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    I'd go for 'giddy.'
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    Kar! ^.^ Hi, how have you been? Seems like forever since I last saw you around :)
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    hey guys

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    We just gotta keep plugging along
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    Heyyyy I know I'm probably one of the few people who still cares lol but I finally managed to buy the last static pin in the shop today which qualifies me for the Blue Skull pin, and once I get that, I'll finally have collected all Skull pins and qualify to get that shiny Platinum Skull. If anybody has time to drop those on my account sometime, I'd greatly appreciate it, as that completes the last pin collection I wanted that's still actively available for me. Thanks! :)
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    Pretty much, yeah
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    Yeah, that's definitely decorum lol. We're required to wear masks in the kitchens at work, but since we're so low on supplies, we have to use the same mask until it breaks lol. I'm currently on day five of my current mask's use, so the only thing it's good for is fogging up my glasses XD
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    iirc I'll be at eleven years myself come June. :)
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    I'm a kitchen worker in a hospital, so I still go to work, though I'm extremely fortunate in that it's a small hospital in a town with less tourism and travel than some, so we haven't been hit hard - at least not yet. There have been a few cases in our hospital, but the kitchen staff come in no contact with them and we've got tons of precautions set up for the cafeteria, so we should be fine. It's like a ghost town there atm. We have to come in through a specific entrance and be screened before work every day, and we're required to wear dust-masks when we're out in any public area outside the kitchen. The hospital closed its' doors to visitors and the majority of our cafeteria services have been cut; we're down to the bare minimum where we can feed the nurses, doctors, and housekeepers who work there, but not with as much variety as we used to (the biggest cut was the soup and salad bar, which was very popular) so most of them bring their own meals from home now. My hours have been cut big time as a result, but I'm just glad I still have the work. I also do a bit of freelance writing that's still paying, and my sister (who lives with us) also works at the hospital, so financially, the two of us are still earning.

    Which is really good because my husband, who has a job requiring he travel all over the country to do construction work on a large store chain, has been laid off and is now on unemployment. He's home almost all the time now, which is a problem for him because he's extremely extroverted, and normally can't bear to be indoors more than a couple of days tops in the first place. He can't wait for this all to be over so he can get back outside with all his friends and go back to traveling for work, and I don't blame him. At least I still get to leave the house. And don't have any friends outside of work so I don't miss anyone lol. We're getting through it though. Thank goodness for Animal Crossing or idk how he'd survive XD
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    Updated with fanart of Roman Torchwick from RWBY as a Heartless and Nobody.
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    Hey, way to go Loxie! :D Good luck with school!
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    Greeeeeaaaaat a card based mobile game in the art style of Union X.

    At least they didn't waste an interesting storyline on it. Now I won't feel bad for not playing it.
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    What's more sad is that you could have named yourself Yozorat and didn't.
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    Accomplishments from 2019:
    • Landed a long-term paid ghostwriting contract. I start work in a few days! :D
    • Improved my art skills noticeably
    • Went out to a girl's night with coworkers from my part time job and had a great time (this is a big deal for me lol)
    • Got a WorldAnvil account and started really mapping out my worldbuilding and timelines for my original book series I've been planning for a decade
    Goals for 2020:
    • Do well with the 3-book contract and set things up so they'll contract me for more when it's ended
    • FINALLY finish learning Japanese
    • Continue to improve my art skills
    • Go out with the girls from work at least two more times (1/2 completed and hey bowling is fun!) XD
    • Finish the first draft of my debut book
    • Finally start the youtube channel my sister and I have been talking about for years
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    Hello, welcome to KHV! Things aren't very active around here these days, I'm afraid, but it's always nice to meet new people here. ^.^
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