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    Mishter Gorbachev, tear down this wall
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    Thanks mang!

    Thanks mang!
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    I think I'll invest mine so it'll accumulate into more munnies by the time Kingdom Hearts 4 comes out
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    Yooo rat mah dude how are you??
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    Hey Cat! How are you old friend?
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    Nothing wrong with a perfect you day hahah!

    As for me, I wear grey shoes and a black jacket my fiancé got me, cozy and cool looking sorry I don't have pictures but just wanted to share and partake in the topic hahaha
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    Very! Any particular occasion? *v*
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    Thank you ma'am fer teh pin!
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    You know what? To those who have logged in to see this very thread and know of KHV days of old, I want to thank you for the memories we've made together. I wasn't around during the time of the early years, when everything was chaotic, all for teenage cheap thrills for drama. Yet, there were inseparable bonds we've made because of all of this. When I was around, the site had mellowed out a little bit, but it really made for very special moments with people I can say impacted my online experiences for the better.

    We discussed topics dear to our hearts, or debated for the intellectual rush. We've welcomed new members with tons of welcoming comments on their first official hello threads! From coding to editing videos, artwork to graphic design, RP to this very crazy "No Man's Land" section; The Spam Zone. We know it's terror, thus it's only fair that this very thread too is just as susceptible to derailing as any prior thread posted here met. But I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done, you've all made a difference to me and I enjoyed what we had.

    I hope that even though some of you, my dearest friends, with your accounts laid to rest many years ago whom will never see this thread... I hope you are well. I hope that even though you are no longer here, you've taken a small piece of us with you and thrived with your life and the pursuit of your happiness. We know some of you have had your story cut short and we miss you dearly. But we pray the same wish upon your loved ones because they impacted who you were, which is who we got to become friends with here.

    Technology is a beautiful thing. We've all seen how fast things have gone in such a short time with the internet! For better or for worse, it's been quite a ride. I am so thankful for the remaster of the KHV 5.0 Dark skin, one of the most fondest memories of using this site with an era I long for to see again so deeply.

    So thank you all, for what you've been to me, people I trusted more than people I see day in and day out in school. Thanks for the memories! And people I've yet to know, I welcome you here with open arms! See ya when we see ya!
    Thread by: Llave, Feb 19, 2018, 20 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
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