "Do we need to rhyme for this buff? I am really getting tired of this stuff." Karina complained towards Shantoto. She doubted that it would get her anywhere but she just needed to ask, it was throwing her off every time and even angry she was sounding childish having to speak like this.
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