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    The thought had crossed Kel's mind that might have to physically stop Karina from walking out the door, however he figured that she would at least top before trying that and not just walk right into him. "That works too I suppose." With the convenient arrival of Beuce aside, Kel stepped out of the doorway. Karina was sitting down now, technically making it a success on his part. "Pretty much what Karina said, we didn't really do a whole lot here." Sure it was to help them getting better with their auras and weapons to some degree, but he felt that progress was really only made on one of those fronts. Minimum progress at that.
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    Kel stood there, brow raised as Shiro took off, leaving them again to their own devices. He couldn't have actually thought that they would just go back to sparring, especially given the shape that Karina was in. He had some doubts, though at this point he wouldn't put it past him. Either way he was gone now. "You're in no shape to go anywhere right now." Kel stated as he placed himself between Karina and the door before she started dragging whatever those machines were out with her. "I agree we need someone else here other than Shiro, but how bout someone else goes to find them and you just rest here."
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    "I learn that my aura seems to have a mind of it own, though I had a feeling of that for a while know." If anything this fight against the titans only served as a confirmation to that. It still didn't help him learn how to better utilize it anyway. "Should we be concerned about how easily Gilgamesh was able to get here." He paused to tap the glasses he'd was wearing from DJ. "I've been wearing these whenever possible so I doubt they used me as a mirror to find this place."
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    Still ignoring whatever Gilgamesh was doing, he let out a sigh seeing the area around them start to return to its base state. As his keyblade returned to his side and vanished, he turned back to Karina and whispered. "Now might be your best chance to leave before Shiro starts the next step of whatever this training is supposed to be." He'd cover for her in the event Shiro tried to object to this, though one look at her should be enough to see that she wasn't fit for continuing.
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    Kel gave Gilgamesh the blankest stare he's ever given anyone after he'd walked away from them before swatting the rose out of his hair. Well at least he was causing them any problems in way of attacking them, just being annoying. So they could just leave him be for the time being. Not like either of them had the strength to fight him anyway. That was especially true for Karina with the shape she was in. He gave her a quick cure to take care of any minor injuries he could see, but the more major ones would have to wait for someone with proper training to deal with. "I might be able to do something to help." He'd considered the option of just walking out to get medical attention, but he didn't want to risk it on the off chance Gilgamesh decided to leave. Screw it, Kel decided to take a more direct approach and tossed his keyblade at the safety room glass to hopefully get Shiro to see both their uninvited guest and the shape that Karina was in.
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    It took a bit for Kel to will himself to sit up and even more so to get on his feet to face Gilgamesh. He was only half paying attention to what Gilgamesh was saying and the bits he did listen too only left a bad taste in his mouth. "You came all the way here for a stupid reason like that, you really are just better off leaving now. No one's going to indulge you here." He said rather unimpressed.
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    With nothing else to do but to get started with this training, Kel moved away from the others and focused all of attention on the titan that was looming before him. It was a much easier fight in the coliseum cause there wasn't a restriction on his skill commands so he could just stay at a range for the fight. Now with the limit imposed on them he wouldn't be able to do that as effectively as before. Not to mention his weapon of choice being a shield sword thing wasn't doing him any favors either.

    The wind titan wasn't going to wait for him to figure this out and started to use its wind to blow him away and while he was able to hold his ground, that didn't stop the titan from doing everything in its power to blow him away. This went on with Kel being unable to make any ground towards the titan when the wind titan started spitting out chunks of buildings at him. Where all that came from he couldn't say, but with the wind still keeping him in place dodging was out of the question. One chunk was barreling for him, leaving his only option but to block with the shield part of his weapon. The shield was able to withstand the attack, it still hurt him like hell, but the shield itself was still standing. That very shield shield would be put to the test as more building were being thrown at him.

    As the shield itself held strong, the toll of taking those blows was starting to get to Kel as finally one blow was enough to knock him off balance. In that very instance the wind that was keeping him back reversed its flow, pulling the young wielder into the tornado itself. Disoriented and floating uncontrollably in the middle of the storm, Kel could feel the ice of his aura activate to try and help him. He wasn't sure how that would help and didn't have to worry about it much longer as he was launched into the air by the wind titan. He didn't recall the roof of the training room being this high, but surprisingly enough Kel didn't end up crashing into the roof.

    From his new vantage point he was able to see everything, the battle the others were having with their respective titans, the carnage Karina had wrecked upon the ice titan. He could also see that the wind titan just seemed to be staring back at him before floating over to the severed limb of its frozen titan comrade. Once there it took own properties of the titan, sprouting ice spikes along the the tornado. Once more the titan turned its focus towards the currently free falling Kel and instead of building, a hail of ice spikes were launched at him. Not only did Kel put his shield up in response, but also strengthened his aura to provide some more resistance to the oncoming ice. His body was still in pain from those buildings, but from up here blocking was about all he could do.

    Then Kel had an idea, a stupid one, but it was an idea that just might work. He braced himself and retracted the shield and brought out the blade part of his weapon instead before going into a dive straight for the titan. The hail of ice bounced off him, some of which getting struck to the tip of his blade. In fact more ice collected on the edge of his blade, forging the blade into something stronger version of itself while further mitigating the harm that the ice was doing. Then the decisive moment came and Kel, with his blade of ice, plunged through the titan and crashed into the ground. Landing was not a part of the plan, but the titan itself was slowly disappearing and he just laid there on the ground taking this as a chance to catch his breath.
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    At least what they were tasked with doing was pretty straight forward. With Karina declaring to take on the ice titan, Kel turned his attention to the wind one. "Guess I'll take the wind one then." His ice aura activating to envelope him as he readied for the fight. Really he was more worried about the other titans than this one. The unknown difficulty aside, for all he knew there was really nothing stopping them from trying to gang up on one of them and with elements being a factor in that, it was potentially another layer of difficulty of them.
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    Kel listened as DJ attempted to instruct Shiro on what to do before being promptly thrown out of the room. "Up the difficulty how so?" And by how much if what DJ had said was anything to go off of. Plus with this time the group being an even spilt between both offense and magic, how exactly would they train was something else on his mind.
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    Kel looked at the wall of weapons presented to them, already spying a few choices that he would be good with. They were just the basic sword, but they were weapons that at the very least he had some form of experience with. He couldn't immediately see how any of these would help with his main aura, but at this point trusted Shiro and DJ enough to not question it too much. His curiosity had led him to picking up a shield and after trying it on to get a fit for it, some mechanism was activated and a blade extended from the bottom. "Oh. That'" He'd thought that the shield had looked weird when he'd first put it on, but this certainly explained it. "I guess I'll go with this sword...shield...thing." Naming it would definitely need some work.

    "I don't think anyone would." Training would probably be a good idea for this, but at the same time from what he could tell by looking over the weapon using this offensively would be like him trying to punch something or swing his arms in a slashing motion. It was an odd thought to be sure.
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    "I'd say more." Kel offered. It really wasn't much more that an Aux had said, but it was something at least. With that out of the way they they headed back to the gummi ship. Along the way they regrouped with everyone. He found the sack that they were carrying with them odd, but it couldn't be odder than the one Kaida was currently wearing. It was helpful that the auto pilot thing that had gotten them here was still able to take them back to Central Haven without much trouble. "It went better than I thought it'd go." It was pretty simple and straightforward, which was odd and on some parts concerning.
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    *Cracks knuckles* its time for the big boi update

    Spending 40 Crowns on HP
    Spending 60 Crowns on Str
    Spending 80 Crowns on Def
    Spending 90 Crowns on Mag gasps
    Spending 30 Crowns on Res

    Buying Thunderbell, Holiday Rush and the Ever After keyblade

    Update Stats
    HP: 150
    MP: 12
    Str: 85
    Spd: 52
    Def: 50
    Mag: 25
    Res: 40

    Munny: 7950
    Crowns: 72
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    Kel watched as Oogie deflated into an empty sack as the bugs, probably the more disturbing sight he's seen here, scurried away. At least from the sound of it he wouldn't be a problem anymore. "Probably find the others and see how things went in their end." Kel answered and shortly later Aux was seen approaching them. His attire was oddly fitting and more tame then the rest of them currently wore. "We just finished up here too, Quill already sealed up the keyhole."
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    Jack had the situation with Oogie handled and Quill himself sealed the worlds keyhole. Even as the now defeated Oogie fell out of his contraption and landed in front of them, Kel simply looked up to where Jack was and then back to Oogie. His fate has been left up to them and there wasn't much that he could think to do really. Oogie was a literal sack of bugs, like what exactly could they do to something like that and have some form of lasting effect. Jack did have a good idea at least. "Why not just give him a taste of his own medicine, scare him as bad as he's scared everyone else." It was something that Jack would need to take lead on despite them being the ones given the task of escorting them.
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    Ignoring the rantings of the sore loser, Kel looked around to make sure that there wasn't anything else that Oogie was waiting to spring on them. After a bit it appeared that nothing of the sort was going to happen and while he kept his guard up, he turned his attention to where Oogie's voice had come from. "Not only did we play your games, but we beat you at them too. Now let us go."
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    As Jack confirmed what Kel was hoping wasn't the case, he had followed behind as they approached the oddly designed house of Oogie Boogie. Perfectly content to let Jack do all the talking, he could only raise a brow hearing Shock's voice being the one answering. He supposed it was a little bit hopeful to expect Oogie himself to be the one to answer, especially considering how he wasn't here home. Unfortunately following portion of thier conversation, he had just enough time to process the word 'trapdoor' being said and noticing the extreme lack of floor underneath them. One long fall and painful landing later and Kel could only sigh at the taunting voices. This wasn't his typical sounding sigh, but an annoyed one. These kids were really starting to irritate him with these antics of theirs.
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    It wasn't much to ease the worries, but despite the initial stumble to his step Quill was walking just fine. For now at least he would ease up on the concern as they ventured onward. Fortunately despite the overall unsettling air that this world had to it, the paths were pretty straightforward and ti didn't seem like there was a high chance that they could get lost by just following the path they were walking on. Especially not when they came across the monstrosity up ahead at the end of the forest. It seemed to be a home of sort, but even my this worlds standards Kel was uncertain of that. "Is that where we're headed?" He figured if anyone might know the answer to that it would be Jack.
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    Through their combined efforts they cleared away the heartless that had swarmed Quill and despite the claims that he was fine, Kel wasn't ready to but much stock in that. "It's a little late to tell us not to worry about us, comes with being a part of the team. We'll all just go at the same pace so no one ends up in the back." Kel said, giving a quick thumbs up to Jack to affirm that he was relatively unharmed after that fight. A few scratches here and there, but on a comparative scale, they weren't anything to worry about given what happened to Quill.
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    Kel struck at one more heartless before noticing the large group of neoshadows scurrying off towards the hill. For a brief moment, he wondered why this might be the case, but that too was soon revealed spotting Quill at the top of the hill they were congregating on, and in the time it had taken him to realize this, the heartless had already gone on the attack by pouncing onto Quill. "Quill!" Kel took off towards the spiral hill, ice already forming along his keyblade before he threw it at the mound of heartless. He'd put in enough aim on it to avoid hitting Quill and carved through half of the heartless around him.

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    The heartless that initially surrounded had started to weaken in numbers and their continued assault on them wasn't letting up. Out of the corner of his eye, Kel spotted another small cluster of assorted heartless not too far off getting ready for another attack. Using his off keyblade a barrage of ice was unleashed on them, coating most of them in ice. A few had managed to get away from the initial attack unscathed however in a blink of the eye the gap between Kel and those heartless closed, leaving any stragglers who happened to still be standing to fall to the blade of his main keyblade.

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