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    It's just a theory. It's right there in the name: The Theory of Anime. All the dakimakuras that you people say are proof that waifus used to be real but are now extinct were just naturally formed from all the running water during the flood. Checkmate, animetheists.
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    This is something I've been feeling for a long time and in today's social climate it shouldn't be as hard to say as it is.

    I'm a disamorist. That means I don't believe in love in the same way that an atheist doesn't believe in a god.

    For a long time my feeling has been that there are so many different emotions that we call "love" that the term has virtually no meaning. I don't know quite when I started thinking that, but it must have been around the time I stopped believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny because I've felt it in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember.

    Couple that feeling with examining the relationships that I have had over the years and realizing that I've never felt any of those dozens of emotions we call "love," even for those most resembling romantic relationships and the possible conclusions are clear: Either I am uniquely cut off entirely from a huge chunk of the human experience or that chunk is just a delusion that all people indulge in for the sake of maintaining pair bonds capable of raising offspring and even though I can't break free from that delusion, at least I've begun to see it for the fiction that it is. The latter option makes more sense to me both emotionally and intellectually.

    So yeah. I know it's not one of the traditional "coming out" topics, but it's nonetheless something I've struggled with for a few years now and I wanted to admit it somewhere publicly now that I've come to understand it myself. I hope it doesn't come off as offensive to anyone.

    Oh and hey, this site doesn't seem to lag horribly for me anymore so maybe I'll become a regular here again.
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    But I say don't Noct it till you try it.
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    I just bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD used and the Final Fantasy XV demo code was still valid. Is this real life?

    Also, hi. How have you all been?
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    Finished: Hair, sleeves, shoe spike removal, flappy things that I'm gonna pretend are Ryuko's skirt.
    To Do: Convert foot armor to shoes, shorten socks, figure out what to do with those spats, change torso, figure out how to make the top part of the torso asymmetrical, figure out how to replace sounds so I can make every single Moogle say "Nani sore."


    I wish I had a better Keyblade to serve as the Scissor Sword, but this one is both flat and kind of fits the general shape so this is what I'm using.

    Disclaimer: By "still working on" I really mean "just remembered I was working on."
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    Need Advice

    So Suzy told Timmy that Angela said last week she overheard Erica say she had a crush on Ben, but I just talked to Whitney (who's totally Erica's best friend) and she says Erica doesn't like Ben at all and actually wants Timmy to ask her to go to the dance which is why she turned down Brock, and Suzy totally knows because she was literally in the same study hall with Erica like right after it happened, and now she's obviously trying to sabotage her and Timmy. Probably because of that whole thing with Chris.

    WHAT DO?
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    What is a good way to start the, "It seems like things are starting to get kind of serious so we really need to make sure that we're on the same emotional page," talk?

    I keep running it through my head and every hypothetical I've tried would make me want to never have anything to do with me again because I would think I'm a creep.
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    It's a Grave of the Fireflies world and you have to protect Setsuko from Heartless while Seita gathers food. At the end Setsuko turns into a Heartless and you have to defeat it without killing Seita, who's protecting her.

    The Keyblade you get from the it is called Mosquito Net and it's special ability is that it makes Sora cry uncontrollably until it's unequipped.

    This is probably the worst idea I've ever had.
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    If so, what did you think of the little thing I put up for Premium Primetime? Sorry I forgot to post the thread! I was busy doing stuff.

    For those who missed it, I put on the first two episodes of NPR's radio production of Star Wars, based on characters and situations created by George Lucas.
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    To all the men on here, please remember that you should never be ashamed to feel empowered. You are valuable not only for who you are, but also for what you are. Never feel like you're less of a person just because you aren't strong or powerful or constantly achieving things.

    To all the women on here, your day is next March. I'll figure something out for you then.
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    I don't want to give out too many details, but the gist of it is that for as many Sundays as I'm allowed to reserve between now and December 18th, I'd like Premium Primetime to feature an hour of Star Wars stuff. I've already reserved two weeks and if y'all like it after listening, I might ask for a couple more, yes?
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    The point in people's lives when things stop getting better and start getting worse until they die. For people who are lucky, dying is the worst part.

    I'm pretty lucky.
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    If there are any Georgians here, show me your southern hospitality.
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    I bought it at the comic book store over the weekend at Matsuricon. I have a physical copy so I don't really see the need for a digital one too.
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    Yo Floridians

    I'll be in Punta Gorda this September. If you find me you'll have the choice to hug me or punch me in the face. Choose wisely.
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    They're due for titanic growth in the next quarter.
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