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  1. finalform32
    First! (2022)

    (I am not sorry)

    Howdy neighbors.
    Post by: finalform32, Jan 27, 2022 in forum: The Playground
  2. finalform32
    Not sure if I feel bad or absolutely giddy that I am interrupting the journey to almost a year of silence.
    Post by: finalform32, Apr 12, 2021 in forum: The Playground
  3. finalform32
    At this rate we will hit post limit just before our funerals
    Post by: finalform32, Jun 14, 2020 in forum: The Playground
  4. finalform32
    Yes, I am well aware that I startled everyone awake with a cough. I hope you all enjoyed your naps. But we seem to have left some business unfinished and it's about time we tackle that issue, yes?

    Though the plan was originally to leave that post there and hope nobody had this thread watched so I could get away with a sneaky "Last to Leave" victory that nobody would have been the wiser of. Instead, I woke up the players and the game continues. It's a lot more interesting this way.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 11, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  5. finalform32
    I can do combat with you no problem. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

    I see. Well, I hope you're ready to face your group's most formidable foe.

    Time. It's time. I absolutely guarantee we'll get bored of this in less than a month and forget about it for another like three.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 10, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  6. finalform32
    Are you two a part of this ninja group as well?

    I didn't realize they'd have members so powerful.

    I'm going to have to restrategize.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 8, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  7. finalform32
    It'll be a few years before that happens. I'm rather confident in my ability to overcome 5 people. I've overcome more at once before. I'm not only a veteran, I've won once, and *technically* a second time by getting the 5000th post. There's a winner and an honorable mention. That goes to post 5000. Winner is last person that posts before the mod that locks the thread.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 6, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  8. finalform32
    That's fine, there's no reason to fear the inevitable.

    The way I see it that just means there are more of you to lose than there are of me. That drastically increases my odds in my eyes.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 6, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  9. finalform32
    Unless someone violates some mad rules you have approximately like... what 4745 replies before you can do that? I think 5000 was supposed to be the limit. I don't remember.

    Is that what that stands for? I'm not sure if I should remember that or if that was a joke.

    But last I checked that last post is mine. Even though it's gonna take a solid hot minute before that ever happens at this rate.
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 6, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  10. finalform32
    Are we getting the gang back together
    Post by: finalform32, Oct 2, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  11. finalform32
    I was being snarky gosh diggity darn it
    Post by: finalform32, Sep 21, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  12. finalform32
    By all means invite all the veterans you please. Well maybe not all. That might end up being bad for various reasons. That was just a snarky remark on mentioning Midnight. Unless Glen has also partaken in this series of thread, though I don't recall them.
    Post by: finalform32, Sep 21, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  13. finalform32
    Godspeed to all of you. Veterans and newcomers alike. Welcome to LPTP. After all this time its been brought back from the brink. I wonder if you'll finish it and start another.

    It's like a new generation, but with some old players.
    Post by: finalform32, Sep 15, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  14. finalform32
    Jesus people a whole conversation because I coughed how starved is this thread.

    And yeah it's totally contagious.

    *cough cough*

    And for the record, it's in the rules (lord knows you'd have to dig deep down and dust those the hell off to figure this out) that mods/admins cannot win if they are the one that locks the thread with a post. Clearly that'd be cheating since of course the mod would win. The rule has evolved since to give it to the person who posted before the post that belonged to the mod that locked the thread.

    Unless you're somehow unbound by the previous convention of "you need to reply to a thread to state that it's locked". But last I remember, that was in fact the status quo and therefore mods that lock it can't win.
    Post by: finalform32, Sep 5, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  15. finalform32
    I forgive you too. Though I don't have the slightest idea what you mean. But I can relate. I wasn't exactly the greatest way back when either.
    Post by: finalform32, Sep 5, 2019 in forum: The Spam Zone
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  17. finalform32
    Post by: finalform32, May 5, 2019 in forum: The Spam Zone
  18. finalform32
    This is pretty accurate.

    I'm not sure I miss it too much. I remember that me from back then was really... just really awful. Like cringey awful. I don't want that back. But it would be cool to see this place lively again. Though I doubt it'll happen. It would take a lot of communicating with the other members that would run rampant through here to make it happen for one day's nostalgia trip.
    Post by: finalform32, Apr 24, 2019 in forum: The Spam Zone
  19. finalform32
    Is it considered a necrobump if it's a pinned thead?
    Post by: finalform32, Apr 23, 2019 in forum: The Spam Zone
  20. finalform32
    Or sorta like a hangout where you and a bunch of friends used to chill all the time for a few years, and then you all went your separate ways, some new people showed up, the place saw it's time, and eventually closed up. Like walking in to that and seeing the chairs on the tables, dust on the counters, and a single light over a booth in the corner still flickering on from time to time when the place is used by the few who come in here.

    Now I didn't look super hard but Spam Zone seems to get a thread and maybe 2-5 replies what looks like once a month or so. Man do I remember when it was lively. It's strange to think a place I was moderately active in so long ago is... not necessarily dead, but more or less just not used very often, or mostly inactive.

    Well, if anyone sees this message in a bottle, how've y'all been?
    Thread by: finalform32, Apr 21, 2019, 26 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone